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    BA 400 cc by Dr julie Lawrence .
    Abdominoplasty by Dr julie Lawrence
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    152/ 57kg 10DD
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    personal carer

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  1. Hey sullengirl, i have been looking around for plastic surgeon, O/S n Australia. . Think i need the same as you lift one side and i would love bigger.. 😂😂 What state is this dr dona? Congrats on your new boobies:)
  2. Hi all, trying to find a good surgeon overseas.. anyone seen Dr angkana for a BA and lift before.. seach the net haven't found any bad reviews. . Thanks
  3. Absolutely true, my surgeon in adelaide where good but i just can't afford it here plus i have never been overseas so that has me excited. . I know there a great surgeon over there just have to seach though..
  4. Ok no worries. . Thanks for you help.. was feeling little lost especially when the dr i thought was best ended up with some real bad reviews. ... happy seaching 😃😄 goodluck to 😄
  5. Thankyou donatella for your response i will definitely check dr pornthep.. was you going though a travel medical group? Was looking medi makeovers? Thanks again
  6. Hi all, looking for anyone thats traveled to Bangkok and know what surgeon is good and what hospitals?? I was going to see dr rungkit but seen some bad nasty reviews. . Poor girls ; ( What company you travel thought also?? I have implants (410) and want a lift after having 3 kids and new bigger implants Excited but worried .. thanks
  7. Congrats looking great.. i have had a BA before but want them redone bigger with lift after 3 kids they hang your scars already look really good.
  8. I had a BA 340 ten years ago by Dr Daniel Fleming .. then had BA 13months ago 400 and my surgeon said i needed a lift.. yes i am going again as i am unhappy with results.. but i do understand your thoughts on the scaring.. ( i do have a tummy tuck scar and it very large but i am happy i did it) Goodluck
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