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  1. Thanks for your replies everyone. Push ups have gotten easier and the pulling sensation doesn't seem so uncomfortable but it's still happening. I guess I may need to face the fact it'll be there forever. I was thinking this the other day @TheFox Hahaha
  2. This is not what I wanted to hear.... I do Muay Thai kickboxing and just in warm ups alone are about 60 pushups. In seriously wondering if I've stuffed up and got the wrong implant placement. 😢 My surgeon said I could return to normal activities at 6 weeks. I wasn't ready and took the extra 2 weeks. The pushups I was doing were on my knees with barely any body weight resistance and it still felt and looked awful. The breasts swelled up and went tight and pulled outwards. Eeeek. I wonder if this will improve like you have.
  3. Thanks ladies for your replies. I'm really hoping it does stop and go away completely. It feels so weird. When doing pushups last night the muscle squished it so much that they bulged and went to the side. It not only felt funny but looked awful. Arrrgh.
  4. I'm nearly 8 weeks PO and have dual plane teardrop implants. When I push down on things like chopping hard foods or trying to dispense showergel by pushing a spout my chest muscles engage and pull the implants and make it feel weird. It doesn't hurt but I certainly don't like the feeling. Will this go away as the dropping and fluffing happen or will it stay like this? I'm going back to the tonight for the first time since surgery and tried doing a pushup and it felt so gross and uncomfortable.
  5. Do you mean dual plane? That's what I have, not totally under. My surgeon did offer subfascial but I decided on dual plane instead. Maybe I made the wrong choice. Lol
  6. I have unders as well and quite worried how I'll go when I return to kickboxing and gym classes. I've tried doing pushups and they feel really uncomfortable and a weird sensation. I don't recall what my surgeon said about training the chest so maybe I should check
  7. I went 330cc mod + . I haven't been properly measured yet but have tried on and seem to fit 10DD or 12D. I'll be 6 weeks po saturday. I'm shorter though
  8. Has anyone had feeling of a pulled tight stitch constantly. Its no where near the incision site and the pain is internal. Maybe 3 inches away from the incision (side boob). Any stretching or movement of my arm across my body, like taking off a tshirt makes this feeling or lifting my arms above shoulder level. Its only on one side. Im 4 weeks PO today and hoping it's an internal stitch or could it be the pocket too small. That implant has not dropped anywhere near as much as the other side. It hurts alot and sometimes so bad I get tears.
  9. Sorry just to throw something else out there but what about subfascial? I was offered this but decided on partial unders.
  10. I saw tummy tuck diagrams etc in his office during my consult and had a quick joke about wanting one too but will settle for making my boobs bigger than my belly. Hahaha what kinds of problems are they having? It's important to remember along with surgical error problems could be a simple as the persons anatomy, the amount of skin removed, infections that are caused post surgery no not part of the surgery, people doing too much afterwards and not allowing their body to heal properly and just common after surgery issues. For example my friend had a TT and still has a small pocket of kind of wrinkly skin/fat above her scar. However this was no fault of the surgeon. He explained that as the stomach skin was cut and pulled to the right length the thickness of the skin at that point wasnt the right thickness/elastic enough to support stitching it where he'd have liked. He couldn't pull the skin tighter and use higher skin as there wasn't enough stretch or something and would have looked worse than what she's got now. Her surgeon wasn't Dr Kollias but someone else here in adelaide.
  11. Yes me too. I'm still quite sore and get more sore as the day goes on. By evening I feel really tight and swollen again too. My back is killing from sleeping upright and hunching over alot due to avoiding pulling the chest muscles. Hope this is all normal too. Pulling myself into our 4wd hurts as does pushing open the car door. I'm actually finding recovery from this harder than my hysterectomy so far as having limited arm movements and strength really limits what I can do. Whereas the hysterectomy was mainly low stomach soreness.
  12. i know. I really wanted to talk to you but the meds were really affecting me. I'm so sensitive to pain killers and just couldn't see properly and was so sick with nausea. It was awful. I think it could have been effects from the GA however I've never had that symptom before with other surgeries. I'm better now thankfully. Glad she's doing well and thanks for confirming the bra at night. I didn't hear the last hook thing so I'll do that tomorrow. Booked to see him thursday next week for a followup.
  13. @moolicious did you get told no bra at bed time? I'm sure that's what he said but my boobs have been hurting when I go braless. Hope your friend who I shared a room with is recovering well too.
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