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  1. Oh wow @Fitmummaof3 ??? you look amazing! Can't wait to go bra shopping!! 3 weeks post op today, took tape off and saw my scars, so happy! They look great. Had my 3 week check up with Dr Ms nurse, everything is going well. Never been happier!! ??????
  2. @jstev7 is just a cotton on bralette, I paid $5 for it online a few weeks ago! So comfy, be perfect for when the girls are more settled ?
  3. I'm 17 days post op now, my boobs are still very tender to touch around the outside on the lower part, especially on the edge closest to my ribs. So funny, I have to be careful not to nudge them with my arms when im driving, (big boob problems ?? haha) Headbutts from the kids when the my snuggle up next to me almost send me through the roof! But it's getting better each day. Incisions are still a bit numb but also getting a little itchy, it's a very strange sensation! I hope everyone is healing well and getting used to their new assets. I can't believe we are all done now! Loving th
  4. These all sound great, thanks for your suggestions ladies, I'll check them out ?
  5. Perfect, I'll check them out. That's my only issue with the carefix Alice, by the end of the day I can feel it putting pressure on my incisions, a bit annoying!
  6. In a few days I'll be 2weeks Post Op, my surgeon said after two weeks I can alternate between the supplied post op bras (carefix Alice) and my own supportive crops/bras. I really love my carefix ones, They've been so comfy, but I'm keen to get into something a little more fun, just to mix it up ? Any recommendations for good sports bras or support crops? I hear berlei are good, mixed reviews about lorna Jane, what are your thoughts and recommendations? ?
  7. Ooh @MermaidUnicorn! I loved surgery day!! I was so excited I even planned my outfit!! Nothing flash though, I wore a loose knit singlet and hoodie with no bra, and just some soft chambray stretch waist bonds pants, super comfy but not too daggy, I don't love wearing my daggies outside the house- even for surgery!! Prob first time Ive ever left the house braless!! Feeling so flat today, my hubby went back to work today so it's just me and my little bloke. He's a really good boy so no trouble at all. Just feeling a bit sore and sorry! Lefty is giving me ***** today ? When I gently press t
  8. OMG @kura they look fab!! I can't wait to go bra shopping! I did try a few of my own sports bras and one of the wireless Kmart bras I bought before hand that were easy to put on this arvo while hubby was out, got a little excited about how much better they look in everything than my old boobies and it's only day 5!!
  9. Thanks so much for the reassurance girls! I feel a better about it now! I think it might actually be this morning boob business, it's way worse when I first wake up. I think my boobs are actually bigger today, or maybe they are changing shape/position? All of a sudden I feel like my post op bra is too small, whereas it was so comfy before I actually thought I'd be happy wear it even after I've healed!! Haha. Looking great, looks like you're healing up so well @ash92! Good luck tomorrow @TaeniaS! You will be great!! I loved surgery day! I was so excited and really loved every
  10. Morning girls! So quiet in here!! I hope everyone is healing well and loving their new assets or enjoying the anticipation of their upcoming surgeries, when I look back, it really was so exciting!! Quick question, my right breast is perfect, healing well no aches or pains at all but my Left! Holy cow it's giving me some grief! If I raise or extend my left arm I get shooting/pulling pains, if I stretch my body out like first thing in the morning I point my toes and slightly arch my back for a good stretch, it feels like my incision is going to pop open, but only on the left side, has any
  11. I can't speak from experience @Emilyy, but here is a post op info print out from Dr M, it mentions wide set breasts and why it happens, it's not permanent luckily, I know you prob don't want to hear it again, but Rome wasn't built in a day!!!
  12. Looking great @expat, love the size on you! I feel blessed to have a boobie twin too! Only a few hours apart!! So far so good for me! I'm not in any pain yet, just tight and a bit achey. Dr M and his team are second to none, perfect experience in every way. So so happy!!
  13. All done! Loving the new girls even without seeing them properly yet. Such an amazing experience. I'll put up some pics and story tomorrow, hope all today's girls went well! ?? @MermaidUnicorn I left my French acrylics nails on and had clear nail polish on my toes, no problem at all.
  14. Boobie Day!! I've been so busy getting organised, can't wait to have a few couch days and catch up with all our June girls!! Good luck to everyone going in today!
  15. Ladies!! There are some very nice new boobs up in ere! Hard to believe the first of our June girls have had their surgeries already!! I can't wait to see some more progress pics, everyone is looking great!
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