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  1. Sounds good girls... let me know of details.
  2. Thanks @Saggy_socks they look even better now. I've shown a few friends now (as I am starting to tell a few people I had them done since size is obvious) and they can't believe how natural they look. I love it how I can exercise too. Started going a bit potty without exercise lol
  3. @Saggy_socks yes mine look quite natural for 5 weeks post op already. I need to update my gallery as they're early day pics. I was a 10B to a 10C (deflated) prior, so for me overs worked quite well. I got 335cc teardrop, I am small up top too size 6-8 dresses. Love love them!!!
  4. I have over the muscle and was actually planning on starting a topic on this. I run 3x per week and do weights 2-3x. I'm 5 weeks post op and started weights late last week. I cannot believe that I can do everything, including PUSH-UPS. My breasts don't flex as the implants are obviously over the muscle. What shocked me was definitely the push-ups as I didn't expect to be able to do them. I ran 3x last week also and they felt perfect. I bought the Lorna Jane extra support sports bra (with bra straps at the back) and they do an awesome job. My surgeon recommended over's due to my highly active lifestyle. For me, best decision.
  5. I've got two kids and just had 335cc anatomical a over the muscle. You can friend request to see mine. Need to put up more recent pics as I'm now 4 weeks post op and they have changed heaps. I'm loving mine!!
  6. I had mine placed over the muscle for exactly this reason. I do weights 2-3x per week plus I run 3x.
  7. OK girls.. it is official... I think people at work have started to notice. Firstly I wear Cue dresses (which are super appropriate and professional) and in those dresses I'm a size 6, so the bust is quite tight now, even too tight in some but regardless they don't show anything. The guys at work looked at my chest with a very obvious confused look on their faces. A couple of the girls have actually said "Man it looks like you've had your boobs done". I can't admit it as I'm not close with them, so I said it's this awesome Victoria Secret Bombshell bra. They googled it of course and were amazed.. in my industry I don't want people to know outright.
  8. LOL ‌@Joadster that was very well said. Spot on. Thanks for that you made me laugh! So so true!
  9. @elleg thank you you are too kind. My recovery was a breeze, very lucky that I experienced bare minimum pain. I never had to wear a post op bra with the implants I got. I am achy still but nothing too bad. I went back to work 6 days post op.
  10. Thanks girls... I guess we all understand each other a lot more LOL
  11. Thanks girls. It really helps to hear reassurance as building up confidence like this is now a new thing for me.
  12. That's the thing, I don't like to "show them off" normally either, but there are times when showing them off is appropriate, like when we went out today for drinks etc. Everyone was dressed up, I just happened to have really nice looking boobies. LOL. I was definitely still tender the entire afternoon as I'm only 2.5 weeks post op... but it was so nice to feel womanly.
  13. Thanks @HollDoll I guess I need to learn to deal with staring eyes. I definitely felt strange as I am not used to having people notice my chest. LOL BTW I'm only 2.5 weeks post op! :|
  14. Here is a pic, I mean in real life the project out quite a bit on me as I got HP but then I love that they do. They're not too crazy that's for sure. Actually that's a bad lighting picture.. you can't even see it very well.
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