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  1. hey undecided i went bra shopping as i got the all clear 2 months post op i have got a 10DD 12D and 12DD so as u can see different brands different sizes lol but they are so much hotter then the compression bra. Hi kaosk, Dr mark vucak was my surgeon i had them done in rockhampton mater hospital, incisions under the breast from what i can see they are fine they not gonna been seen by anyone so they dont bother me i did have to have a stitch cut out that was protruding though but its all healed. My breasts look fine now they have dropped alittle but look good they are very comfy, that sounds weird, as for the after care i just saw the nurse she was nice did everything, saw dr vucak at the 8 week checkup and that was it but i am very happy how it all went.

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  • Location rockhampton qld
  • Surgery/ Procedure breast augmentation dentistry
  • Name of Surgeon and Date of Surgery Dr Vucak 28 April 2011
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