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  1. Just wondering if this is normal. I am 17days Po. Have been feeling really good last couple days and overstretched today and now having shooting pains in one boob. Not bad pain but obviously has aggravated something. Anyone had something similar?
  2. You look amazing
  3. 59% Bahaha I obviously do not know my boobs
  4. @Shygirl79 I also only got 300cc. Although my choice as I didn't want big implants but I wasn't able to go any bigger either. Now at day 13 they starting to look a lot better. Can't wait for them to D and F as still very high. Agree that they seem small when looking at my others (I feel same as well) but im sure they will look great on you when they settle down.
  5. I also emailed my nurse and she said a bac/neck/shoulder massage fine as long as I not lying down. My lady is sourcing a massage chair for me to go in couple days. I am 11 days Po and can't wait
  6. You look great what size implants did u go
  7. I was just thinking this today as I usually get a sports massage once a month. Only 9 days post op so was hoping I could get one soon but you made some good points sparkles16 that I never knew about.
  8. Wow you ladies all look amazing. I'm only 8 days PO and can't wait for them to drop and fluff.
  9. Enjoy your massage that will be lovely. Good luck ladies
  10. Ok good to know I am not the only who is more sore. I think it a combination of me doing far too much and not being on much pain mess anymore. Was out shopping for a few hours yesterday trying on clothes etc. plus I have a toddler and that def not helping things. have emailed my surgeon nurse so will see what they say. Good luck nomoreittybittytitty!! Very exciting
  11. Anyone else feel more uncomfortable around a week post op. I am 6 days Po and today I feel like the I can feel my implant digging into the side of my book and its achy. Plus I now have a bruise under my armpit where they put the local block in and it also feels sensitive there like I can feel the implant. I am only on panadol now and neurofen twice a day. Otherwise doing well. Able to wash my hair, clothes over my head for last 3 days as well. Also when did everyone start driving short distances??
  12. Yea it totally reminds me of the engorged breast feeding feeling. Unfortunately you can't release the pressure like feeding though. I was taking vitamin C prior to surgery and still am now. Plus lots of home made broth which is good for keeping the colds away
  13. Day 4 today and a lot better. Got myself dressed and did my hair. Walking way better and not as stiff
  14. Agree with the taking meds regularly. I was trying to avoid the codiene as I thought I wasn't that bad but when I had post op check day 1 they said I should take it. With that comes constipation and bloating and that's what I don't like. And it's not a severe pain feeling it's a tight, heavy feeling
  15. De not get me wrong I'm glad I have got it done but I just am so sore in my back and it's making me so stiff. Ventured out to the mall today and just had to sit down for lunch. Quite overwhelming I feel like I am still in a daze. I must look ridiculous walking like a bloody snail. Dreading when I go home and have to look after my child, no idea how you ladies do it when u not meant to lift over 2kgs. I'm hoping that day 4 will see us turn a corner xx
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