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  1. Hi Bushlander I paid around 10k but that was mostly for the lift. I think the explant part was less than 2K. If it is just a straight explant it's an easy procedure so you are paying for the hospital and anaesthetic mostly If he put them in he might even do it cheaper.
  2. I had my implants removed by Dr Richardson (Brisbane) and a lift in March. He offers free consultations and was great - no attempt to talk me out of it and very positive and supportive about my decision. Love my new/old small breasts!
  3. I had 10 days off work and it was enough. I had a lift as well so that was probably the biggest part of healing. Simple explant is easier to recover from And running is SO much better. Yoga is too. I've ditched the underwires and haven't looked back Also no one seems to have noticed. One friend (male) asked me if I'd lost weight - I do look slimmer now without the extra 'padding'.
  4. @TeaLady They are out and not replaced. I removed them for a number of reasons. Looks - weight of implants = sagging and they looked matronly when clothed. Comfort - sick of uncomfortable underwire bras and heavy breasts. Health - I had a couple of mondors chords in the 6 months before explant and they needed replacing/removing at some point (they are not a lifetime device). I'd had a good innings with now major health problems so wanted them out before they deteriorated or ruptured. Loving my 'new' boobs and body. Feel great and look slimmer - no one has noticed that my breasts are small
  5. There are a minority of women who experience a autoimmune response to their implants. Some doctors recognise this - in the US some doctors treat this disorder. Generally surgeons do not warn women because there is no strong research evidence to support the women's claims - so they are dismissed (it hasn't been carried out - probably hard to get a grant from the industry ). Every women with implants has an immune response to them. For most it just involves the body creating a capsule around the implant to protect the rest of the body. There are lots of women discussing their health issues
  6. @Nay If you are interested in how women feel long term about carrying implants about (physically and mentally) it is worth looking on RealSelf and reading the explant stories as well as reading this forum. Women on RS share their negative experiences with implants (big and small). At least that way you will be getting all sides of the story. This site can be very positive because most women on here love their implants and have had no problems with them... they are also mostly new to implants ie. less than a year in (although some long timers too). It might be helpful to read an alternative per
  7. Yes - I could do yoga. My implants didn't restrict my postures. It felt uncomfortable on my front (big firm balls under my chest). Mine were over the muscle so I didn't get the weird sensations with chaturanga that you can get with under the muscle. The main problem was that I either had to wear a very supportive bra (in public) = made moving and breathing less comfortable or no bra (at home) = breasts sliding about and making me conscious of them. I could not get a control yoga top to fit without everything falling out of it during practise. I've had small breasts for the last 2 months a
  8. That's great. I guess the problem with an N=1 experiment is that we never know whether the outcome would be the same or different with no treatment (eg. bio-oil) or different treatment (eg. coconut oil). Most of us will have great scarring regardless of what we do or don't do. Maybe just massage one breast with bio oil and not the other? Just kidding Massage can assist with the softening of scars and an oil will help with massaging. Dr R didn't suggest anything to me. Just said to massage. I took it upon myself to find out what research studies have found to be effective because I'm a bit
  9. Are they over or under the muscle? Overs tend to drop quicker but then stay put (for a while until sagging hits). They don't get held up by the muscle like unders.
  10. I've attached the articles. I got my silicone tape from Pharmacy Online - FX Scar (I think is the name) - search for 'scar'. You can get silicone tape from some chemists, but it was double the price at my local chemist compared with online. PIIS1748681514001739.pdf Gold-Scar_International_Clinical_Recommendations_on.2.pdf
  11. I posted some links to articles summarising the research about scar treatments on another thread a while back. Basically the only evidence-based recommendations were: - Early taping of the wound immediately post surgery for the first weeks (taking the tension off the scar) - Silicone tape after the would has closed (after about 1 month) 12-24 hours per day for 3-6 months Nothing else has been found to be effective in studies. Vitamin E cream/oil has been found to make scars worse in some studies. Bio Oil has a load of dodgy chemicals in (perfumes and colours) that personall
  12. Has anyone noticed that their posture has changed after getting implants - particularly under the muscle. The chest muscles atrophy post of (hence the implants dropping) and remain weaker. Other muscles compensate for this weakness. I have a friend who thinks this has made her shoulders 'roll in' and was wondering if this is common?
  13. Hi Rhiannon Thanks for sharing your honest feelings. As you know I had the opposite than everyone else in the March thread ie. explant (and lift). I have very mixed feelings at the moment. I am so happy to have my implants removed - it has given me a new lease of life and changed everything for the positive. I am loving having small boobies. However, I am a bit disappointed in the appearance. The chances are I will need some minor revisions down the track to tidy up my cleavage and even out the symmetry. My originally bigger breast is now my smallest (I think he over estimated when e
  14. I had an explant and breast lift nearly 6 weeks ago. Everything is healing well and both nipples have sensation++. However my left nipple does not expand with warmth so it is permanently contracted like it is cold or aroused. My right nipple expands with warmth. So, they look uneven when warm. The scar around the left is healing more slowly but catching up. Anyone else experienced this and can tell me it improves? Otherwise I'll only be taking my top off when cold or aroused!
  15. @ab1990 just to let you know I love the triaction bras! They fit perfectly and feel great. Thanks for the recommendation
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