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  1. My HBF inclusions have medical garments Yes I was aware of that also but financially that was not an option at the time and according to another PS I don;t need one.. I have what they term 'rabbit-skin' (lovely) meaning visibly flat and tight but I can grab on it and when I bend over a roll appears.. I also have a small belly button hood making it look like a sad face... if that makes sense.. apparently I qualify for a mini TT but that would not address the belly button complaint so would need a full TT.. I texted Tony (he normally replies) but he hasn't yet. He will call me crazy anyw
  2. yes I have five of these, I am 12 month PO on first surgery and 5 month PO on second and still wear these at nighttime. I have very large implants for my frame and he has put a lot of lateral stitching in to hold the implants in place so I'm paranoid I will ruin them as I sleep on my side/tummy.. I will also wear these under clothing that will hide it as they are just THAT comfy - ugly yes but super comfy. I have three black and two white and all got rebate back at HBF Anyone here get Tony to do Lipo or mini TT separate from their BA? can you PM me?
  3. Did you get this in Australia? I want to ask my Injector Dr So if I'm taking HCG peptites would that affect? @Bellaaa culd be Teoxane? that is the same a Juve so would be no good for me as it's the same ingredient. @donatella can Radiesse be used in the lips??
  4. My girlfriend had an anchor lift on both sides with Tony Connell at the same time I had my BA. He did an amazing job with both of our surgery, and scars healing very nicely.
  5. What filler do you get? I have tried Juve ultra, Juve ultra plus, Volift, and even 1ml of Voluma around lip lines and all disappear after 2 months.. I have had a total of 7ml in the last 10 months and I look like I have nothing in them!!! @donatella you're an injector what are your suggestions? I have been told I'm probably one of the 1/1,000,000 that filler just does not work for
  6. Me I changed from 410cc anatomical to 520cc round but he was happy to go up to 560cc (should have let him ha!). Totally in love with the rounds!!!!! Tony is amazing! #crushingovermysurgeon #toobadheismarried I went from a 10b to 10e (10f in some brands).
  7. I am a size 6 with breast size of 10b before surgery, I'm now a 10e in triumph brand and 10f in Berlei
  8. Hi hun, I'm smaller than you and have larger 520cc implants.. could go bigger tbh
  9. Tony Connell - He uses both rounds and teardrops under muscle placement. I have rounds... this dress obv makes them more 'out there' but without clothing they are actually very natural looking. Feel free to FR. Don't get caught with the natural/fake debate.. you can dress them up or down, it depends also on your current breast tissue and also it boils down to the shape you ultimately desire - I had teardrops first and hated that I had a massive gap in the middle of my breasts and that I had not upper pole fullness (the slope was strange). Tony reoperated and swapped the implants. It's made the
  10. I pay $450 1ml of Juve at Bramis, and $599 1ml voluma (cheeks) at SCA Whitfords/Carousel. Botox at both places is about $14 a unit. Both places a Dr is the injector as well as Bramis also has a RN who can perform the job also. Never had a problem to tend to also disagree with the original poster.. Many times the places that offer the product with less mark-up tend to have more hands on experience and I have got better results..
  11. Hey ladies, how is everyone going? I had my initial surgery in Dec15 and just had my revision last month. I am so much happier with my results - I had previously 410cc anatomics and have changed to 520cc rounds. No more big gap and matronly looking boobies. Has anyone else had revision from their Dec op?
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