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  1. Lol ? How long did you all find these things hard to do? I'm going to have to prepare my husband to be my slave by the sounds of it ?
  2. Hi. Just wondering if you have a recent update to share?
  3. Thanks all for your replies. I've done more research and can see why they have recommended teardrops. I think it's best for me to call and speak to them directly. Thabks again for your replies x
  4. Hi girls. I recently completed the form for a BA with Cosmeditour in Sydney and received word back with a recommendation for teardrop implants. I replied asking for a quote with round implants instead. When I got the email back they told me they will only offer me teardrop implants. I'm 159cm, 59kg and am a small 12B. Has anyone else been told no to round implants? From my research they're dated and have a greater chance of rotation errors. Which is why I wanted round. But maybe some else can shed some light and give me insight as to why I was told I could only have teardrops? Thank you.
  5. I've actually booked in with them in June!!
  6. Have told my hubby about my decision to get a BA and at first he was hesitant but is now on board and has told me he will even take 2 weeks off work to help out. The lengths men will go for boobs ? Thanks for the advice ladies.
  7. Thanks for your replies girls. Looks like the search continues.
  8. Hi everyone. I'm currently doing research on where to have my BA done. At the moment I'm liking Breast Excellence in Brisbane. Just wondering if anyone else has experiences they can share. Thanks x
  9. Thank you all for your replies. You've helped ease some of my concerns and given me some great tips. I'm looking forward to my BA and return of confidence!
  10. I'm 31, 163cm 59kg and currently 12B. I've been considering implants for quite some time and now that I'm finished having children I'm almost ready. Just a few things I need advice on, from people who've been through this. Basically I'm worried about recovery time. I have 2 children (1 and 5) who need me to carry/lift them. Also I'm worried about all the house duties that require my attention, particularly hanging out washing. I plan to have surgery when I have 4 weeks off work, so am not too worried about the work side of things. It's all the home duties that I'm concerned about. I will also be travelling interstate to have the procedure done. If anyone has any advice/experience to share with me I'd appreciate it. Both positive and negative are welcome as I want to make an informed decision.
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