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  1. @Want boobs who was your surgeon? I’m booked to see dr mark Ashton as I’ve heard good things.
  2. I was going to see dr Tavakoli but ended up choosing dr Miroshnik. My follow up appointments felt like he was just trying to brush my concerns under the rug. I’m really not happy & hope to go up in size rather than have a lift if possible but I think I’ll have to book in to see other drs & get their advice to compare!
  3. Hi guys, had my BA in May 2016. Had very deflated D cups from losing a tonne of weight. I had 490cc anatomical unders put in. I didn’t have a lift because my dr thought the size would fill out my loose skin, however, they are still a bit small & my boobs look saggy. I’m wanting to have a revision and go bigger, but he has said 550cc I think is the biggest I can go in this implant. Is it worth it? I’m 5’2” and 50kgs, and my boobs currently don’t feel that big, so I’m happy to go bigger but I’d there 650cc or is there a gap between 500 & 700 or are there implants that size in anato
  4. @doOVER was Dr M your surgeon? I had a BA done by him may 16 and I’m not happy. Going to get a revision this year sometime.
  5. Mine just feel alien today! Spoke to the nurse & because there's so much swelling they're going to send me a compression strap to try to make then start loosening & dropping! I'm trying to be optimistic that they'll turn out great!! But it's hard!!
  6. @Cuddlybear they look great! I have two different boobs at the moment and I'm afraid they'll stay that way. Ones pointy & the other one is round. They were even, but now they're not! The nurse just keeps saying it's all normal, which it probably is, but I'm worried! Haha @jolive7 & @Valy I'm envious! everyond looks to good compared to me!
  7. I ended up buying carefix (I think I'll have to look up) Alice style & it's heaps better. You can adjust the straps and it has 2 sets of clips for either loose or a tighter fit. Yea I have to wear mine for 3 months, I want to be comfy!
  8. Mines right up in my arm pits too, and rubbed my skin raw on my back ( it's racer back style). I have to wear one 24/7 for 12 weeks, and even though it's uncomfortable the nurse assured me it was fine fitting. But honestly, I'd talk to your dr or nurse, especially if you have to wear it all the time.
  9. Do you feel it's too big? I got 3 bras and I thought the definitely could've been a size smaller. But the nurse assured me they were ok.
  10. Hopefully all you girls in pain start to see some relief soon! I haven't had any crazy pain, mostly discomfort from tightness. I'm 4 days PO and find late/overnight comfortable but during the day the top of my chest feels ultra swollen! All the way up under my armpit and up almost to my collarbone. It's tight and feels like I have something strapped to my chest. Hopefully my muscles relax and the implants drop soon! I feel like the bottom of my boob in hanging off the bottom of the implant ☹️
  11. I'm jealous! I would love a recovery cheesecake haha
  12. @jolive7 thanks! Yours look amazing. Hopefully mine turn out as good. They look terrible at the moment haha. Nipples facing down, and so swollen at the top. But I'm excited to see what they'll turn out like. Pain is still basically nonexistent, just tight at the top of my chest... Basically feels like I did a crazy chest workout haha. Not enjoying the laying about relaxing though. Feel like I need to be doing stuff. And I live by myself so feeling a bit lonely haha. My bf is useless haha. Who was your surgeon?
  13. Hi girls, had mine done yesterday. Went to at 2pm for surgery at 3, but Dr M was running behind & didn't go in til 5... Talk about being nervous lol the wait was not fun! All went well, ended up with 440cc anatomicals & was surprised how good I felt. No pain just a tiny bit of tightness. Saw the nurse today though and she said I'll definitely be in pain the next few days. Apparently there's still a lot of anaesthesia in my body and that's why I feel so ok. Not looking forward to feeling like s**t! Haha.
  14. Everyone's results so far look amazing! Good luck to the girls going today. Hopefully it all goes smoothly for you girls. im currently on my way to Sydney for my preop appointment with Dr M. Starting to get super nervous. I know I'll be a wreck tomorrow. And my bf was supposed to come with me today, but he's stuck at home sowing today due to unforeseen circumstances (farmers!). I really wanted someone to be there! But at least he'll be with me for surgery!!!
  15. Wow! They look great! I can only hope mine turn out just as good! You must be happy... Apart from feeling so terribly of course. You'll be feeling better in no time I'm sure though!!
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