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  1. I was like a B I think not sure as I had just finished breast feeding 6 months before so they deflated to a smaller size but il show you a pic of before thats ts the only before pic I have of them
  2. Hi Hayley. This might be too late but I thought I'd comment anyway I had my BA done by Dr blackstock 3 weeks ago at Enhance Clinic. I have nothing but good things to say about him and his team! He was very professional and the girls made me feel really comfortable. They were all so lovely. When I researched Dr Blackstock there were a few bad reviews and I started to have second thoughts! Until I realised, all the bad reviews were from people who have never had work done by him.. So what did I do? I went on their Facebook and Instagram and started messaging all the girls who had recently had BA's done by him ? (Stalker 101 I know) I asked for pics and stats and their experience with him and every single lady had nothing but amazing things to say about him. From then on, I knew straight away he was who I was going to. I know he's only a cosmetic surgeon and not plastic but I was okay with that because that ment all these years he has performed mainly BA's so that would mean he had a lot of experience in this one department. He did an amazing job on my boobs. I had 415cc full profile. Will post some pics for you good luck with whatever decesion you make!
  3. Hey Hun. I had my BA done by Dr blackstock 3 weeks ago ! I agree, himself and his team were amazing! We had ranges between 275cc - 450cc being my largest. He told me it was highly unlikely i would get anything over 400cc and I was so sad because I really wanted between 400-450.. Anyway on the day he measured me up ect and to our surprise he could fit the 450's ! I was in SO much shock. During the surgery he had 415cc and 450cc he showed me 415 and they were HUGE (at the time I was looking) so I stuck with the 415 cc 3 weeks on I wish I went the 450's while I had the chance Haha. But in saying that I'm so happy with mine dont forget you can always go larger in the future and your right.. There's still a lot of changing to happen. I love the technique he uses though! Only fitting what your body allows! It's much better than shoving in a size that will end up looking horrible ! Do do you have a pic lovely ? Il post one of mine xxx The first pic was a few days ago and the second pic was about a week ago. They don't look that big when I'm wearing clothes but when I take the bra and everything off they look huge. It's weird.
  4. Thank you ladies. Am now 3 weeks post op and this is them now
  5. Hey ladies!!! So I have officially had my BA !! Yaayyyyy. With Dr Blackstock at enhance clinic in sydney! I'm about 1 and a half weeks post op (3rd March I had them done) and I so so happy! For those of you's who read my last post and I was stuck between under or over muscle I went with under and I couldn't be happier ! And the even better part was... I got 415cc !!!!!l so happy I finally have nice boobies !! I wil figure out how to put a pic up . Xx
  6. Thank you for the advice ! Today I kept top of the meds and was taking more just before they wore off so I wouldn't feel too much pain and it seemed to work! It's just after I lay down / sleep and wake up when it hurts the most ! Other than that, I must say, each day gets better can't wait till everything overs and settled :):)
  7. Today will be day three. I'm awake at 2 am because the pain is so excruciating I can't sleep! My body aches! Especially my upper back! I hope this goes away soon
  8. Thank you ladies. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was so shocked because after all the research no one really mentions the after pain so I was thinking is this normal!!! Lol. I woke up this morning and I am feel ALOT better. Still very very sore but a lot better xx
  9. Hey girls ! I had my BA done today with Dr Blackstock! Everything went incredibly well, I ended up getting 415cc under muscle. I am soo happy I got the size I wanted AND under the muscle (if you read my last post it'll make sense) Anyway I am in excruciating pain ? so so so so sore right now! When I lay down its so hard to get up and I can bearly walk without my partner supporting me. Can't really move without being in pain and i can't talk much as I run out of breath and my chest is really tight. Is this pain normal and if so how long is it going to last! I honestly didn't expect this and I'm off home to the GC on Saturday morning back to my 2 young babies which I don't think is going to mix well! ??? I have ALOT of medication- pain killers ect that i have been taking and if it's this sore with the pain killers I can't imagine if I didn't have them. thank you! X
  10. Thank you so much everyone for the advice and sharing your personal experience ! I feel like I should go with unders only because I said to myself if I couldn't decide between two good options I would go with the most popular. Even though I know both look great! I just want to be 100% certain with my descion not indecisive. I could possibly be over thinking it too. Might call my surgeon and what another chat with him xxx
  11. @harperhen they look great! Very natural I actually wouldn't think they were fake at all
  12. So it seems I should stick my with first thought (and gut feeling) and go under!! If I go under I have to understand that if he can't fit 400cc he will do a smaller size. The sizes range from 295cc -450cc max. I will be soooo sad if I wake up and had 295cc ???
  13. Thank you for the advice again ladies I would say I'm am currently B cup! While I was breastfeeding I got to a C and now they have deflated back to a B. oh it is such a hard descion! I always said to myself if I can't decide on something il go with whatever is the most popular- which seem to be under these days. Do I A) Go under the muscle, not achieve my desired size but have a more natural look OR B ) Go over the muscle, have more chance of achieving my desired size and take the risk of sagging and a more faker look. (As I was after a natural look) What option would you pick??
  14. Thank you lovely ladies!! I honestly am so fussy I want a natural look but then I also like the fakish look ! So it's so hard to decide. How can you tell if you have lots of breast tissue ? I feel like I need to go above the muscle because there is nothing worse then waking up and not having my desired size ! But everyone (friends) keep telling me go under and in sitting her wondering why? Why is under SO much more popular and that's what makes me have second thoughts? My surgeon pretty said I can have either ! Ahh I just wish I could have my desired size under the muscle. The only other reason I'm scared about over muscle is "sagging" like how bad can the sagging be :/ I'm so confused!
  15. Okay! So I'm completly stuck on whether to chose under or over the muscle. My surgery is in two weeks! At first I decided with under but today I rung my surgeon and changed to over and now having second thoughts again!!! Here is why; Mt surgeon said if I go under the muscle I will have a smaller implant- if I go over, he will be able to give me a bigger implant. I don't want HUGE boobs , I always had the thought of 400cc but he doesn't think we will achieve that if I go under the muscle. How ever there is a higher chance we will achieve that size if we go over. He pretty much told me that there is no better option. They both have their pros and cons ! What do you girls think I should do? I want to go over because I can't think of anything worse than waking up with small breast but so many people are telling me to go under and it's now confusing me. Is under more popular ? What at did you get ? Over or under ? And what is your reasoning. Thank you!
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