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  1. My first consultation regarding BA was with Dr Fleming- and he recommended 285s so I didn't get the fake boob look. The consultation went for 15 mins, he didn't measure me, he just suggested and that was it. Made me feel like a number. 8 months later I thought, I'm serious I want boobs not expensive padded bras- I found so many great reviews about Dr Hardwood. I knew to book in a surgery date before my consultation.Dr H was my thorough with reviewing my size and measurements, so when he suggested 315s I felt that he was offering a size would allow me to feel, I would be getting my moneys worth, and yet reasonable size that would work for me, and an implant that I would be happy with 10 years down the track. Its now the night before my surgery and I'm feeling like Dr H is the best part of the decision process, regarding my BA. Keep me up to date on your journey....super excited....I'm not going to deep tonight :-D