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  1. Ill send you a friend request i was exactle the same as you. I got 300cc anatomicals and dont regret it ar all! I have photos in my gallery
  2. Im a tummy sleeper. Was back sleeping on my tummy at about 3 months post op comfortably, i only got 300cc implants so mine arent massive which probably helps.
  3. Day three of snowboarding no problems at all, had a few decent stacks and havent hurt them at all. Dont even notice them until i start shivering and tensing up peck muscles (mine r unders)and they start shivering lol. Im 5 months post op but only got 300cc so they arent huge which probably helps. @oct16
  4. Ive had my BA 5 months ago and about to embark on my first snowboard trip since boobs, ill let you know how it goes after next week but at 5months post op i dont have any pain and have good sports bras so i cant see their being any problems. My surgeon said it would b fine as long as you stay well supported and if you have any big stacks which reault in swelling, keep them nice and supported and tight
  5. Wow that must of been a huge change for you to get used to! They look great!
  6. Thanks @ree11 good luck with your upcoming op. Its hard to remember wat it was like before my op they feel so much apart of me now. I dont regret it for a second. They arent huge but they are sooo much better then i was pre op. Nice and natural for my frame. Everyone recovers differently but hopefully yours goes well.
  7. I agree with @imperfectly_lou i had the same, it was the internal stitches, felt like the bottom of my boob was attached to my rib cage, took a few months for them to dissappear, only really noticed them when lifting my arms.
  8. Thanks, id of loved to go a little bigger but this was my max lol I have a narrow chest width. I had no problems getting them to drop and settle. Id breast fed 3 kids before getting my op. Suprisingly while breastfeeding my boobs got almost to the size they are now with implants, but once i stopped feeding they shrank back and withered away to nothing lol!! So i guess my skin had already stretched a fair bit before hand which would of helped. Prob took about 6 weeks to develop rounded underboob.
  9. Ive ended up a big C cup and finding alot of D cups seem to fit the shape of them better. I was soo happy to thro out my ultra padded hot bras, and be able to bend over in low cut tops without worrying u can see in my empty bra lol This forum is great, it really helped me to go into the operation with realistic expectations about recovery and just wat they will look like day one post opp, without this i would of freaked out too!! Just go into it as informed as possible and dont even worry about looking at them for about 3-4 weeks, i see alot if girls freak out that they are too small day one post op but it takes time for the skin etc to stretch and relax. This is me day one post op, they are super weird shaped and tight but as you can see they change loads over the coming weeks lol!!
  10. My recovery was awesome, i had barely any pain, just a little bit tight in the chest for a few days. Went back to work 1week post op. Ive got 3 kids under 5 and i was fine to look after them by myself a bit over a week post op. I had prepared myself for the worst in terms of pain but was soooo glad my recovery was quick and painless, but every one is different. I think not going too big did help a bit with the pain as skin wasnt super stretched lol. Took about 3 weeks for them to start to look like boobs and not square blobs lol took a while for the lower part of the boob to fill out and now im 4 months post op they r nice and full. I never wanted massive boobs, i just wanted to b able to fill a bra, i had absolutely nothing left after breastfeeding!
  11. Hi @Natty11 thanks, yeah the more natural tissue u have the better they will look!! My surgeon was dr scott turner @ dee why. He has been great and im loving my results ! They are 300cc anatomical unders. Very natural, can hide them in clothes or play them up in nice tops if i want.
  12. @Nay Im really thin, i have mentors anatomical cohesive gel i think they were. I can feel ripples down the sides when i lean over but none are visible on the surface. I was prepared for some rippling though due to being so thin. As long as you cant see it im happy, it feels kinda cool when u run ur finger down the side, but yeah as long as you cant see it it dont bother me.
  13. Yea mine were flat, square shaped and funky looking for the first few weeks, i think about 4-6 week mark they filled out more below the nipple and started to look like boobs! Only small changes since the 3 months photo, im 3.5 months now. Starting to soften more, jiggle a little. Saw surgeon last week he said they prob wont change too much more in terms of size, just get softer. But seeing as my boobs are prettty much all implant, if u had even a little bit more natural boob pre op then me u can expect them to b a bit bigger then mine. Im just grateful to finally have boobs!
  14. Hey i got 300cc HP under muscle teardrops, im 5'10 and only 51kgs, bwd of 11cm, they will change heaps in shape from day 1 ill attach a few pics to show u how much mine changed. Im fitting into some 10d bras atm. First pic 3months, second pic preop third pic day 1
  15. Pre op vs Day 1 vs 3months post op. Have changed sooo much. 300cc anatomical high profile.
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