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  1. This goes to all of us immediately post ba. Nanna naps are our friend!! ? 2 weeks post op - got my bandages off yesterday. They do some weird things - right dropped, then left, odd shaped, more side boob in one over the other... ?
  2. So I had my first ml of Juvederm this morning..not so pretty now! I'm 2 weeks po from my ba (& I bruised pretty bad!)..but I didn't think lips would be this..ugh.. is it bad or is it just me? (Apologies for the photo quality...i won't be winning any photography awards! ?)
  3. I bruised like this. Mine was all in my side boob - I was even swollen in my back. Take arnica tablets..they really help
  4. I think we can be overly critical on ourselves when everybody else sees past the imperfections we get so hung up about. Here's to November & getting these bad boys off! ? I can't wait to eat bread & not spending the next hour getting it out of my teeth
  5. Looking fab! What size did you go?
  6. I had to have a baby tooth pulled - it took an hour and half, 5 needles & 2 dentists. It was insane! My dentist has told me they won't be perfect..but anything is better than what I started with! How long did you have them on for??
  7. I'm going to celebrate by getting myself some new lips! ? Since sitting on my a$$ all day for the last week & being on this forum there's so much more I want done now. Dammit!
  8. I guess I had a year and a half to build up to telling the people I was close to. My first consult was back in 2014 but I didn't go ahead with it because of the $$..but I'm pretty open & honest with everyone in my life, plus If they knew me before..they'd know I got my boobs done because I had nothing!! Yes...the obsession gets better! But it definitely amplifies the closer you get! With the poking & prodding - I'm only 7 days po..so I haven't had anyone ask if they can have a feel because I've only really seen my husband and kids in that time. But I'm back to work on Monday
  9. I just kinda winged it with who I told. If it came up, I'd be honest (especially with work colleagues)My mum was my biggest supporter - she really wanted me to get them done in Thailand so we could have a holiday!! As for copping a feel - I haven't really left the house so not up to that point yet. But I gotta say, I have not grabbed, poked, prodded, looked at or talked about boobs as much as I have before just getting them done! Any one of my friends that have had it done, and even acquaintances have just been like "just grab them..see how they feel?" ?
  10. Yes there is!! I would've easily been able to fit my arm in between the space when they were first done..now they're out from under my armpits which is nice ?
  11. You were right @Katemav26 ...they're coming together ???
  12. Yes!! Me!! it's anatomy unfortunately ? Lol
  13. I wish I'd known about the bloody tablets before hand ? Oh well better late than never! I'm a lot better today than yesterday - just uncomfortable & swollen - I haven't even had a chance to be happy about them because I look like such a freak ?
  14. Ikr! Exactly the same on the other side & in the middle. No wonder I'm so bloody swollen. I'll send my husband to the chemist tonight to grab some arnica tablets & some cream to help get rid of it. Fun times!!
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