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  1. 6 days is super early to tell what they will look like in the long run. Yours are also under the muscle. When you first have them done, your muscles are super tight over your implants, squashing them and making them appear smaller. There are heaps of progress photos on the forum and you can see how they change over time. I think once the muscle relaxes and the drop and fluff they will look larger and MUCH better, more 'boob-like'.
  2. Me too! I'm booked in for December. I wish I could have it done sooner but uni makes that a bit hard! I chose Dr Piyapas at Bangkok Hospital Phuket because they predominantly work with smooth implants at that hospital and I've seen photos of Dr Piyapas' work where he's used smooth implants. As I don't have a lot of existing breast tissue, I think smooth will give me a more natural look and feel compared to textured. Most Thai surgeons still follow the outdated theory that smooth implants increase the risk of capsular contracture and so most don't offer them. However, it's been shown that
  3. That's odd. I would think that a travel card is really no different to cash or debit. :/ Who are you going through?
  4. Apparently banks tend to charge large fees for using EFTPOS or credit overseas. The best thing to do is put the money on a travel card (according to what I've read so far, I've never actually done this myself) so you're not actually carrying the cash around and you avoid the large fee from your bank. This is what I'm looking at doing when I get my BA in December. I seem to recall someone on here getting charged a $500 fee for paying $4500 with their bank card! You don't want that! Let me know if you find any other methods of paying.
  5. I'm betting I will be having sex after my surgery. Not straight away but my partner is coming to Phuket with me nad we're staying for 10 days. He'll just have to be careful.
  6. Is there any way I can prepare my skin for surgery so that it's able to cope with more stretch? I'm afraid of waking up and being told that only 'X' implant would fit and being disappointed with the outcome. I know a lot of girls need to have a second surgery because their skin doesn't stretch enough in the first instance. I really don't want to be one of those girls. I'm not aiming to go massive but I would like the surgery to be worth it. So, just wondering if anyone has any ideas or if their surgeons recommended anything regarding skin care before surgery? Thanks!
  7. Good luck! I'm so jealous that your surgery is tomorrow! I'm growing impatient already
  8. Either unders or dual plane. I don't have much breast tissue and have no upper pole. Yeah, I'm thinking about going to some 'free' consults. I've already booked in for surgery in Thailand in December. Obviously I won't know exactly what will be going in until the day, which is a little scary. But I've seen Dr Piyapas' work and I think I'm in good hands. It'd be nice just to get an idea of what size will suit me. I'm afraid of being too small but at the same time, I don't want to look like a porn star! Haha
  9. I've added my before photos in a public album. I know it's extremely difficult to judge by photos but any idea on what size implants would suit me would be appreciated. I tried to measure my BWD. I think it's somewhere between 12.5 and 13.5cm. I measured it myself so it's probably not accurate. I just wanted to get a rough idea. I'm 172cm and 50kg.
  10. Lucky you! So close now. I could've had mine done in April but my partner talked me out of it. I only get a week off of uni and if I have complications I don't want it to set me back a year! So December it is for me. Mind you, time is moving very fast. I just wish it would move a little bit faster.
  11. Ahh ok, thanks. I've found that most Thai surgeons will only offer textured. At Bnagkok Hospital Phuket they mainly use smooth. I think I'll stick with Dr Piyapas then.
  12. I was actually just looking at your picture and thinking they looked a little odd because of the placement of the implant compared to where the nipples sit. Then you mentioned what your surgeon said about the lift making all the difference. I think that will definitely improve how they look but if you feel they're too small, you may as well go larger. I'm also afraid of having that 'gappy' look (you don't look gappy). I'd rather have a moderate-moderate plus profile and have them sit closer together than far apart like bolted on grapfruits.
  13. I would definitely go with the bigger option. Even if you think they are too big initially, you will get used to them. It's better than waking up and regretting not going bigger! I'm looking at around the 300cc mark myself. Although, I have to wait until I have my consult in December! The wait is killing me!
  14. I am booked in for surgery in December with Dr Piyapas at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. However, I've seen some great work done by Dr Narupon at PIAC. My question is, does anybody know if Dr Narupon offers smooth implants? I don't want textured and this was a big deciding factor for me in choosing Dr Piyapas.
  15. They look fantastic! Saggy?? Definitely not. I wouldn't actually guess they were 600s. They look more like 450-500 without a bra on. I wouldn't change them If you're happy, who care what your mum thinks?
  16. Hmm. This is what I'm afraid of and makes me think I should lean towards a more conservative size. Thanks for sharing that.
  17. I'm so sorry to hear this. I was thinking about getting rhinoplasty with my BA in December but have decided to leave it for now. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. It seems to be very hit and miss. :/
  18. Depends which Pitchit it is. Dr. Pitchit Siriwan was fantastic for my sister and her friend 2 years ago. They are THRILLED with their results.
  19. Okay, so I'm really confused about how large I wanna go. Not just in terms of CCs. I know that CCs are hard to judge before speaking to my PS and without knowing my BWD. The thing is, I actually don't know how big I wanna 'look'. Sometimes I feel like I wanna be conservative and only be noticed when I pull out the tight tops and plunging necklines and other times I feel like I wanna go quite large. One thing that does concern me, is how I'm going to feel about my implants in years to come. I'm 28 now and I know that women with naturally large breasts have back problems later in life. Can anyon
  20. I was just wondering what other people have done in terms of payment. It seems excessive that they would charge an extra $500 to pay via credit for a BA. However, that is what Bangkok Hospital Phuket asks for. Do the agencies ask this kind of fee for paying via credit? Also, the fact that they want this paid in full before I arrive for surgery is a little scary. There is no way of getting my money back if something goes wrong. I was just hoping other people could share their experiences with payment and what they did, whether they had any issues, etc.
  21. Hi all, I'm going to Thailand in December for a BA. I'm also considering dental work in Thailand in the future. I may be doing this next year though, we'll see. Anyway, I've had glamsmile veneers put on here in Australia (which I love!) but am considering a more natural and 'perfect, glamorous' smile which would be better achieved with traditional crowns and veneers. Glamsmile veneers are porcelain, so they don't stain or anything. The thing is, they are more opaque which makes them look a little more fake next to my bottom teeth, which are natural. Anyway, I'm very concerned about the 'a
  22. Hey Curly, Your BA looks fantastic! I noticed you also went through Dr Piyapas. I can't believe they are only 325cc! They actually look much bigger. I'm so confused about sizes. I'm not getting my BA until December but I'm so excited and can't help but browse this forum and look at photos. Don't quote me on this but I think the less breast tissue you have to begin with, the longer they take to drop and fluff. Yours are looking like they've dropped quite nicely, though.
  23. Hey everyone, So I've done quite a bit of reading around this forum and a lot of my own online research. I'm looking at getting breast augmentation in December in Phuket or Bangkok. I was all ready to pay my deposit and secure my booking through Destination Beauty with Dr NJ in Bangkok. However, after doing a lot of my own research, I think smooth implants will provide a softer and more natural look and feel for me as I'm not starting with a lot of breast tissue. Dr NJ only offers textured implants, as do a lot of Thai surgeons because they are still working on the 'outdated theory' that smoot
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