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    Mummy makeover
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    Howard Webster. October 2018
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  1. Thanks so much @I HaveBoobs! I’m home now and was supposed to ask them if there’s any vitamins or anything that can help with recovery but forgot. I’ll get hubby on the job 😆 x
  2. @Ally awaits boobs looking great!!! I don’t have pain with boobs but he went above the muscle so recovery is much easier. My tummy on the other hand... omg! I’m in a world of pain and discomfort. My whole back and sides are so badly bruised from Lipo. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and keep needing to do a cough but stop it coming out properly and the pain is ridiculous. Takes me about 10 mins to sit up to get out of bed 😂 I’m so uncomfortable I just want to be in my own bed. I’ll be going home in the morning.
  3. Thanks @Jugs! I’m so happy, he’s a great surgeon! x
  4. Thanks @Chook81 and @JD* He showed me my boobs and tummy and I’m super happy!!! I finally have a flat tummy and waist! Wooo Im in quite a lot of pain. It’s all my tummy though. My boobs I don’t feel any pain (touch wood)
  5. So I made it out the other side lol Surgery was about 6 hours long. I had muscle separation repair, umbilical hernia repair, tummy tuck and breast aug. I’m a tummy sleeper and don’t use a pillow so I’ve only managed 30 mins sleep over night. I haven’t seen my body properly yet but my tummy looks flat and my boobs look huge!! They feel like they are up around my chin. The size is freaking me out a bit 😬
  6. Thanks @JD* on my way to hospital now! So nervous! Second guessing my size now.. hope they aren’t too big 😬
  7. @DiamondC at my first consult he said he would go under and then at the second said we could go above. So I’m wondering why it was changed as I didn’t question why he changed as he just went over the positives. So now I’ve been wondering why he changed so easily.. I have a strong history of breast cancer in my family too so will go over it all with him again before surgery. He said I have enough tissue but I don’t have heaps.. so I’m a bit confused @teatimeand @Mumma_S Hope today went well xx 😘
  8. @DiamondC I know! Soooo bloody excited! Im going 400 silicon gel textured rounds. Going above muscle.. which I’m starting to second guess 😬 What placement are you going?
  9. Hi ladies! I’m having my boobs and tummy done on the 4th oct. 13 sleeps to go 😆 I’ve had three children and now it’s time to fix the damage and get some boobs!
  10. So I’m booked in for consults with Ashton and Webster. Mark had only about a 25 day wait and couldn’t get into Webster until July so booked in but also on a cancellation list.. wonder if it’s because he’s really good or because he offers free consults on another plastic surgery site lol Have you heard much about Greensmith and Mansoor? Would you recommend them? I had read so much about them in the past but now when search them only one post for each comes up. Thanks TheFox
  11. Oh how horrible for her 😢 I haven’t really heard much of Webster, it says on his website ‘before and afters coming soon’ but found some on another site and they are really impressive! Do you know what he’s like at breast work?
  12. Thanks TheFox! Such a hard decision! I’d love to see Dr T!!! I think the fact he does the surgeries in two stages is the deal breaker.. makes it so much harder. Is Mark Ashton your choice out of the two I suggested or would you choose him out of everyone if you had to have surgery in Melb? What issue did your family member have? I have found some ladies that weren’t happy with boobs sitting too high 😐
  13. Hi ladies, sorry me again. The closer I get to when Im supposed to be booking in surgery and the more I research the more confused I become. I would like to go to Sydney but having young children it would probably be best I stay in Melb. Think it may be between Ashton and Rubenstein. Any ladies that have gone to either or are due to please share. (Or any other recommendations) I’m so unsure making this huge decision. I absolutely love the look of dr m and T and their before and after pics and don’t think much of anyone’s in Melbourne.. 😐 are they not as good or is it just the pics?? Just want the very best surgeon in Melbourne but don’t know who that is.. Having boobs and tummy done. Would greatly appreciate any advice 😘😘
  14. Hi thanks for the reply. Have sent you a pm
  15. Hi ladies, I’m considering going with Mark Ashton for boobs and tummy. Would love to see before and after pics and hear your experience with him! Would be much appreciated. Thanks
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