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  1. Hi, i had a look through the entire forum and I dont have my answer. there is clinic called esteemcosmetic studio with locations in Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra. They perform all types of cosmetic surgeries. So my question, does anyone has done cosmetic injections with dr Pedro Valente or dr Ian.? Botox prices align with the laser clinics per area on the ok priced side considering some surgeons I asked ask for $22 or even $25 per ml of botox. ( but it raised a red flag since they offer filler for $250/ml or $399??? filler seem very cheap????? they seem experienced from Australia and overseas, has anyone got any feedback?
  2. How exciting! I have a scar revision also in two days but bating the winter virus she so it may be postponed!! Push for hp, good luck!
  3. Maybe you already had a hinoppasty but she had a rhinoseptoplasty in Madrid Spain with dr manuel Bermudez piernagorda, he is amazing with rhinoplasty if you look at Spanish forums, mine was done 10'yewrs ago and my recent surgeon checked and he said he did a great job ?
  4. Hi, did you end up findind a good place in Canberra?? How was the ge outcome, I am looking also
  5. I would recommend dr vlad, his bed side manners are awesome, he has always been for me and answered my questions and my breast looks amazing and perfect in shape. I am very happy
  6. Hi! Yes I did, the skin removed was minimal and I have a new belly button, Not sure if with a mini TT teh whole muscle can be repaired. I need scar revision,because My scars streTched because if that...
  7. I was 49 kg, 157 and I had at an hernia repair last October. I bee a scar revision because I didn't have enough skin and I was tight my scar and belly button stretched out, but all fixable, happy to help what would you like to know?
  8. Ladies, I have a friend that has been recommended moderate plus implants but I remember how unhappy some of you wee for not getting high profiles, do you have any feedback/advise from your experience?
  9. I could fit whatever there my bwd is 15 but I was so scared that stuck to teh 350, I never liked big boobs, never my partner Andy honestly though noob greed will never be there for me... agh I was so wrong lol, boob greed gets everyone!! Once you get used to the change you want more
  10. I depends what are yo are looking for, excess fat removal, muscle repair for a flat tummy or excess skin removed. I am 50 kg and 5.2" and needed a TT to repair my muscle, had minimal amount of skin removed but my tummy protruded because of that. Lips is for localised fat but not skin tho Happy for you to pm me
  11. I have 350 cc and I d t have any back pan at all, I feel lIggy as always but sexier, in havthe boobs now ?
  12. Oh wow which dr recommend that for your stats? Just courier I am petite also and I feel biggish with my 350hp ?
  13. I agree with teh girls, I have 350 hp and my stats are 1.58/49kg. I never wanted big breast but I am glad my doctor anticipated boob greed, I love my size now everything settled, looks in proportion to my frame. Anything smaller would Ve been like meh for me, so go for teh 400. Ps from my reading many aren't as happy with moderates so consider hp if you can Ah and my Sixers likes huge, of. De the rice test with a diameter circumference of the implant,
  14. So ladies tah had crease incisions, when are your scars located, mine are pretty good but after 4 months on is esac at the creas al ost invisible and teh other 1 cm higher from from crease/fold ... assuming that is normal since breast can always b different etc etc... how are your scars at his stage?
  15. Yep I have been thinking about the same this last few days they don't look swollen anymore although I love th size, I am glad my doctor anticipated and got a tad bigger that scared me so much, 1.5 months ago I felt very different and thought they were huge for m liking... sorry to hear about some disappointment about getting mods etc, but I am sure you look stunning anyway
  16. I am an 8f and looking like a d? Just guessing no idea I don't know friends tell me they are big but I didn't have much before, honestly I was in shock to learn my size I went to 10 Dd and 8e all too small! I have 350hp
  17. Has anyone experienced breast dropping and fluffing and t different times? One breats sits lower and nd fuller and ten other since to need to catch up aghhh
  18. Be patient, I had that moment I kept having like pear shape and I started to see chains after two months actually ( from last week) when o don't get swollen so often and I can actually see, I didn't realised that before it was all swelled Ng what I though it wasn't, especially if you are so active, is a long journey honey, patience you are still in your baby days
  19. I started to be active after a week and my doctor wasn't happy. I was told to stop and to take it easy and have lots of rest for 6 weeks even if I feel well,I still remember the look like I am nuts... no long walks like yours, just walking on and off around the house, and lots of rest Andy taking it easy for proper healing. Don't you get swollen at teh end of the day after being active? I did...I started to feel ok from week 6 actually but I had my breast done and a hernia repaired also.
  20. I can relate also, and joining the club....I buy lots online and that doesnt work anymore, although I am glad all my swelling went down and they are smaller than I thought they will be, I have been measured yesterday and I am a 10 E, I only wanted a small D... since I am only a size 6 and 158 tall. To be honest. I Am a bit in shock and have mixed feelings, I didn't want the porn star look ( no offence to anyone, but I wanted to blend in not to be on the spot). I have lots to learn for my body shape... agh Who else you follow, I need to get ideas I am completely lost on what to wear.... wearing a binder doesn't help becaus e feel bigger on my tummy ( I had a muscle repair) ...
  21. Me ! I went bra shopping today and it has been horrible, lady old me that playboy is t bet since teh E's at normal bra stores are higher to th armpits for support i the bras reached almost mine!!
  22. @Yollie you look amazing and big, i don't think that is small at all!! And is still early days I breastfed, I think that is why they dropped faster in size, @Nichola gee I hope that's it!! I am happy but a bit confused I really didn't want big, and have under the muscle, I wasn't prepared mentally so s taking me a while to adjust, for instance all my tops are high neck lol I rarely shown anything Hahha I am glad everyone is happy! That what this should be about! I may need a scar revision fr my tummy, sucks tho going through pain again but I had a belly pierced and the scar end up a bit funny so if has to be fixed, my family cannot believe the crazy recovery I went through just for this!! I still didn't have the time to just embrace it and be happy about all this! I don't know if I can exercise either so annoying seeing doctor next week ? So you get teh idea before my chest looked allost like my waist and hips pretty much straight from top to bottom
  23. Soju swq So no more push up bra for me... I got 350 hp, I went bra fitting today and to my shock I am a 10 E!! Geee I am still like ?, although I love how they look I have lots to learn on how to dress and how to manage the guys looking, I am not used that .. it meant to be a subtle change big c/small d as I didn't want big boobs being only a size 6... I can't hide now... bloody hell?
  24. Wow not much difference for you @BlingorBA, good in a way, I have been lucky I have good skin elasticity and it all shrunk, it was just empty but so many women just get ptosis and need a lift, everyone s different so yeah it s a gamble...
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