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    TT, MR, umbilical hernia repair
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    Dr Lily Vrtik 29/09/2017
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    176cm 58kg

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  1. Hey Jen, I just realised I hadn't responded to you yet! I am definitely your buddy! Have you confirmed a time with Dr Harwood yet? I assume you'll be going first, as I am going to have a second consult with him on that morning. Then take an hour to make my final decision then surgery. I'm hoping we will only have good recovery notes to swap! I am going for I *think* the 315cc Moderate Profile Over. If booby greed takes hold on the day then it will be the 360cc High Profile Under. I'm hoping to achieve a small D or generous C. Anything than my chest at the moment will be an improvement really :) Only 40 something days to go!