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    JenJen got a reaction from arahia in An Update on ALCL and textured implants   
    This is so unsettling. I have the Silimed PU textured implants and am looking into getting them out ASAP. 
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    JenJen got a reaction from arahia in Explant of PU coated Silimed   
    Just a quick update.
    I explanted with lollipop lift June 13. I had drains for two days and I’m not joking when I say I had zero pain. Took one day of codeine just in case then on to panadol for about 6 days. Slight discomfort because of the drains but that’s it. Wayyyyy easier than implant.
    I have more breast tissue than I thought but I’m assuming they’ll settle and be a little smaller. A lot of my neurological/cardiac issues have lessened significantly already, plus the cellulite on the back of my thighs and bum has improved immensely (despite me eating like a horse atm).
    If you’re feeling unwell, get them out!
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    JenJen reacted to Stemschicky in Long post: very anxious about upcoming BA, not sure whether to go ahead or cancel   
    I just want to play devils advocate here. I made the choice to get implants, and I love having boobs. But unfortunately I’m one of the ones where something has gone wrong and I need a revision (I had my op Dec 2017) and I knew within a couple of months I would have to get them fixed. Make sure you go with a surgeon who guarantees their work and will fix if anything goes wrong at minimal cost to you, otherwise you could be paying 2-3 times what you initially thought you would be. I have to make another appointment with my PS to discuss revision soon. This will also mean More time off work after another operation, so lost income on top of everything else as I am self employed. And Medicare and Private Health no longer cover any cosmetic procedures. 
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    JenJen reacted to MissS in Long post: very anxious about upcoming BA, not sure whether to go ahead or cancel   
    Sorry to hear what you're going through Jen!  Thank you for sharing this with me.
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    JenJen got a reaction from Watergirl in Long post: very anxious about upcoming BA, not sure whether to go ahead or cancel   
    (This post is my personal experience and everyone has the right to their opinions and informed choices).
    I am looking at it explanting ASAP due to BII, rupture and discomfort.
    I was a thin ribby, pigeon-chested, deflated 10B after breastfeeding 3 so I can totally relate.
    The implants did and still do look amazing. But I am so, SO sick. Full of inflammation and neurological problems, unbelievable fatigue and a list of symptoms as long as my arm. It was not worth it; the money I don’t mind so much, the loss of quality of life is priceless. Can not wait to get these things out and to try to heal my body.
    I don’t want to scare you. I am sure many women have implants with no/little complications, but this is my experience.
    Good luck with your decision xx
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    JenJen got a reaction from WantingRhino Perth WA in Brisbane TT Lily Vrtik   
    Hi there,
    I had a TT with Dr Vrtik on the 29th September, and can highly recommend her. I’m 7 weeks out and very happy with results so far, (my scar is sooooo thin) can’t wait for the swelling to go down entirely.
    I also had an umbilical hernia so was lucky enough to get a Medicare item number. This meant that my private health cover paid for the hospital and theatre fees ($500 excess for 5 nights/6 days). Dr Vrtik’s fee was around $5000 and I will get approximately $900 back from Medicare so all up I was out of pocket around $4600.
    Dr Vrtik is a great surgeon and very nice to boot, the nurses all commented that I was in great hands and her stitches are teeny tiny.
    Hope this helps.
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    JenJen reacted to pink butterfly in To tell or not to tell?   
    This may sound forward...….but I think it is time to be an adult and tell her. If she judges you, then that is on her. But I think she would more than likely support you on your journey. In my thinking if you continue to keep things under wraps and not be open with her about it, the issue will eat away at you. You're better off getting it out in the open and let the dust settle where it may,
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    JenJen reacted to BreastsToBe in Silimed Explant   
    Hi @joyfulgirl99, apologies it had been a while since I’ve logged on, and I didn’t get any notifications in my emails!
    Yes I’ve had mine checked out via ultrasound and there is apparently no indication of ALCL. Please be aware that this cancer generally develops after 7 years post implant however.
    There have so far been over 80 reported cases Australia wide resulting in a few deaths. While the risk is minimal, it is also very real, and I feel the numbers will only increase as time passes for ladies with textured implants. 
    I will be having mine removed this year (8 years post implant) as the risk is not worth it to me. Had I known all those years ago I would have certainly chosen to implant with smooth implants, or not at all! 
    On a tangent and as @Elle Anderson mentioned above, Breast Implant Illness (BII) is another concern and I do have some symptoms of this which I hope explant will alleviate, however they could be totally unrelated to the implants. 
    The PS I consulted with for explant agreed that the Silimends should be removed and also said I have capsular contracture in one breast. 
    @Mona76 if you haven’t had your explant yet, please be aware that in some circumstances (when deemed medically necessary) you can access your superannuation to fund the surgery. I will be doing this for my surgery. 
    Also ladies, if you weren’t already aware Similed implants have been banned for use in Australia since late 2017. Those who implanted with Plastic Surgeons should have been notified pursuant to APS guidelines. As I implanted with a Cosmetic Surgeon I was not informed of the ban/proven ALCL risks. 
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    JenJen reacted to BreastsToBe in Silimed Explant   
    Hi Jen, if you join the BII Group on FB you’ll find a list of recommended explant surgeons for your state. These surgeons are all experienced and recognise the importance in removing the entire capsule, appropriate pathology testing etc. x 
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    JenJen got a reaction from Whattodo79 in Help! Small girl needs advice on sizes!   
    Hi Coco Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth..

    I know that a lot of gals say go bigger, go bigger - but with petite girls a seemingly small difference in cc's can be very noticeable. Bex31 is a great example - her 230/250s look amazing, I didn't think such a "small" implant would give such a great result Although I'm tall (175cm), I weigh 54kg so my frame/ribcage is quite petite. I was offered 315 or 360 HP anatomicals and I'm choosing the smaller implant, as I definitely don't want to look chunky up top. The 360 sizers looked ridonkulous on me. My surgeon agreed

    Good luck with your decision - it certainly isn't an easy one, is it? xx
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