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  1. Have you found much more info? I'm also in Newcastle and don't know anyone who's had the surgery either.
  2. Sarah did you go any further with cosmeditour Sydney yet? I sent my pictures last night for a quote. I'm nervous and excited. Do any of your friends or family have implants? None of mine do so I worry a bit about what others might say. My mum in particular will be critical ... so wouldn't tell her until it's done.
  3. I too am looking forward to hearing about your journey. How have you gone so far?
  4. May you please share the facebook group with me too? I've just started the journey and am really glad I found this page. Im looking at the Cosmetic institute.. not really sure where else to start other than that, or who else to look at! With you other ladies who have had yours done, how long did it take from first consultation to getting the operation? Also I live in Newcastle, but am looking at The Breast Institute in Brisbane as they have a deal going at the moment for $6490. I can stay with my brother up there when I need to. Is it crazy of me to get it done interstate???
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