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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to NJoy in Women Only Get A Boob job For Attention   
    Well your work colleague can certainly take a long walk off of a short plank.

    It’s one thing being a supportive partner to someone who wants cosmetic surgery, it’s completely different to suggest to your partner they should have something done.

    I’d like to think I would never date such a superficial jackarse, but if I ever found myself in that position I’d suggest they work on their character and morality before entering another relationship because that would be the end of it.

    To some that might sound extreme but I’ve sat here for the past ten minutes and there’s no circumstance where I can justify someone suggesting that to me and for it to be okay, and it would be crazy for anyone to try and justify such ugliness. As far as I’m concerned it’s controlling and manipulative and I don’t tolerate that behaviour from anyone. It doesn’t matter the length of the relationship, in fact the longer the relationship the worse the suggestion is, and it’s despicable from the very beginning.

    But could you imagine the second guessing some people might go through because of it? Something they once took no notice of is suddenly what they focus on every time they look in the mirror because someone suggested they “fix” it? A few years (even months!) of that could erode anyone’s self-esteem. No one should ever brush off someone doing that to them, hear the alarm bells and evaluate it.

    I don’t date people who make me self-conscious about how I look. I date people who build me up, who teach me new things and who help me free myself from any insecurities/roadblocks I come across, but certainly not someone who gives me more.

    Know your worth ladies!

    I love what you said @Maira, and what you said deeply resonates with me @BlingorBA. I couldn't wear simple tank tops without causing a gap when I slightly leaned forward which would expose my right breast since it was smaller and not filling out my bra like my left. 
    It honestly filled me with utter humiliation and made me so self conscious, I was constantly adjusting myself so I didn't flash people, and all it achieved was drawing attention to my chest which was definitely not what I wanted.
    I was uncomfortable before having my BA about the possible attention it would bring. The thought of people having a sneak peek at my breasts/down my top drove a chill down my spine, and not in a good way. Just the thought of it feels so damn invasive. I will have to learn how to dress modestly for my new breasts as that sort of attention isn't what I want.
    I was talking with a friend about a guy, as girls do, and we got onto the subject of being intimate and my breasts came up in conversation. I declared I don't actually like my breasts/nipples being touched, I never have and I doubt a BA has changed that. Anyway, the friend jokingly said he feels sorry for the guy who doesn't get to play with 'my new girls' and that it's a waste, and I simply said, they're for me.
    It's that simple. It's for me. Always has been. No one else needed to be considered in the equation.
    Not my friends, my family, my co-workers, other women or potential partners. Me.
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to pink butterfly in Women Only Get A Boob job For Attention   
    The work colleague sounds young or if he is not, he must be emotionally immature. My husband was actually against me having a BA because he was worried something bad would happen to me after he read all of the paperwork the first PS I saw gave to me. I was also a 10A prior to my 3 kids but then after breastfeeding them all, I dropped to a 10AA. Eventually my husband saw that me being flat chested was decreasing my self esteem. My husband also told me he loved me and that it didn't worry him I had a small bust. Not once did it my husband say that I wanted the BA to get attention. He knew I was doing it for me. Like anything, everyone has a opinion on plastic or cosmetic surgery. Just take his comment as his own and know that it shows where he is at with his own thinking of women. You don't need his opinion. Only your own. x
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to Maira in Women Only Get A Boob job For Attention   
    It's the same argument that men seem to have regarding makeup. Being someone who is an absolute makeup junkie and who genuinely loves the time spent on myself in the mornings putting on makeup I'm just like ... honey, really? 
    You think I spend 30+ minutes putting on makeup in the morning, voluntarily spend hours watching youtube tutorials in my down time, spend hundreds of dollars on makeup (I mean, hello, makeup in Australia is freaking expensive) to get your attention? How ego-centrical do you have to be to think that I live my life to please you? That even a hobby I have revolves around you. Does your rock climbing hobby have anything to do with me? No. Your comic book collection? No. 
    So the $75 of my hard earned money I just spent on highlighter is definitely not for you honey. You've probably never heard of highlighter. Walk right along. 
    The same goes for cosmetic surgery. It's all so personal and about how it makes us feel. I want to take care of myself, be able to make these big decisions in my life, and in the end get the high from knowing that I have done it for me. It's something I'm not happy with about my body and I know if I change it I'll feel good about me. That's what's important to me. Knowing that I have the autonomy to do these things for myself. I am in control of me, not you. 
    As to how I would respond I think I'd be angry. If it's something we had never discussed before/I had expressed no interest in/indicated no insecurity then what right do they have to suggest it? It's just plain rude. It's not hard to be kind, so just be kind.
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to joyfulgirl99 in 180-220cc impants   
    Hi, small implants can look really good.  It's often more about the type and fit of the implant on your body. I got 255cc under the muscle, which was a bit bigger than what I wanted.   You can look at my photos or private message me for more information if you like.
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to Ruby2015 in Having a down moment again   
    Whenever I am not feeling 100% happy with my results, I just look at my before photo. ?
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to Millicent in Who misses their small boobs??   
    The only thing I've missed is sleeping comfortably on my tummy, otherwise no way!! Haven't missed them for a second  
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to pink butterfly in Petite/Modest Sizing Before/After   
    I am 165cm and 55kg. I got 270cc under the muscle and high profile. This took me from a 10AA to an 8D/10C cup. I find the 8D bras a better fit on me than the 10C bras. My surgeon said I am a small C cup. I am now over 2 years post op. I have no regrets.
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to BlingorBA in Petite/Modest Sizing Before/After   
    Thanks @Shygirl79! That really helps. They suit perfectly. Perfect for every day and wearing normal bras but if you want to make them look bigger, you can still wear a push up bra if you want..but actually have a bit of cleavage - exactly what I'm after ☺️
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to Shygirl79 in Petite/Modest Sizing Before/After   
    I'm 6 months post op and I started as a blank pallet as you can see by my pics.
    i had 250cc and it has taken me to a 10b/c or an 8d
    i would have loved to have gone bigger but my frame wouldn't allow it lol. I think this size suits me though

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    lilyarmstrong2016 got a reaction from Shygirl79 in Before and after   
    You look amazing! Congrats. Great result:) 
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to Shygirl79 in Before and after   
    Thanks ladies
    I think i just needed to see the comparison to remind myself not get get greedy lol
    @Honeycakes they are a tiny 250cc hhehe
    I feel so much like a women now and im loving life
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to Shygirl79 in Before and after   
    Well today I finally received my before pics from my surgeon. I never took any myself because I never wanted to see them again.
    i nearly cried when I seen them. I only wish I had my BA 20 year ago.
    thanks for looking

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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to donatella in Not sure if boob envy or true!   
    to be honest unless you are eating a fresh from the garden plant based diet everything gives you cancer. I'd be more worried about the chemicals in food/cancer then the implants risk (if you have to worry ?) 
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to 2017 Goal in Not sure if boob envy or true!   
    I asked my GP about cancer risks with impants. He said the same that the older implants had the higher risks but not the new ones. He also told me that drinking more than the standard recommended amount of alcohol increases your risk of cancer more than having implants.  That explained it well to me and put it in perspective.
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to Valy in May 2016 boobs!   
    Girls this is me 12 days post op .. So worth it !! Would do everything over and over again ❤️


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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to Melicass in May 2016 boobs!   
    They look great. What are your stats... Really hoping for this result ?
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to laa in 5 weeks po and a little concerned   
    They look gorgeous!!!! What a natural result. 
    I know it's hard but try not to compare your results to the others here. Unless you find someone with your exact shape, bone structure and pre-Op tissue, you will never have the same results as someone else. 
    It's early days. Try not to be too hard on them. Express any deep concerns to your surgeon and give yourself 6 months. They'll keep changing for a long time. 
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to RH4K in Feeling returning-how long?   
    I'm 14 months post op and still have numbness below the nipple in some small parts. My nipples were both numb after surgery, one for about 5 months and the other one about 10 months. The all over nerve pain you mention lasted for me about 10 weeks and was severe
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to Pepper9 in Feeling returning-how long?   
    Everyone is different from what I hear. I am 12 months post op and only just got feeling back in left nipple a couple of weeks ago, right one was much earlier. My left breast is still numb in a couple of patches underneath. 
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to SubtleC in Mission accomplished!   
    Hi girls! I'm day one post op, just wanted to share my story!
    It was 3 years ago when I first started seriously looking into getting my boobs done. I had always been very self-conscious about my size. I was an AA and even with a push up bra, I couldn't create any cleavage at all. There was simply nothing there to be pushed up! Going to the beach involved many embarrassing moment. I could never wear dresses that require some chest volume to look feminine. My ex-partner bought me a gorgeous cocktail dress for my birthday once. I was so upset that the top half of me looked like a pre-pubertal teen. I have a bum and a waist but zero boobs. So I look very much out of proportion. 
    I started doing research on breast augmentation. The first website I came across was TCI. The price was attractive and I live in Bondi Junction so it's just around the corner from me. Part of me wanted to get it done asap but part of me convinced myself that I should learn more about the process including the surgeons' credentials, recovery time, types of implants etc. The more I read, the more I was convinced that I should see a plastic surgeon instead of a cosmetic surgeon. I made an appointment with Dr Lim and Dr T. They were both very professional and answered all my questions thoroughly. But I still had doubts. 
    My ex-partner is from South America and we decided to take a trip to Colombia and I thought I could make it a makeover holiday! I was mesmerised by the lovely photos on one surgeon's website and decided to go for it. I made full payment to secure a surgery date. When i arrived at the consult, he was so rude and unprofessional. He just looked at me and said 250cc was the biggest I could go without doing any measurements. So I cancelled the surgery. I was very disappointed as I took time off for it. I run my own business so that was my once a year opportunity. But now i'm so glad I waited because I wouldn't have been happy with the result if I went ahead. 
    Early this year I made an appointment with Dr Miroshnik. He listened to what I had to say about a desirable outcome. Based on that and measurements, he recommended 295, 330 or 345cc anatomical implants. He said it would give me a very proportional and natural look with a good amount of side boobs to match my bum and accentuate my waist! He was leaning more towards 295 because I have a small frame and I want to prioritise a natural look. 
    I had the surgery yesterday at East Sydney Private Hospital. All the staff was so nice and Dr. M really made an effort to calm my nerves! They looked after me really well. They assessed my levels of pain regularly and gave me pain meds when I needed. When I was more alert, Dr M came in to tell me that everything went smoothly. I was surprised to hear that he ended up using the 330cc because I had quite a lot of pec muscles and they had an effect of squashing the implants. So he had to use bigger ones to achieve the same result. Now my chest is really tight! The implants look kind of small but I know it's way too early to judge. So i'll be patient and just focus on resting for now.
    Sorry girls it's such a long story! I think I'm just really glad that I did lots of research and waited for the right time to have the op so I can let my body heal properly. I'll be putting pics up soon. Feel free to send me an FR if you would like to see them! Or if you wanna ask me anything regarding my experience, I'll be more than happy to help out! 
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to Natty11 in Anyone start out as a blank palette?   
    They really are different now aren't they? well that gives me something to look forward to then, least that way I wont stress if they aren't completely symmetrical or dropping at the same rate, as I have to remember they arent going to do exactly the same thing at exactly the same time. Thanks for the pics and for the info, will definitely help me go into this a lot more educated and I will know not to stress or even worry bout what they look like for the first month! thanks heaps!! x
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to pink butterfly in 250cc   
    I got 270cc under the muscle. I went from 10AA cup to 8D/10C cup after my BA. Yes I didn't go big but my small frame would not have suited large breasts. Anything is better than being flat chested and now I feel womanly.
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to Shygirl79 in 250cc   
    I had nothing but nipples so anything was going to be a huge improvement
    im 165cm 47kg so yes very tiny with a tiny frame.
    and thanks I hope I do and can't wait to try on some new bras and bikinis
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    lilyarmstrong2016 reacted to Jugs in 250cc   
    I'm sure you ladies have perfect boobies. Smaller implants are stunning and super natural looking ? You sound like you're very petite so you will absolutely Rock those boobies!
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    lilyarmstrong2016 got a reaction from Shygirl79 in 250cc   
    I only got 225cc! I'll pm you
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