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  1. I have written some posts and a review on my process with this - you can check out my profile. One thing I will say is surgeons promised me how easy it was to claim etc and I am 9 months on and still owed my claims!! Ps I know how hard it is when you find this out mine aren't perfect now but they are 100% better and I don't regret a cent!! Good luck.
  2. I wouldn't worry too much. You're not going to lose a significant amount of muscle mass in your recovery time. Just ensure you are eating a high protein diet and maybe even supplement with some amino acids to aid that One thing I wish I did was stop training chest all together before my op. My muscles have only now started to lose their mass 9 months on! Dont worry about strength so much, focus on your recovery. I was deadlifting 120kg 5 months post op - you will get back there!
  3. Hi ladies, so I am 9 months post op and didn't expect I would still be trying to sort out my claims and being overcharged for my surgery. I have just received a report from my health insurer outlining what they covered (I was tuberous and covered by Medicare numbers). Now I didn't realize they covered BOTH of my implants! I was charged for both from my surgeons office as well. Back in JULY the office contacting me stating I may have over paid for one implant, but now I realize it's actually for both. Since that call things have gone quiet and I have followed up with maybe 6 phone calls and 3 emails. What do I do now?? The other thing is back in July I was able to claim my anesthetist costs etc from Medicare but they had to submit the surgeon one to the Medicare board. I still haven't heard back? I followed up in September and she said they meet monthly? Could this also be held up by the surgeons office or is it separate? I am not impatient but the time is getting ridiculous now 😐
  4. Yes mine are further apart than I would like but I guess you cannot do much about that
  5. I have a chest wall deformity and rotated spine, you can't really tell in my pics but honestly getting the implants was the best thing for it! I have two very different sizes (445 and 370) to mitigate the rotation
  6. So sorry I didn't check back here until now how are you feeling now? Yes, I had that a lot. I was told it was just the muscle nerves waking up!
  7. Hey! They are definitely not perfect but so much better than what I started with! Mine are still changing now so don't stress too much. I still feel like my left side is a bit bigger but to be honest I am not too phased anymore about it because I don't need to be perfect.
  8. You should be fine. I was lifting again at 4 weeks (yes I was cleared to) and now 3 months post I am back to 100kg deadlifts. I'm sure you will be fine! My surgeon told me the sharp pains are just your nerves
  9. Thank you so much!! Haha try not to stress. I really wasn't expecting it to happen but I warned everyone that I have anxiety so they were really understanding!
  10. Hey ladies! So I'm now 3 months post op and wanted to share my experience with you all I had always been self conscious about my breasts and always thought of breast augmentation but I wasn't happy with so many other areas of my body that I put it aside until now. I then lost around 10kg, so I decided to get an augmentation to reward myself and be able to feel 100% happy. It wasn't until I started sending my photos so surgeons that I found out I was tuberous. I didn't even know what this meant but now I had an explanation for why I never felt comfortable with my breasts. I contacted Dr Benjiman Norris in March with my concerns and was surprised to get an email back that night from his personal email account. The next day I spoke with Shannon and arranged a consult. My first impression was the practice is beautiful and everyone was lovely. Dr Norris was very genuine, he made me feel at ease and explained my abnormalities as I had never heard of it before. He was very adamant about me not making a rushed decision which is something that I respected. I then took home I sizer so I could have a think about what I would like if I was to proceed. I was really happy with my consult so over the next few days I booked my surgery for early May. Leading up to the surgery I had one more consult so that I could chose my size. There are so many pictures of before and afters on the internet that I was so confused about what size I needed. I initially chose a 370cc and I am so glad that we ended up going with a 445cc after that second consult. On the day of my surgery I was pretty nervous. I suffer from anxiety so I explained this to my anesthetist (Dr Michael Rose) he and his assistant were so reassuring! I actually fainted twice while Dr Norris was marking me (embarrassing!) but Dr Rose was able to give me something to calm my nerves and we got there in the end. For the first few days I felt really tight and looking at my implants they looked so weird. They were far apart and pointy and I was pretty freaked out. I had to wear a stabilizer band as well and I was lucky I had a week off work while everything settled. I took photos every few days so I could compare and they were starting to look more normal every day. The main pain that I experienced wasn't the implants themselves it was more like a weight on my chest. This stayed for around 3 weeks. Mainly painful in the morning when I was getting out of bed but once I had moved around I was ok. Now, 3 months post they are so amazing and I am so happy. It really does show that they are going to be so different to day 1! I had regular check ups with Dr Norris and his nurse to change my dressings and check how I was. I had a scare that I had an infection and Dr Norris replied to my text straight away to reassure me that I was ok. I am really happy with my results and am so thankful to Dr Norris and his team. I have so much more confidence now and I feel like this is the best thing I ever did! My stats were 445cc teardrop
  11. Yeah very happy! My surgery was about a month after my consult... I think my total was about 10k but yet to receive Medicare and bupa reimbursement yet
  12. Are you not happy?? Don't worry so early on! I hated mine in the beginning
  13. Haha I needed something mentally so needed to get in and do cardio but yeah if you just alter your food intake and have a break you will be sweet. I def wouldn't do any upper body even arms until 6 weeks. So not worth it. Check my other post about a friend who works at the gym who got staph, she started training way too early ! Not worth it. Bands are my best friend along with hack squat.. Even wrapping the bands around the press etc for added tension 👌🏻👌🏻
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