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  1. Hi ladies, I've been contacting surgeons for quotes for a BL and removal and replacement of implants, and have kept receiving the item number 45552 x2 (for the removal and replacement). BL is considered cosmetic. I've told the secretaries I contacted that I was getting the removal and replacement with the BL, because I was told I had to replace them if getting a lift. I specified that I didn't have any problems with my implants e.g. CC, rippling etc. Only now - 4 surgeons later, has one secretary told me that the item number 45552 x2 can only be used if the surgery is medically necessary - CC, rippling etc. and the complications experienced need to be noted in your GP referral for it to be considered. The secretary I spoke to suggested asking my gp for any other medical reasons that may warrant the implant removal. Now I'm left feeling so confused! I signed up for PHI because I thought I could use this item number, but now I'm thinking maybe I just received generic emails, and am not actually eligible for any rebate from PHI or medicare. I would really appreciate any help or advice! Thanks in advance
  2. Hi Ladies, I had my original BA procedure with Dr Tavakoli a few years ago, but am looking for recommendations for a surgeon in Perth. Very pleased with Dr Tavakoli's work, but I am based in Perth and the quote I received for lift and redo was quite high, so thought I'd do some research for local surgeons. I've never really done research in to Perth surgeons during my first procedure as I was very impressed with Dr Tavakoli's before and after photos, so am looking for a surgeon who produces quite similar results. Thanks
  3. sorry I just realised my surgeon isn't listed! I didn't go with TCI so not sure if they use drains, just sharing my experience of having them
  4. I had drains too, to be honest the pain isn't something I would really worry about I was told to take a deep breath in and had them taken out one at a time. One stung a little but the other was fine. If you have drains you'll be looking forward to getting them taken out, so the removal will hopefully seem worth it either way (In my case anyway). Hope that helps!
  5. I'd love to hear about any experiences of this too! I've been thinking about this for a while.. from what i've read it provides a subtle improvement? A bit scared to take the plunge and actually do it though! Atleast it wears off in a few months if you aren't happy with the results?
  6. Aww thanks emesba, request accepted! November is quite soon, I'm so excited for you!! All the best with your surgery, I'm sure you'll have an amazing experience
  7. Hi Toasty18 - of course hun I'll accept you now. Dr Tavakoli is amazing, you will not be disappointed xo Thanks girls! I'm so happy and relieved it all went well. Wishing you all the best with your recovery tw2506!
  8. Hi Ladies I'm now one week post op so I think it's about time I share my surgery experience! I'm a Perth girl, but was an interstate patient of Dr Tavakoli's for my BA on the 18/9. I flew over to Sydney last monday, had my consult on tuesday, followed by surgery wednesday morning at Bondi Junction Private hospital. I chose Dr Tavakoli as my surgeon because of his amazing reputation and beautiful before and after photos. I was after a natural look, and felt confident that Dr Tavakoli could transform my ugly little droopy boobs into nice full ones. I felt a bit anxious before my consult, as I had previously only corresponded with Dr Tavakoli by email. I personally work as a receptionist at a private hospital, so I have come into contact with a lot of surgeons – some of which can be quite arrogant and unpleasant. I instantly felt silly for worrying, as Dr Tavakoli was so lovely and easy to talk to. In person he is also quite dreamy I was really impressed that he took one look at me and knew exactly what implants I needed, right down to the exact size and profile. I tried on a few different options, but felt the 400cc he recommended were a perfect fit. Although I felt self conscious at the start of my consult, Dr Tavakoli was really professional and quickly made me feel at ease. The next morning I was admitted in Bondi Junction Private hospital at 10:30am, feeling scared and excited! All the staff were amazing - so nice and friendly and really helped settle my nerves. Dr Tavakoli was really sweet when he spoke to me before my surgery, did my markings, and psyched me up for my new boobs! Also, as I had never had general anaesthetic before I was really lucky to have had Dr Kevin Lee as my anaesthetist. He was really gentle, nice and funny, and explained everything to me really well. I went into theatre knowing I was in safe hands, and what felt like only seconds later I was awake in recovery. Thankfully I didn't wake up with any nausea or pain, but the tightness took some getting used to! A few hours later I was discharged, feeling sleepy but very happy The next few days went by really smoothly, once I got over the initial weirdness of having drains! I maintained a regular routine of taking medication, and emptying my drains, until friday morning when I had them taken out. Overall I recovered a lot quicker than I expected. I had anticipated that I would be bed ridden, very sore and in a lot of pain, but this was not the case! The day after surgery I went out for lunch, and after I had my drains removed I was out and about exploring Sydney. I had my one week post op checkup with Dr Tavakoli yesterday, and was given the all clear to fly home. Although it's still early days, I love my new boobies so much Dr Tavakoli is a very talented and caring surgeon, and has done an amazing job. I'm so happy that I chose him to be my surgeon, and highly recommend him and all his staff!
  9. You're welcome shan94, good luck! If you are also purchasing the anna bra, and are in between sizes on the undiewarehouse size chart, it wouldn't hurt to have a look at http://www.carefix.eu/breast-care/post-op-bras/anna As HarperHarper mentioned, the size guide is a bit different, and actually suggests you go up a size!
  10. Thanks HarperHarper! I measure 83cm so in that case I think large is probably the way to go shan94 - I was told to purchase from the statina website, but I noticed that on http://www.undiewarehouse.com.au/ I will save some money on shipping since its free if you spend $100+
  11. Hi Ladies, I have been instructed to purchase 2x Anna post-op bra's, and am struggling to pick a size. According to the size guide, I only just meet the recommendation for a size Medium, if I end up with a D or DD cup size (what I'm aiming for). Since it is a compression bra -if I experienced some swelling would the size Medium still be okay, or should I order the next size up just in case? Thanks
  12. Hi Ladies, Is there anyone here who has travelled to Sydney for a BA with Dr Tavakoli? I am trying to decide when to have my surgery, but am unsure about how much time I should plan to spend in Sydney before I travel home. If anyone has any experiences or advice they would like to share it would be really helpful! Thanks
  13. Thanks so much ladies, I feel a lot better after your responses! minniepearl - the surgeon I am hoping to book with offers the option to prebook a surgery date, with the option to cancel, and no payment due until a week before surgery. I'm not sure if other surgeons offer this too, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask
  14. Hi everyone! If all goes well, I have planned to have my surgery in September/ early October. I have a few consultations booked in the next few weeks, though the surgeon I'm quite certain I want to go with is all booked out until late September. In september he has one available consultation, and an open surgery date 8 days later. After this date he will be unavailable and later going away on holiday. I have made a temporary booking for the surgery, though I'm really not sure if 8 days is an acceptable time? I feel a little overwhelmed, because after the consultation won't I still need to get a blood test, have a pre op etc? If anyone has had a similar experience, or has any advice it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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