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  1. Oh they're closing down!? That's so sad! I'm so happy I got mine down before this happened! Such a great team there!
  2. @de oh I definitely didn't get any tan near my incisions. Wouldn't want to risk them getting infected. They have always been covered and the area avoided
  3. Has bio oil already helped @Emi? Mine sit under the crease as well but sill a real maroon color. Yeah I am! I got sized on the weekend and I'm a 10E!! I did not expect to be that big. Even when I buy bras I still think it looks too big but it's what fits the best!! Haha. How are you liking yours?
  4. How is everyone's scars going? Have they healed much? I feel mine don't look much different at all yet. I'm 8 weeks this week so can start using bio oil etc on them so hoping that will make a difference
  5. Hi @Melicass wow it's crazy relooking at what they were like to start with! I have just uploaded some more photos to my album in gallery I am 6 weeks now and they are doing great!!
  6. I've been getting spray tan HQ the last couple of weeks. Great colour! Or bondi sands if I am doing it myself
  7. oh bummer! i just looked online and theres so many other nice ones in 2 packs and stuff! i got the size 10 hoping it still fits once i drop some more!
  8. thanks @Cuddlybear i ended up getting the red! they were all from H&M and was a bargain $19.95!
  9. Hi Ladies! I just tried some bras on in h&m and they had quite a few soft, no underwire bras which were quite nice! They were just sizes 10,12,14 etc and not with cup sizes so it was kind of good when your aren't sure what end size you are going to end up.
  10. Hi @RenaeT go the 390cc. I got 360cc with Dr Birch and this was the biggest I could of gone but wish they were bigger. 30cc is really nothing in it. At the end of the day you are going to regret not going bigger than 'I wish I went smaller' ?
  11. My incision is so itchy!! But soo funny when you try scratch around it but you can't feel it!
  12. Oh good thanks @Gold.KC just weird seeing flakey skin there!!
  13. Has anyone else had flakey skin around their nipples? I presume it's from not having much feeling and being stretched.. But is it normal?
  14. Do you know what time you are booked in for @Melicass ? I was the first op of the day and was asked to be there at 7 for a 7:30am admission. Got there about 6:50am and waited in the waiting room until 7:15am where a nurse took me in. I was also so nervous and was glad there was a toilet in the waiting room as I couldn't stop going that morning! The next part goes so quickly! The nurse went over my stats and my medical history and all the basic stuff. Then another 2 nurses who was going to be in the surgery with me came in and introduced myself and went over the same questions and dressed me in my robe. Dr Birch then came in and drew me up. I was so nervous I was dripping with sweat from my armpit which was super embarrassing. Then the anesthetist came and introduced himself and told me what was going to happen when we went into the theatre. All that took about 15 minutes and they then laid me on the bed and was wheeled into the surgery room. I was shaking like a leaf and the anesthesist put my drip in one arm while the other nurses were putting a heart monitor on my other arm. I was so shakey so the anesthesist said he put something in the drip to calm me down which I assume was Valium. Then they put the oxygen mask on and said to take a couple of deep breaths and that's all I remember. So quick and so easy!! Then I remember waking up at about 9:30 or so and they asked how I was feeling and monitored me. I had a little bit of pain in one side so they gave me some endone. Then I was in stage 2 recovery for about an hour and my partner came and picked me up at 10:45am. It might be different on wait times if you aren't first in the day but it all goes so quickly. I was super anxious and nervous about it all and know it's hard to not worry about it but it will be all over and done with before you know it ??
  15. When is your surgery @Katiesuzannah12 ? It honestly goes soo fast!! When I first woke up all I wanted was to see my partner but once you get into recovery they're there before you know it. Very exciting!!!
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