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  1. Hi dreamboobs Craig likes to place them very high and they can take a whole to drop. I can't remember exactly how long but I think 2-3 months and it's a slow process not like you just wake up and they have dropped. Also you will be so swollen up the top. Don't freak out. But smooths will definitely drop! I hated mine early in and love them now! Good luck!
  2. Have you contacted your surgeon about the bottoming out?
  3. Another Craig girl here! I'm mostly happy but do have one high boob and will most likely need revision. I am waiting a few more months (I think I am actually 12 months today!!!) as I there was definitely an improvement over the last 6 months. Craig did say that I would probably need revision but he wants to make sure that he boob doesn't drop any more before he lowers it. It has definitely been an issue for me seeing as one is perfect and the other is not but I know that he will fix it. I do know a few patients of Mark Ashton that have needed revision but he seems to do is much sooner. I am reserving my opinion until I am fixed!!!
  4. Floss


    Thanks for the replies and feedback. I am waiting to hear back from the surgeon to get an action plan happening.
  5. Floss


    Hi ladies It looks like I might need revision on one side as it has not dropped enough. I have been told it will be "minor revision" and i think it will involve releasing the muscle a bit and repositioning the implant. Has anyone had revision 6-12 months after your BA? I would think the recovery should be much easier? Any feedback would be great. Thanks
  6. Call your surgeon to be safe. I would think you should have stopped bleeding by now.
  7. I'm 165cm 55kgs and have 335's. I'm a 10dd but would say they look like a full c in normal clothes. If I put on a good bra and revealing top they can look pretty big though.
  8. Booked in did you have Fraxel lazer on your scars?
  9. Hey hon thanks for the message. I'm not sure at all I've just been thinking about it a lot. I think once I actually started wearing a bra all the time they just felt so much bigger. Our stats are pretty much the same but I think I had a bit more to start with and have 40cc more plus mine are round. Your size looks great, I feel like I would just want to be that little bit smaller. I will give it more time though because sometimes I love them and might regret it too!!

  10. Thanks for your reply. I will send a fr to melons. I haven't even spoken to my surgeon yet and not sure I want to go through with it but have been thinking about it a lot. Don't get me wrong I love them at certain times but I feel myself trying to hide them more than show them off which is crazy!
  11. Hi Ladies Does anyone know of anyone that has downsized? I have 335hps and think they are too big for me. I asked for a c and am now a dd (even though they probably look smaller). I don't know if i'm being crazy but I feel like I worry about them just as much as I did my boobs before ba. I only got them done to fill up the top post breastfeeding and was a deflated b and had a big gap in my bra. I never wanted big boobs and although they don't look too big in most outfits there are quite a lot of things that I cant wear because they look big. I think I should have gone around 250. Anyone with similar stats with a small implant? I would like to know what size you are now. Any comments would be appreciated!
  12. My sizers looked exactly the same as the implant. I have 335's
  13. Floss

    What size?

    I have similar stats and have 335 and measure a 10dd. They don't look like dd's but are big enough for me. I initially had some Boobie greed, but now I am very happy with the size.
  14. I was a deflated b and have 330 hp and am now a 10dd. Don't look like a dd though, maybe a full c.
  15. Donatella they weigh the same in grams as your cc's so you have 550gms in each boob
  16. Hey I emptied my inbox!

  17. I have similar stats and have 335. I vary from a C to DD in different brands and depending on the band size. It is a good size on me. If you want a noticeable difference in clothes you may want bigger but I can play them up or down. They can look huge if I want them to. Not everyone wants e, f or g size boobs
  18. Bravo Fox, very well said indeed!
  19. Week 5 was the turning point for me. I thought I felt ok but then at week 5 I felt so much better until I went to the gym and did bony combat
  20. I would definitely look to at least 380 as you have no breast tissue. Same as Mrs B if I had my time again I would go the 370 I was offered. I think 330 for you with no breast tissue would be a small c?
  21. I said the same thing today Foxy! I'm in! I don't like posting in the other one cos I don't know most of the girls. Hook us up!!!
  22. Ha ha love it! Are you heading out with Amelia?
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