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  1. Awesome @Boo226 you look fantastic. How are you feeling? Are you healing well? I bet you got quiet a few comments at the wedding about how amazing you look
  2. Hi ladies. I'm booked with Dr Pornthep on the 23/07/2016 for a tt, br & bl. I'm also traveling alone and have arranged it all myself. Would be great to catch up with you. I have also booked into the accommodation at the hospital on the 10th floor once I have been discharged from the hospital. I felt this would be a better option for me as I was a bit worried about being on my own after the operations.
  3. Bloody hell @Boo226 I cant believe that you are back playing netball, that is amazing!! You are one tough lady, That's really inspiring that you are back playing so soon. Thanks for the info. Its great to get feedback from someone who has recently had the same surgery I am planning for. I am starting to get excited. I am just waiting on hearing back if the Dr is available in early July, so fingers crossed I find out tomorrow. Did you buy your pressure garments before you went over or did you get it all from the hospital? I have no idea what size the DR will be able to achieve with the breast reduction & lift, so I didn't want to spend a heap of $ on them and then have to buy more when I return to Perth. I figured I would do the same with the Tummy Tuck pressure garments. What do you think? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions, I really appreciate it. Very kind of you xx
  4. Hi Boo, how did you go with seeing a new GP? Is everything ok? How are you heeling after your operations? As I mentioned before I am looking at having the same operations as you so I would like to know how your TT went? How long until you were able to walk - as in get yourself around the airport etc. How long did you stay after your surgery? I was looking at staying in Bangkok for the 2 weeks after my operations and then stay at home for 1 week before returning to work. Do you think this time frame is realistic?
  5. Hi Boo How are you going now. I am really disappointed to hear that you have not had any support from your surgeon or company. I hope the doctors Sydney show some compashion and respect to you. I am looking waiting on a quote back from Dr Pornthep in Bangkok for exactly the same procedure as you, so I am very interested to find out how you are going with your recovery. I hope you start to heal and feel better soon. xx
  6. Hi Fitmumof5 I think I keep confusing myself with the whole thing I have just spoken with a friends cousin who went through a company called Somnio he had a whole body life, face lift and dental and was very happy with them. I have been looking into them and they have some great packages available. I emailed them last night, so will see what they say. I was looking into arranging it myself and going direct with the hospital but I was starting to get a bit worried about being stuck in a hotel room after surgery with no support or contact as I am going over on my own. I am from Western Australia but I will be flying in direct from Vietnam as I'm going on a holiday first. Very excited about it all. I was looking at flying into Bangkok on the 17/07/2016. I have been searching the internet every night after work, trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks so much for the post op garments tip, I am still very confused about the size I should get. Is it suppose to be a really firm/tight fit? I keep reading how you should try to loose as much weight as you can before surgery, so I am going to have to be very mindful in Vietnam and keep a check on myself.. What dates are you going? Can you tell me, with the breast reduction and lift, do you have to have an implant after? I have no idea about this.. Look forward to chatting to you more.
  7. Hi, I'm in the same boat as you. I will be going over on my own and having a breast reduction, lift and a tummy tuck. What surgeon have you booked with? I would appreciate any tips you could give me as I have never been to Bangkok before and never had any plastic surgery. I am a bit nervous about going on my own. Did you buy your pressure garments in here before going over?
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