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    Dr Szalay 25/9/12
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  1. I saw Dr Szalay in brisbane $7500 plus $550 for brazilian furrys and so happy with the results, by the time you pay for airfares and medication probably not far off the $10k mark but did a great job and uses twilight sedation so recovery was fast.
  2. ps I am also dual plane but havent put any new pics up since 2 weeks po, big change since then so will upload more soon
  3. I have furry brazilians and my PS said they are harder initially and take approx 12 months to soften but have friends who say softer than regular smooth silicone. i am 7 weeks PO and they are softening more and more each week. def recommend them esp with reduced risk of CC associated with them. Best of luck
  4. I had my surgery with dr Szalay just over 5 weeks ago and couldn't be happier with my result, I thought my size would be too big but they suit my frame perfectly and soooo glad I didn't go smaller. A genius!!!!
  5. I think it depends on the size and type of implant, I know girls who had quite hard implants with saline and other with furrys who say the feel squishy like natural boobs, probably a good thing to talk about with your ps. Good luck
  6. mine told me not to wear a bra (day or night) from day 2 for at least 4 weeks but i felt i needed something so Ahhh Bra was great. so comfortable
  7. i have silimed 410cc feel free to send fr
  8. Im 179cm, 61kg and after bf 2 children my surgeon told me my smallest option was the 410cc. can't tell you how much sleep i lost stressing about them being to big and tried on several occasions to ask him to order smaller but due to my sag he insisted on staying with the 410 so i didn't have any loose skin hanging off the end of the implant and im so glad i did, i have never had boobs (except for when full of milk) and i am loving the new me, Im fitting into a D cup comfort Bra 4 weeks PO as the DD hadloose spots, not sure if i'll move to the DD after the pec muscle gives but either way im stoked. send me a FR to see my profile if you like and check out allaboutboobs she is 360cc and was a b i think! good luck, each person gets a different result so if unsure trust your surgeon's opinion. im totally happy with my result...good luck
  9. I had my surgery almost 4 weeks ago, 410cc anatomical braz. They are softening up nicely but my nipple sitting slightly lower than i would have preferred (being fussy i know, happy no matter what happens), it is my understanding that with braz implants they dont drop as they adhere to where they were placed during surgery but was wondering in your experience if as the swelling subsides in my upper pole if its likely for my lower pole to fill out more or will it stay the same?? mine are settling nicely up top but would like a little more fill underneath as still a little torpedo looking! either way soooo much better than before and stoked. i am also XHP which may be why they are that way
  10. everyone at work, friends and clients all know what i was having done so when i walked into work, met friends family etc I notice 99% of them looking straight at my chest when they talk and I have been fine with that cause its what i did to my friends who had them done before i went through it, even had my hairdresser flash hers too me to reassure me all would be fine. then you get that 1% who are so determined not to look and not to offend they stare so hard into your eyes when talking that they don't even blink..lol cracks me up. My father inlaw announced at a huge family/friend gathering that i was in brisbane to get new boobs which threw me for a six with so many unknowns listening on but fortunately i was wearing a baggy shirt so no-one could see much. well Lozz i hope he leaves it at that and doesn't try copping a peek...lol. my old boss would have asked for a look he was that nosey, over the line. so glad i work with 90% females now.
  11. hey september girls would love to hear how you are treating your scars atm to help healing and fading. all my scab now gone and unsure whether to keep dressing them to avoid friction or or just rub with rosehip or biooil a few times a day????
  12. September/october gals have been trying to load these but had problems with file size so had to reduce each on first. very happy with progress just looking forward to when the left deflates to match the right as right now are a little unbalanced. I have been feeling great and back at work doing PT's and started light exercise program. Doc has said can get back to RPM gently next week and back instructing week after which i great cause im busting to get going. hope all the september gals and post op october girls are doing great
  13. Hey there titteez Bummer to hear your feeling disappointed! I dont think your alone there mate, I also got the 410 hp silimed and spent months freaking they were going to be too huge and now that the swelling is subsiding and the torpedo look is starting to drop I differ between too big, too small and just right, sometimes all in the one day. Hubby says I could have gone bigger but I'm just focusing on the fact that they are so much better than before. Did you go fully under the muscle? Because I've heard that around the 12 week stage when they soften up and the muscle stretches and adapts to the implant they can actually get a little larger, fluff! It's an emotional roller coaster from the lead up, surgery, painful first week and recovery with the fact that you can't do anything for the first couple of weeks alone is enough to get you down. And in out minds we are all expecting these picture perfect boobs and sadly not 100% of what we invisioned, just keep looking at your before pics and hopefully it will pass, love to share some pics with you next week if your interested
  14. Well I fly home tomorrow and back to reality, I have had almost 2 weeks of sitting, reading, watching movies and not having to worry about my kids thanks to my great in laws. I am healing great and slowly starting to soften up a little. Excitied and nervous about seeing everyone as my ba is pretty well known as I work in fitness and decided to be open to those whom asked why I was taking so much time off and as I expected the gossip train travels fast, going to walk in with my head held high ( and boobs too..lol) keeping them discreetly packed away and tell anyone whom asks that it's the best money I've ever spent!!!
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