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    tummy tuck,liposuction and liposculpture and brazilian butt lift
  1. thanks for your response factorfifrodo! yes i agree with you ps is addictive!! i guess the results are so fantastic. my biggest issue is i can justify the cost because i travel to colombia for my surgery and the prices are so attractive plus the surgeons are fantastic!! glad to hear that you are happy with where you are now!
  2. Hi everyone, just womdering if anyone can shed some light on how often they have had plastic surgery? i had a TT and liposculpture and a brazilian butt and i'm going back for more surgery. just want to know if anyone else has done the same or felt they want to go back for more?? thanks for your feedback
  3. Hi everyone, just want to share my experience with all those who have thought, are contemplating or are going to have plastic surgery. my journey began in october 2009 i travelled to Bogota Colombia and met with a plastic surgeon. i choose to go abroad as not only were the prices more attractive, but the quality seemed far superior to what is offered in australia. my surgoen was fantastic! i got a tummy tuck, lipo sclupture and a brazilian butt. the results were amazing and the whole experience was wonderful. my doctor was very honest and the post op care was amazing. i was given daily massages for an hour to an hour and half a day which really helped with the recuperation. the response from everyone who has seen me has been so fantastic and so many people are interested in going. which is why i'm starting going to start to provide the oportunity for anyone who wants to travel to colombia for plastic surgery the option to do so. i'm going to be conducting a few trips a year and travelling with the patients to go and get their desired surgery. the prices are very competitive but most of all colombia is one of the top countries in the world for plastic surgery and the results are truly fantastic! let mek now if anyone is interested in further information as i'm travelling in mid February 2011 with a few patients to colombia.
  4. Hi Tina, i had a TT about a year ago and i went to colombia to do this. not only was if affordable but it was with a top surgeon. like you i did a lot of research and what attracted me to colombia is that it's one of the best countries for plastic surgery and the results speak for themselves. i had a fantastic experience and couldn't be happier with my results. i'm currently setting up a website in regards to my surgery experience and helping other's to be connected with getting plastic surgery done in colombia. i can let you know when it's ready and if you have any questions im more than happy to answer them. good luck and do your research!! i wouldn't compromise on quality.
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