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    BA in 2006 425cc HP under the muscle Dr Alistair Taylor CAPS clinic (Canberra)

    Revision surgery planned 1 July Dr Broadhurst Brisbane 610cc HP FP under the muscle
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    Dr Andrew Broadhurst July 1st 2016
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    165cm 62kg 12C

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  1. I'm 6 weeks on Friday and feel amazing. I have been exercising a lot but mainly walking (hills) and lunge-walking haha for the past two weeks and my swelling is down to near perfect I think. Incisions are good getting better using strata-derm gel on them? What is everyone else using?
  2. No but I did see the brochures there - it's through zip money?
  3. I recommend Dr Broadhurst at Enhance Plastic Surgery, I'm 4 weeks post op (610cc mentors, anatomical dual-plane) and I'm in love with the results already! Surgery was a breeze and every one of his staff are amazing!!
  4. Hi! I'm not the same stats (165cm but 64kg very athletic)- and had 425cc FH FP teardrop in 10 years ago and was always a DD Size with that but then had two kids since then but just upgraded to 610ccs FH FP Teardrop and still wish I went bigger haha- so I say go for it! I'm only 3 weeks post op!
  5. Good luck @mes fous
  6. 12 days post op/ here's a little before and after wearing a workout top. Revision after 10 years and 2 babies had 425cc anatomical under muscle replaced with 610ccs anatomical under muscle, FH, FP with Dr Broadhurst in Brisbane. over the moon so far! I was driving about 4 days post op, very carefully with an auto car. I wasn't on any painkillers by then.
  7. I'm 165cm 62kg and just got 610ccs as a revision after having 425ccs HP teardrops 10 years ago and 2 babies later - SO I think HP for you would be great as your stats are similar to mine!
  8. Ahhhh thanks for the tip! I will try this!!!
  9. Hi ladies 😊 I had BA on 1 July and have tape on my incision (under crease incision), and my tape is due to be removed end of this week - so I'm nearly 2 weeks post BA. once my tape comes off I can start using my strataderm cream for my scars, BUT would you suggest covering scars with bandaids prior to get a spray tan? I don't want that substances getting into scars while they are fresh. But I really want (NEED) a tan lol
  10. I agree with all the comments - I have bwd of 13.5 cm first BA in 2006 had 425cc under muscle teardrop and just had revision surgery now after 10 years and 2 kids; and comfortably fit 610ccs in im 165cm and 62kg and quite athletic and lean and they look amazing! Go for the bigger size!
  11. I had surgery Friday 1 July was off all strong medication by Sunday. I only took Panadol after Sunday but I think Monday was my last day of needing that!
  12. That swelling is normal! Like under armpits everywhere - but they look great even in the surgical bra! Haha 😍
  13. @Brinkley just accepted your friend request - yeah surgery done on 1 July! Healing nicely!! I had revision but just remove and replace with bigger implants! So all in all not too bad for me. Day 7 post op! Still so much swelling through the middle and of course D&F!
  14. I just wore leggings and a zip up hoodie. The nurses will help you put your jacket back on after which I just wore on top of my compression bra they had me wearing, but I could have easily done that myself as I had full movement of my arms! I just added some more pics to my album. I'm at day 6 and finally feel I have turned a corner in recovery as in they are looking so much better each day!! Had the tape taken off my incisions today and just replaced with some very light clear-type tape which will need to stay on for another 7 days.
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