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  1. Hi all I've been looking for surgeons to have a revision breast lift and remove and replace, I have a doctor in mind but I'm still shopping around. I've been looking at photos from Dr Alex Phoon and the results look amazing! I'm now considering the above procedures also paired with a tummy tuck (I'm not sure if that still qualifies as a mummy makeover). I'm wondering if anyone has an experience they can share? His reviews are fantastic and I can't find a bad word about him anywhere, but I'd love to actually talk to someone and ask some questions. Thank you in advance
  2. So sorry you're having to deal with this, it's a horrible position to be in especially when you've already spent a lot of money, I'm going through similar but worse at the moment too.. Do you mind me asking who the surgeon in Melbourne is? I'm also looking for one in the area that's good with fixing previous surgeries
  3. Wow that looks so painful! They look amazing tho
  4. So sorry you're not happy with your results, I think Suki has given you the best advice and there isn't much to add to it. I hope you get the issue resolved
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