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  1. haha i guess it's really the price for the primary. He is one of the bests, but for i cannot afford to do it, not for that price. I've read some good revies about Dr. Vasek from Prague and the price is something like 2100 euros
  2. I've received and email from Dr. Jose Juri clinic: "Approximate fees are u$s15.000.- Sincerely Yours," Did i read it well? 15000 USD??? Oh God....
  3. Thanks. I'll check that! Not really sure but a consultation with Dr. Julian de Silva is £225 and the procedure might be between £4500/5000. I've contacted Dr. Jose Juri but no reply yet. We normally say that we get what we pay for and i think it's the same with rhinoplasty. And i have a thick skin nose, which i understand to be more difficult to operate, right? That's why i want some really skilfull hands touching my nose so i can have the best possible result. If that means to pay a lot, well so be it....
  4. Thanks. What a shame! The suggestion given by taurus has a LOT of good reviews, i'm talking about Dr. Julian de Silva, London. I guess it's also too expensive there, but that surgeon seems to be really good!
  5. Thanks. Uau that's really expensive!
  6. Thank you. I've emailed Dr. Jose Juri, i'm waiting for the reply now. Dr.George Marcells seems to be another excellent choice. What about rhinoplasty prices there in Sydney? Too expensive? Thanks!
  7. Thanks a lot! Appreciate that. I'm also looking at Dr. Jose Juri from Argentina. It's considered to be one of the best surgeons in the world and he perform lots of rhinoplastys.
  8. Hi taurus! Thanks for your reply. I'm willing to go anywhere to have the best possible result and do not regret later. I'll check those two surgeons! Do you have any date in mind to when you'd like to do it? Thanks!
  9. Hello all! I'm Tiago. It's been many years since i feel really bad about my potato nose, but now i'm decided to go for it, maybe this summer. I'm from Portugal and here there is not many surgeons i could trust to do it, unfortunately. This means that maybe the best choice it's to do outside, rhinoplasty surgeons are better and it's cheaper. But is there anything like the best rhinoplasty surgeon? I've been reading very good reviews from some surgeons but then there is also bad reviews from the same surgeons (Vincent Rodrigo, Rezai, Frati, etc) and i honestly dont know which one would be the best. I've read some good reviews about some people who did it in Prague (Praga Medica). Do you know them? Could it be a good choice? Oh, one other question please, do you think it's also important that the surgeon also exert otolaryngologist? Thanks a lot!
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