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    BA/ round textured silicon implants 325cc, subpectorial positioning
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    Dr Kollias, 22 October 2016
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    163cm/48kg/A (barely)

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  1. @LisMäree I started with nearly nothing and had 325cc round implants
  2. Hello my September buddies! Just thought I would share a pic of my progress at nearly 5 weeks post op. They feel I bit softer now however I can tell my skin is still fairly tight and they are a bit firm. I'm now moving around normal however when I stretch my body I feel a pulling sensation at the incision site. Lefty is also a bit tight when I reach for things. Appearance wise I just wanted to know from you girls whether you experienced much change after the 5 week mark and what your thoughts are on mine and whether I can expect further changes? I haven't gone bra shopping yet as
  3. Hey girls, this is me at 4 weeks post op. I am moving around normally now and only feel the occasional pull when I stretch to far! My skin is still really shinny! And they do feel fairly firm so hopefully I have some more loosening up to do. My surgeon said to wear the compression bra during the day and nothing at night. I'm going for a weekend getaway next week to the beach, do you girls think it would be okay to wear a bikini for a few hours during the day? And when did you surgeons say you could get in the water? Mine only said no sports until 6 weeks.
  4. Looking amazing @41ISA!
  5. a 10E @Vaticinal! Wow! I bet it feels good to go bra shopping and be out of the post of bra! I'm 21 days post op (about 3 weeks) and I'm not sure how much change I can expect from here! I love them and am mostly happy but I was hoping for them to be bigger so I hope that they have more popping to do with the d and f process!
  6. @Kenzo thanks for the comments, I had 325cc as well so hopefully mine do keep changing! You are looking absolutely amazing!! Have you had kids? I've heard that girls who have had kids often see the drop and fluff process happen a lot sooner. Plus I've also seen some stuff about breast tissue and how if you started as a blank pallet (like me) the d and f process is slower so I'm sure you will be totally fine! I can't get over how amazing everyone is looking!
  7. 21 days Po for me. Tried on a few old tops yesterday and I still don't fill them out like I had hoped for in happy with the shape but feeling a bit sooky about the size and I don't think they will get any bigger. I haven't been sized for a bra yet but im really hoping I'll be a small D, I don't think I will be though
  8. So this is me at 18 days PO lefty just won't budge!!
  9. @bluegumboot recovery has been a lot better than anticipated! I am 18 days PO and will post a pic tonight. The last few days they have felt really hard with the compression bra which seems to be tighter than ever! So far happy with size however lefty is still insisting on sitting higher!
  10. That's terrible @Yollie! I don't understand why other people feel that they have the right to comment on something which is purely a personal decision! I have been really lucky so far with support from close work girls and friends but I have has the occasional 'why would you do that' comment and judgement and it infuriates me! They have no idea the reasoning behind it, it wasn't just about having big boobs it was so much deeper than that like confidence, feeling like a woman, freedom to wear clothes that you've never filled out before etc etc Don't let people like that ruin what should be suc
  11. @Honeycakes looking amazing!! And ditto about the subtle return to work due to previously wearing padded bras haha
  12. Morning boob is a killer! @YollieI still wake up sore at 16 days but it's slowly getting better, still sleeping on my back, mostly out of paranoia but also getting use to actually having boobs!
  13. @Yollie your to nice! And so right! I totally need to chill lol how's your recovery going?
  14. I have also had this shooting pain! It come on out of the blue!! And @Kenzo my nipples have been majorly sensitive as well! I think partly because the dr bruised my left boob when he squeezed it, partly because I am unfortunately about to get my period and partly because this compression bra is so bloody tight! Here is a pic taken this morning at 16 days PO. Feeling down on the size today and hope they get bigger! i have found recovery physically pretty easy but emotionally very draining because I'm constantly obsessing over size shape and symmetry!
  15. i have the same problem girls! I swear my lefty (righty in pic) is sitting higher and feels slightly bigger, my dr told me to massage it to try manipulate the implant, which hurts like hell!
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