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  1. Only thing I could recommend is go over in the coolest month if the year, as wearing compression garments post lipo in heat is horrible! (Unless you plan on spending your entire recovery in an air-conditioned hotel room lol!) I went in March & it was very hot.
  2. I had a BA & vaser lipo done with Dr Piyapas last year. I'm very happy with the results & highly recommended Dr P & Bangkok Hosital Phuket
  3. So I have feedback from Dr Boonchai. It says 'Dr Boonchai advised that he cannot offer any improvement for you.' I am now awaiting feedback from Dr Narupon.
  4. Hi, I am looking at getting a breast lift next year. I had a BA last year with Dr Piyapas. I cannot fault Dr Piyapas work with BA's however, I am looking for people's opinions/recommendations for breast lifts. I am getting opinions from other surgeons, as well as quotes. What surgeons can people recommend from PIAC for a breast lift? If you have pics I would appreciate seeing these also. TIA Maz
  5. Dr Piyapas is excellent! I would highly recommrnd him from my experience. He is very friendly & I can't fault his work. I had a BA & areola lift & vaser lipo with him!
  6. Hi ladies! So I am still indecisive about having a lift. I had a BA in March 2013 & refused a lift at the time (had one areola lifted only). I was borderline needing a lift & my surgeon said I could get away without one. Now I feel my breasts don't sit quite high enough. I am contemplating biting the bullet & going back for the lift & maybe larger implants also. However, I would love to hear from anyone that's had a lift, & their experiences. How is the scarring? I would love to see pics. So please FR me if you're happy to share. TIA!! Maz x
  7. Hi! I'm a BHP patient! I had a BA and vaser lipo in March 2013. I had Dr Piyapas and absolutely loved him! Such a lovely man. All the nurses were amazing and the hospital as well. Thinking about going back for more surgery.
  8. I am very interested in hearing from others that have done this ... Lift after BA. I am just over 1yr since my BA, but feel my boobs sit too low & one has bottomed out a little. I was terrified of the scarring from a lift so opted out of it at the time of surgery. Now I don't care too much about the scars I just want boobs that sit nice & more upper pole fullness! ?
  9. Hi , I had a BA just over 1yr ago & 1 nipple lifted. I did not want lift at the time because of scarring. My right breast has dropped slightly (bottomed out) & I really feel like I'd like my breasts to sit higher on my chest & more upper pole fullness. I am not sure if I should return to Thailand to get a lift , or lift & ?new implants, or get done in Australia? Although I know a lot of surgeons will not touch people who have had surgery overseas. It has really been getting me down, i'm not sure what i should do. i cannot fault my Thai surgron, he was great! Any one had a similar thing happen? What did you do! Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. TIA.
  10. Hi all, it's been a long time since I have been on here. Busy life and the excitement of getting new boobies has worn off. Lol! Anyway, it's coming up to 1 year since I got my boobies. I have had no problems what so ever with the healing etc. One breast has dropped (bottomed out) slightly. Also, I was so determined about not getting a lift at the time I was planning/booking my surgery. My surgeon told me I could get away with no lift and we decided on 1 areola lift only. I wanted a 'natural' look at the time. Now I feel like I wish my boob were higher on my chest and more 'fake' looking. I want them to sit up higher without a bra on. Does that make sense? Maybe I am being super critical of myself. I could push them up with a push up bra ..... but push up bra's for DD/E size boobs are very hard to find! Do they even exist?? Plus sometimes I would love to wear clothes where I can go without a bra. I am contemplating getting them lifted but I am still so worried about the scarring and hubby says I don't need a lift and he doesn't want me having those horrible scars. Anyway, I plan on posting some recent pics on here soon for your opinions please.
  11. I am a little worried about this :-/ I train with very heavy weights. I avoid direct pec exercises like push ups, bench presses etc... however I am worried because I do pull ups, tricep dips and a few other exercises that use pec muscles. I would love to hear from people who weight train heavy and what their surgeon has said is ok to do in regards to different exercises?
  12. Hi Bollywood! I have been trying to get pics up but for some reason they are not coming up ... i'll keep trying. I was lucky in that I had savings that I used to pay for my surgery (so no loan needed). You will be fine going over in June. It should be a little cooler then, although I am sure it will still be quite warm (there really is no 'winter' over there). I told very few people about my surgery and seriously no one has noticed. I have had a few comments that I have lost weight, but in clothes it's not all that obvious, especially in my work clothes. Yes the swelling did take awhile to go down, especially around my hips. My tummy is not perfectly flat (my bumps are still there, only smaller, as Dr P said they would be). A month off will be fine! I had 3 weeks off and got it done in the first week, then had another 10 days in Thailand and a week at home and back to work. You will be totally fine with Dr P! No need to stress. I was stressing before I went overseas but then I was fine when I got there. Only feeling nervous when going into theatre, but before I knew it I was waking up and it was all over :-) Maz
  13. Hi Bollywood! I paid just over $18 000 for all my surgery. I did have pain but I was walking around the markets (short distances only) 3 days after surgery. I stayed in hospital for 2 nights (1 night in ICU because I was under general anaesthetic for more than 8 hrs). The day after surgery I was very nauseous & in a lot of pain but could walk to toilet on my own. I stayed in Phuket for just under 2 weeks. The biggests thing I found most annoying/uncomfortable was the compression garment & it was so hot over there! Aircond hotel room was great! Lol! I will get some pics up here soon so u can see me pre & post op. Don't stress you'll be fine! Dr P is great! Any other questions feel free to ask! :-)
  14. Hi Bollywod! I had a BA, left areloa lift and vaser lipo to upper/lower abdo, inner/outer thighs, flanks, hips and waist nearly 4 months ago with Dr Piyapas. If you have any questions feel free to ask! I must take some more pics .... I haven't taken any after pics of my body (only boobs). I think now that all the areas seem to have settled I must take some pics and compare to the before ones! ;-) You will be well looked after by Dr Piyapas, he's great! Maz :-)
  15. I had my BA, lift and lipo with Dr Piyapas and he was awesome! He has a great bed side manner and really listens to what you want. I am over the moon with my results and have hand an amazing recovery! I know there are a few bad raps on him on here lately .... but there's a hell of a lot more praises! I would highly recommend him and if I choose to have more surgery I will be flying back to Thailand to have it done by him. :-)
  16. I got 2 Statina Anna bra's for post op. They were great! They don't look as ugly as most post op bra's and are super comfortable! Just google them, you can buy them online.
  17. I was under for about 10 hours! I had a BA & left areola lift, plus lipo to numerous areas. :-)
  18. Hi, I had a almost 2yo at the time if my surgery. I was lifting her for sort periods about 4 days after surgery (yes probably not advised) but I was super careful & it didn't cause much discomfort at all. Having said that I did have a very good recovery with not much pain at all. I would advise you to have your surgery when you know you will have 3 or 4 days with your partner home. If anything in those first couple if days you may feel really nauseous from the drugs. I am sure your 4 month old wouldn't weigh much. Think if women post c'section. They can lift their babies from day 1. Yes their babies may be lighter but it's major surgery compared to a BA. Yes different area of the body, but I guess what I'm saying is if you really want it done, make sure you have help in those first few days then after that I am sure you'll listen to your body & take it easy & adapt how you would usually do things. Ideally it would be great to have a babysitter for the first 2 weeks, but as a mother with no family or friends I totally understand where you are coming from. Situations aren't always ideal, but we learn to deal with them. Maz :-)
  19. I had a BA done 3months ago in Thailand. I did have my partner & nearly 2yo with me. I could have easily gone alone as I found I could do just about anything post op. I had a great recovery & very little pain (although I did ensure I kept on top of things by taking my antibiotics & pain relief regularly!) I had no troubles getting out of bed & getting dressed. (I could lift my arms no probs). The only issue I would have had if I was alone would have been lifting a heavy suitcase (which u shouldn't be doing anyway!) Particularly lifting a heavy bag into overhead locker on plane. Make sure you get help from air hostess! But you will have you lr friend with you. I'm sure you'll both be fine helping each other. Maz :-)
  20. Thanks everyone for you info it's all really helpful. I have been on the ASN site many times! I have been taking Define8 pre workout & find it awesome! Sometimes I have a protein shake post (Vital Strength define). I have just purchased some Pyro from ASN but am yet to try it. I mostly do weight training but am trying to do more cardio for general fitness. I am hoping to lose about 8kg. I think my diet is my main down fall though :-/ It's great to hear about others supplement use. I feel like I am pretty dumb when it comes to choosing what supplement us right for me. I need to do more research! Maz :-)
  21. Thanks everyone for you info it's all really helpful. I have been on the ASN site many times! I have been taking Define8 pre workout & find it awesome! Sometimes I have a protein shake post (Vital Strength define). I have just purchased some Pyro from ASN but am yet to try it. I mostly do weight training but am trying to do more cardio for general fitness. I am hoping to lose about 8kg. I think my diet is my main down fall though :-/ It's great to hear about others supplement use. I feel like I am pretty dumb when it comes to choosing what supplement us right for me. I need to do more research! Maz :-)
  22. I started wearing underwires at about 4 week post op. I had no problem at all. My incision is also a little higher that the crease, so the wire is not directly on it. Maz :-)
  23. I had my surgery done in Thailand. I had a BA, left nipple lift and vaser liposuction to upper lower adbo, waist, hips, inner/outer thighs. I went with Dr Piyapas. I found the hospital and Dr P to be AMAZING! They look after you soooooo well!!! Also, I am thrilled with my results. Yes I was afraid of going overseas for surgery, a lot of people tend to back overseas plastic surgery. Anyway, I have been there, done it and would happily do it again tomorrow! Having said all of this yes I have experienced plastic surgery in Australia. I had otoplasty done in 2004 and I was very disappointed. My surgeon was friendly before my surgery, however at my post op appointment when I expressed my concerns about my ears not being how I had hoped she basically brushed me off and said 'their fine, they look natural now' and I had no further follow up. All I would advise is to do your research well on your surgeon and ensure you feel comfortable with your surgeon before you book. Bare in mind that with overseas surgery, yes it will save you $$, but no there is no follow up, other than phone/email (for some this is a big factor. I have had a very easy recovery and had nil concerns so follow up has not been factor to me). I turned my overseas surgery trip into a family holiday and spent 2 weeks there. You will find heaps of helpful info on here! Maz :-)
  24. Ok, I apologise if this is an off the topic subject, I probably should post on a fitness forum somewhere, however, all you girl seem to be full of knowledge and sooo helpful so had to ask. Do any girls on here that are gym junkies .... or that exercise regularly .... use any supplements? Meaning pre/post workout supps? I am just interested as I have tried a few but probably would really love more info on what you take, when and why? Thanks, Maz :-)
  25. Sounds great Mrs B! I love camping! We just planned a holiday to Cape York .... only our car broke down on day 2 :'-( so our plans changed dramatically! Anyway, I love camping, going new places and am currently thinking about our next holiday destination! Hmmmm ...... Bali? Fiji? or further abroad? Cape York is definitely still on the cards, but probably in a year or so. Also NT, (Alice Springs, Kakadu etc....). I ♥ HOLIDAYS!!! Maz :-)
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