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  1. I feel you ! Heard this before .wish i saw all this before paying 200$ consult . Ohh wells its good to have a few consults anyways. Thats great your finally happy ?
  2. Me too! Im removing my 11 year old saline implants and getting a lift! Im hoping they will look really nice after the lift. Im so sick of them and i miss my breasts so so much i didnt even need implants . It was all an insecure thing and now that im at the right age and secure its so time for them to go. I cant wait ! To be natrual again! And wear nice tops and not have to big boobs popping out in your face lol and ontop of all that the health issues from implants .. thats a whole other story.. just cant wait till there out! Good luck I know how you feel ive only had one consult so far and the dr wanted me to wait 12 months to do a lift . I was like um yeah no way!! I know me i wont be happy and then he said i can do it but strongly dont recommend it and then the rest of the consult was him talking on a recorder of every thing we spoke about and how he didnt recommend what i wanted to do but would do it. Covering his ass. He was so scared of getting suid it turned me off! I believe most cases after implants will hugely benefit from a lift. Is there any way to know if the capsual has been removed? Can you see it on a scan or something. I worried if the surgeon says he will do it but lies n doesnt actually do it...
  3. My experience with him wasnt good. You might be impressed or you may not. But im only trying to help and give my experience which was asked! He doesnt use the recorder to remember things ...and a few girls on here are so upset they had his surgery with him because cmon thing with craig is they are still sitting way to high after 12 months. Due to these reasons and his pricing is a joke . I wouldnt recommend. At the end of the day you have to feel comfortable with the surgeon. I just started posting as im looking to remove implants and have a lift . I have anothrr consult now that i think ill be way more happier with.goodluck and remeber to have a few consults to make shure you have found the one! Also wanted to add another reason that I dont recommend him is ge foesnt want to see photos or pics from magazines. Which is so strange! So many surgeons will say please bring in photos so i know what were trying to achieve.. but he laughed at me and really didnt want to see them... and one more reason is he isnt confident in his own abilities to perform surgery . Which is so so important to me I want my surgeon to have full confidence in him self. So once again. These are my reasons and stand by them but ofcourse have your consult even a few a see who sits with you best as im doing myself ?
  4. Hi there! Myself I wouldnt recommed craig rubinstein. Look into professor Mark ashton . Dr webster and dr weymouth also dr hamish farrow. All are on here. If i had to choose one ot would definelty be prof mark ashton Thanks goodluck!
  5. Hi I had a consult with craig . My self I wasnt impressed he seemed so worried about his reputation being ruined if I didnt like my result and didnt hear anything I was saying... he got on a voice recorder and recorded every single word that we spoke about in front of me and my mum . I had a headache at the end if was all abit too much . With a price tag of 18,000 just to remove implants n lift them up. Thats just my experience I will definelty lol obviously not be going with craig. I have heard awesome things about dr.ashton to be honest would be a breath of fresh air not to have a consult run 2 hrs. Also heard ashton is very confident. Which is a quality I want in a surgeon. Which wasnt there with craig. Other surgeons im considering are dr weymouth and dr webster. Thanks and good luck whoever you choose ?
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