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  1. Yeh I'm the same Hun I can push them together now and there heaps squishy loving bra shopping in fact any shopping that involves trying to fit my boobies in hehe can't believe I didn't do it sooner lol

  2. Hey jenjen how's ya girls going these days?

  3. I know what ya mean jenjen I try a little but they only move about 1cm lol

  4. Yeh Iv got a bit of squish all over still wide apart tho can't wait til I can push them together a bit

  5. Hey jenjen yeh mines going good no probs the doc said I'd be in underwires in 2weeks which was a suprise but very exciting how's urs going Hun?

  6. Jenjen who is that sexy girl on ur avatar pic looking good hun I hope everything going well for u

  7. Aww that's no good Hun have u tried a cold shower on them or ice packs? As for the size mine have gone down a fair bit now and sometimes they look massive other times they look small, but there a lot more than what I had. Try to drink heaps of water hun I hope ur pain goes away soon :(

  8. Hey pixievibes how'd u go Hun?

  9. Good luck daisy hope everything goes well

  10. One more sleep pixievibes whooooo good luck honey

  11. Hey Hun yeh they are going good I have been back at work since day 6 just doing paperwork but every time I come home the swelling had gone up in the cleavage area and the swelling around the side boob area had gone up a bit too. I'm now off work for about 4 days so hopefully I can give my boobies the rest that they deserve I think going back to work and not laying down enough has defiantly delayed my recovery as for the look of them they are looking great and have softened a bit I have my 2week consult with my PS so will c what he says....how's ur recovery going your boobs look like they are going great

  12. Hey pixievibes, yeh the new girls are doing great I can do heaps more now and am getting more used to them as the days go by. I know I gotta put up sum more photos Iv been a slack arse hehe will c what I can do I just can't be bothered to move my fat butt off the lounge lol

  13. Good luck lozzy whoooooo it's finally ur turn xx

  14. Thanks everyone whoooo

  15. Good luck tomorrow Lozz u wil do fine best of luck honey whoooo fun times ahead

  16. Good luck bak4more whoooo all the best

  17. Thanks bex I love them so far can't wait for the swelling to settle tho thanks for all ur support it still all feels lik a dream lol

  18. Good luck today la la I'll c u on the other side hehe whooooo

  19. Hey all about boobs good luck today whooooo it's finally zero days to gO for u yay

  20. Hey Alison how'd u go Hun?

  21. Prob only a C or a small D

  22. Haha how cute. Iv only got a week off but I go back to work for 2days of paper work and then 2days of light duties then 3days off so hopefully I'll be all good I think I'm counting my lucky stars on going back too soon but will c I might need to call in sick lol Im so excited some days but others very nervous just because I don't wana wreck my boobs lol

  23. Hey missbella how did u go?

  24. Good luck for tomorrow Alison can't wait to hear ur journey

  25. Hey hayleylouise yeh it's only 9days away I'm sooo excited it will be good to have a break from work also but yes my dreams have almost come true, November is just around the corner for yours as well its amazing how time flys

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