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  1. Well I love my size I had 315's done in October and I couldn't of ever picked a better size if I went smaller I would of been unhappy and bigger I would of been terrified lol trusting urself and knowing you have given a really detailed description to ur PS is the best advice I can give and the second is sitting back relaxing and trusting ya PS.
  2. I think you will be fine straight away my dr suggested to keep walking around I was walking everyday after the op it was only very light walking around the house or to the shops I found it hard to open doors on my own and lift objects but I think if u live a busy lifestyle sometimes when you stop doing everything it sends your body into shock for the first day I needed to get the bf to pull up and Down my pants to go to the toilet and to wipe my vagina lol but then I just wore a skirt with no undies and was fine after that I'm 3 months post op and mine look great no issues at all with them
  3. Hey girls well it's been 3 months since I got my boobies and I couldn't b happier, it's so something I should of done years ago......no one has noticed (well no one has said anything) they look really natural and feel natural also. I can push them squeeze them they bounce and the bf can play with them The only thing I find difficult is finding nice non padded bras lol i find the underwires with padding push them right up and i have clevage whether i try to or not. My boobs feel a part of me and I couldn't imagine life without them, and I can't believe how flat I was prior. So If I can say anything to anyone that is umming and about getting a BA id say DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  4. Just wondering about going to the solarium after having BA how long do you have to wait and is it okay to go and just leave the tape on over your scars, so they don't discolor? Ps. I know solariums are bad just asking the question
  5. Last night was my first night wearing no bra to bed in 4weeks I must say it felt good....underwire shopping here I come Iv been up since 7 waiting for the shops to open lol
  6. Whitewave just checked ur stats we are very similar I'm 177cm tall and weigh 64kg and I got teardrops 315cc mine have a lot of shape they look so natural with clothes on they look really good and with clothes off they look heaps perky and big also really natural I love they soo much
  7. I was whitewave by the first PS I went to see and I knew that I really didn't want the round so I went to a second PS for a 2nd opinion and DR Miroshnik (the PS I went with) suggested I go the teardrop and after talking to him he said that the 1st PS I went to may of suggested the round for me because not a lot of PS know how to do a good job on the teardrops because it's a operate where you have to be really precise I also got dual plan placement braizillans which is apparently also a lot harder to do....but I'm soooo happy with my boobs money well spent size and shape are perfect for what I wanted. Do you think it might be worth getting a second opinion just in case?
  8. My doc said I can where what ever now I just gotta make sure if I'm doing anything that is Guna make my boobs giggle I should wear an underwire sports bra because up until the 6week mark u should try not to make them giggle to much. I just tried on a bikini I'm so happy with my new boobies girls. I also asked my doc about what underwire bras he recommends and he said pleasure state, Victoria secret, or El McPherson (excuse the spelling lol) are all good. Hope that helps I'm going bra shopping tomorrow lol
  9. I'm allowed to wear no bra now and I'm 4weeks post op no bra to bed whooo
  10. I'm with pixievibes I look at mine sometimes and think OMG there massive lol and mine to are only 315cc aswell. mine look heaps natural in a bikini and and in clothes I tried on a one piece swim suit and I was lik oh yeh boi they look soooo real lol my boyfriend thinks they look heaps real and he is surprised how real they look lol but yes I think it does come down to body shapes, sizes and how much skin you have around the breast and ur measurements I'm very tall and weigh a bit but around my breast area was extremely thin and I was extremely flat and I wanted the most natural look possible I was after like a jess hart look or Miranda Kerr not very big at all and that's what I got I don't think u can compare CC's
  11. Thanks Hun Iv been to scared to try any underwires on yet lol Iv held a few up to my chest but that's about it. Iv tried on heaps of my old swimmers some fit some don't it's actually really weird but I get really excited when they don't lol I know it will cost me more cos I'll have to buy more swimmers but I guess I get excited cos it means my boobs are bigger and I get to go shopping lol its really funny trying on old clothes, swimmers etc sometimes I look like a pornstar trying to fit into my old little itty bitty breasted clothes it's like I have boob hanging out everywhere lol I guess my sister is Guna be happy getting all my unwanted bikini tops and bras hehe and there mostly all seafolly, jets, Victoria secret, playboy and expensive ones that I used to be able to stuff with padding lol
  12. Oh wow it sounds like a lotta fun hehe ur target ones look great hun are they comfy? I went into target last night and I couldn't see any nice ones they all looked daggy I keep getting emails form bras and things saying they have all these sales on its driving me insane that I can't get into underwires until 2more weeks I hope they still have the sales on lol
  13. Its up to the invididual but in my opinion I wouldn't go over seas for surgery I was seriously considering it I had done research picked my surgeon over there emailed him back and forth but then pulled out due to being to scared I went over to Thailand for a holiday and got my teeth whitened while I was over there an the very bad experience I had with such a small procedure I thought there was no way I would have my breasts done in another country but that is just my opinion there are plenty of girls that get there breasts done over there without any issues but I'm happy that I got mine in Australia and I know what implants were placed in me and that I have all the follow up appointments just down the road from where I live. I just couldn't take the extra risk of going over seas to get it done and in my opinion money's not important when it comes to ur health. But good luck to everyone going over seas to get there's done I take my hat off to you for being so brave and I hope it all goes well for you and enjoy ya holiday
  14. Yeh I reckon bra shopping is prob Guna be a bit of a nightmare for a while but it will prob get better with time. My PS said he wants me in underwires cos he wants to minimize the gap in between my breasts apparently the underwires help to do that so I can imagine underwires are Guna b a little uncomfortable for me for a while trying to push the girls in cos there still pretty wide apart but will c what there like in 2weeks tho I guess. He said I'd prob be a D cup but Iv got D cup bras at home (from all the padding i used to do lol) and they look too small when I hold them up against my boobs so will wait and see when I get fitted. I know MYRE have some nice bras have you tried there?
  15. Hey barley there I know mine feel to stiff and wide for underwires yet I got told I can't wear them until 4weeks post op so hopefully by then they have softened some more I'm expecting the underwires to feel strange tho. Did u get fitted hun?
  16. Thanks meela I always shop at bras n things anyway but have never been fitted I was umming and arrring whether to get fitted just incase ppl judge me but after gear that I definatly will thanks
  17. Hey breasts to be mine are pretty veiny too at the moment I guess it's cos the skin stretches so much lol
  18. Thanks blonde and Yeh I went in to a few bra shops tonight to just have a look and all the underwire ones look heeaps better although I went into trade secret the other day and they have some nice wire free ones I tried some on but thought I better wait until the doc says its all good to start wearing other bras, also I'm boobs are still heaps firm lol
  19. Hey chacha I can't remember for sure but I think I zoom rings a bell they gave me stuff to use when I came home but I wasn't game enough to use it I just tried raiding the spare room to find it but I couldn't think I might of thrown it out but my teeth have only just recently healed now and I got it done in April 2012 after I got it done everything I ate or drink would give me all this orange build up stuff on my teeth and it constantly looked like I had been eating cheezels it seems like the whole outer coating of my teeth had been removed my teeth went from feeling smooth to feeling furry it was horrible I got mine done in Phuket I can't remember the name of the place sorry
  20. Yeh renkim I felt as if they would of came in handy my doctor did recommend a pillow either side under ya arms to stop u from rolling but good luck laying on ur back SUCKS SOOOO MUCH it's so annoying, no cuddling is the worst
  21. Im in a 10d post op bra but Iv held a few underwires up and I think I'll prob be bigger in th cup size. As for sleeping on ya back try it with 3 pillows behind ur back u prob won't roll
  22. From my experience in getting teeth whitening in Phuket I'd say don't do it! I had a really painfully experience where I was in the worst pain I had ever been in it was terrible my partner was soo concerned about me I was in absolute agony I couldnt do anything but hold my jaw and cry my partner kept going down to the chemist and getting more and more pain killers but nothing helped I cried myself to sleep and the pain didn't go away for a few days I'd bet a boob job any day over teeth whitening very bad experience. Good luck but I'd stick to Australian dentist it's scary being over seas when ur sick
  23. Well I had my first consult since my op yesterday, im 16days post op today. Dr Miroshnik seems to be happy with my progress he said the op went great. He showed me my before pics which was very gross to look at lol. He said the reason for me not bruising would be because he only looses about a tear drop of blood whilst in surgery which sounded good to me. He took the tape off to have a look at my scares and snip the end of both stitches he gave me more tape which I will have to use for 3 months. I told him sleeping on my back was soo annoying and he started laughing and said that I can sleep on my side or stomach and was surprised I was still sleeping on my back as most ppl don't do it for very long lol. He said because my progress was going so good and because I don't have much swelling he will just do a phone consult for my next one which is in two weeks time just to talk about how they fell and if I have any problems.....if not he said I should be fine to go shopping for new underwire bras. Which was really surprising because I thought I'd be in the post op bra for like 3months but instead if all goes well ill be in underwires in 2weeks time whooooo. As for how I'm feeling and how my boobs are going I feel great and am back to normal I have been walking everyday since the op not doing anything to heavy tho. Im not sore anywhere and can do everything myself again now. I asked dr miroshnik about the swelling inbetween my breasts and he said that's normal it's because I was so skinny inbetween there and had almost no fat and the skin had to strech so much and once I end up in underwire bras it will push my boobs closer together and help that area to heal. So yeh I'm pretty happy with my whole journey and as for the size im still really happy somedays I look at them and think there small other days I look at them and think OMG the massive but I think that's just me being me so yeh I'd say the size is perfect
  24. Yeh I'm with happy coconut there I got 315cc and my PS told me is be measuring a full c large d cup and I tried on a 10d the other day which was pretty spot on as for not being happy could u go and speak to ur PS to c if there is anything he can help u with.
  25. I was feeling it at the beginning but it's gone now I can tense my pecks now and it feels normal weirdest thing for me is how stiff my boobs are even with small boobs I could still push them together with theses I wouldn't dare try they are soo firm lol
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