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    Breast Augmentation - 375cc round high profile over the muscle implants
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    Dr Szalay 14.12.2016
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    168cm/58kg/small mildly tuberous 10B
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    Administration RBWH

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  1. Mine felt like 'mine' from about 2 weeks after the surgery. I had the easiest recovery but I know everyone is not as lucky!
  2. Hi Ladies! How are we all going? I am completely back to normal now (have been for the past month) and am 2 months post op! I've been sized at bras n things as a 10E ? Couldnt resist this gorgeous bra ?
  3. Looking great ladies! How lucky are we ? Here's my 20 day post op pic ?
  4. @DrMGirl2017 I'm so sorry I didn't reply before your surgery I've been in hospital really sick (not boob related thank god). I'm sure you chose a perfect size and so glad to hear everything went well! Heres my progress pic! Top left is before, top right is day 3 and bottom is today so day 9 ☺️
  5. Finally! Before and afters ? This is post op day 3 and I'm basically pain free. Have only been taking 2 paracetamol every 6 hours and spent this morning out and about shopping. My right incision is a little achey but that's about it. Hope everyone else is doing well xx
  6. helllooooo I'm finally on the otherside! I can't even begin to explain how calm I was this morning and even laying on the table waiting for them to put me to sleep I was the calmest I've ever been. Just shows how right of a decision I was making! I woke right at the end of the op and they sat me up and took me to the recovery room where I dozed on and off for an hour then went home! Twilight sedation is the most amazing thing ??
  7. So exciting but so nerve wracking at the same time!!! I'd say your PS definitely knows best so go with what he says as long as you think that will get you your desired outcome ☺️
  8. @Haylo*** Hope everything went well! Now that I've finished work for the year I'm very nervous about tomorrow, it's all hit me at once! So excited but so nervous at the same time ?
  9. @Haylo*** good luck tomorrow!! So so exciting ☺️☺️ Good to hear everyone's recoveries are going well! I can't believe how quickly December is going?
  10. Just got the call with my surgery time for Wednesday! Have to be there by 9am, so happy I'm going in early ?
  11. Ahhhh looking good! So good to hear you're getting to chance to rest too and not too much pain. How do you feel about the size so far? I was so so close to going 400s but stopped myself since I'm going overs.
  12. @KW1988 oh thanks! I've had a full GA for an ankle op when I was 15 and it made me so so so sick I had to stay in hospital longer than originally planned because of it so I'm happy to be having the twilight just a little nervous. I'm going with Dr Szalay, he's a surgeon in Brisbane. He does incredible work I've had a few girlfriends go with him and their results are superb. Who did you go with? I am slightly tuberous so high profile overs will fix the ugly pointy shape they go at times
  13. I'm a small B (no kids) 168cm and 60kgs and I'm going high profile overs Can't wait to see your pics!
  14. Wow I feel like I've missed so much! Good to hear recovery is going well for everyone minus the nausea and sleeping pains. @KW1988 congrats!! I am going 375 rounds as well, what was your pre op size? 9 days to go for me! What anaesthesia have you all had? I am having twilight and it is literally the only thing I am slightly stressing about.
  15. @Millicent they look good! Can't wait to see them drop fluff out ☺️ @Missy35 I can't believe you're in the other side! Hope the first night isn't too rough for you x
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