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    BA- 2013 360cc anatomicals
    Now looking to get my nose done!
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    24th January 2013:) w/ Anoop Rastogi
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    174cms 55kgs 10b pre op. Now a 10dd

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  1. Hi, I have just sent a Fr request as I would like any advice on Dr. Rastogi, as I am considering him. I appreciate any comments please

  2. Hey! I've taken prescription meds to Thailand before. It's fine, as long as it's in proper packaging with your details on it. I always get a letter from my doctor incase I need it but I've never been asked about my medicines in customs. Enjoy Phuket 😊☀️👙
  3. Wow lindy, I think I would wait a bit longer than 6months to see your final result with Brazilian implants! There are many girls on here who have Brazilian implants & can tell you they look & feel extremely soft and squishy.. They just take time to soften. I had my surgery with Dr Rastogi over 12months ago and mine are perfect. Be careful how you word your posts .. Girls come on here to research and find information about surgery & different surgeons. I understand this might be your experience with them but you are only very early post op. I feel this is going to worry girls who have just had Brazilian implants or who are thinking about getting them. Also saying that if you are only interested in the aesthetic aspect instead of how they feel and move, then you should go with Dr Rastogi?? This is really misleading for girls researching info about him :-/
  4. Bumping this thread . I'm of to Koh Samui soon & thinking of getting teeth whitening. I know a few girls on here have had theirs done in Phuket & Bangkok ... anyone had anything done in samui?
  5. Hi Misha sending a dr through to follow your progress

  6. Thanks Chick your pics are really great. Are you happy with the size you have now?

  7. Hi Tash, sorry for the late reply. I only just seen your message.. FR accepted :)

  8. Hi misha just sent you a FR as I am interested to see how you went getting a natural look D which is want I would like to get too! Cheers :-)

  9. misha

    my BA story

    Aww LOVED reading your story Merlin! Brought a smile to my face remembering my day with Dr Rastogi ... We must of had the same anesthetist hahah:) I think in my groggy state waking up I told him I loved him ahah
  10. Thanks Bex! Yours look absolutely gorgeous, such a perfect result :)

  11. Hey Misha (my cat's name :p) Have accepted your FR, sorry for the delay, not on here much these days.. But, just wanted to say - you & your boobs are amazing!! ;)

  12. Complete comfort bra. It comes with removable underwire. I still wear mine to work cause they are so comfy
  13. I love my brazilians:) Like Andy said I can't compare as I've never had any other implant. Mine are nice & soft.. Especially the last month they have softened up even more. They really do need time..
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