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  1. I felt a little bit of pressure but it was bareable. The most pain I had was day 2-3 and it was just a crampy feeling moving my arms when I was sleeping and was quite stiff in the morning (but I had tablets for stiffness and swelling I took). But honestly Day 4-5 I felt amazing only got a bit of pain when I was pushing myself to hard like trying to hang the clothes on the line haha. I am so glad I didn't take the nasties ? x Yeah I took the antibiotic and the tablet for swelling/stiffness and that was enough for me. I just felt like I would recover faster if I wasn't drugged up that way I could be active and not lounge around all day. I found when I layed on the lounge to much it kinda ceased me up and I felt worse so I went for a 15 minute walk every day and made sure I got up and walked around the house heaps throughout the day x
  2. I took everything but the painkillers cause I knew they'd make me feel crap, it was bareable
  3. I am 9 days post op now, I was feeling fine and able to be way more active day 5. After a week I felt fine, almost back to normal just restricted with a few things but nothing major I am still not driving though. Just take it easy
  4. I tried sleeping elevated and it worked! No pain haha, it was mostly my back that was hurting I think cause I'm not someone who usually sleeps on my back. Sleeping elevated made a big difference thank you
  5. Yay can't wait to see your progress! It's so good seeing how people are going who pretty much had their surgury the same time! That's amazing! Sounds like your breezing through this, go girl!!! Hopefully everything else keeps going smoothly:) I feel pretty much the same, no bruising or bleeding, only little swelling, pretty much back to doing everything for myself except driving cause I'm a little nervous! I do get quite sore from sleeping on my back though, do you have any tips for that? Seriously can't wait to sleep normal again haha! That's the only issue I am having at the moment so happy with everything.
  6. I just made a new instagram account, made it private of course I've only made it today so pretty much no followers but it's helpful for me to see my progress too. ah that is awesome, how are you feeling! I am Day 6 today ? My account is ba2017samcunneen let me know when you make yours
  7. Hi ladies!! Update- I had surgury with dr cunneen last week! Super happy, such a great surgeon. Does anyone have any insta BA accounts? I just made one and would love to follow progress of people who have had theirs done around the same time as me
  8. I would def recommend Dr cunneen he is fantastic. I had my surgury last week if you have any questions I have a BA insta progress account if you wanna follow how it's going ? I would def recommend Dr cunneen he is fantastic. I had my surgury last week if you have any questions I have a BA insta progress account if you wanna follow how it's going ?
  9. Hi I would def recommend dr cunneen he is so amazing! I had my surgery last week!
  10. Update ladies! Had my surgery last week and couldn't be happier! I've made a insta BA account as I'll be more active on their with my progress if anyone wants to follow ba2017drsamcunneen id love to follow any of your progress if you have an account also
  11. Yay so excited!! I'm booked in for surgery this Wednesday!? Can't wait for the ladies
  12. Hey kait, i also just had my first consult with dr cunneen, my second one this week then hoping to finalize my surgery for early march so exited but also a little nervous, he recommended 350cc! Which is a lot more then I want so excited to try on the implants this week how is everything going for you?
  13. Update ladies I have had my first consult with dr Sam cunneen and he was FANTASTIC! Have my next one this week to do a final try on etc and then I am booking surgery! So so excited
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