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    I have found that even though I'm only 22 have used my insurnace a lot.
    I got back $3000 for wisdom teeth removal, I only end up paying like $30 ever time I go to the dentist regardless of treatment, I get money back everytime I see my chiropractor, instead of paying $400 for reading glasses only have to find around $50 every time I Need new ones . I just had my tonsils removed as well as nasal surgery to fix a breathing problem and I was only out of pocket around $400 instead of approximately $4000 as it was an overnight stay in hospital.

    I adds up pretty good. Even though you may not need anything it's good knowing it there for you to use and not trying to find $1000 here and there on the spot.

    As simple as a car accident and you needing an ambulance to the hospital for checking your okay can set you back $700-900 without any insurance compared to having at least ambulance cover.

    Is definatly worth looking into the basics packages they have
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