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  1. Hi girls! Everyone is looking great! You must all be stoked with your results so far I'm doing pretty well. 3 No pain anymore, just the odd bit of discomfort here and there. Occasionally I pull something in my armpit (i'm guessing it's my chest muscle) when I go to put a jacket on or reach too hard for something. Haven't really had morning boob apart from the first week which has been great! Incisions look pretty good too. Hopefully scarring will be minimal and not obvious, I want to get back into burlesque eventually and don't really want my scars on display if I can avoid it Definitely over sleeping upright. I think it was fine the first week or two because I was drugged up but it's starting to hurt my back in places. Not ready to sleep flat yet because I too get that weird pulling feeling like it's pulling on internal stitches or something if I try to lie flat or at an angle. Does anyone else feel it in their boobs if they drink a really cold drink? It's a funny feeling! In terms of dropping and fluffing, my god it's taking what feels like forever! I basically have two different boobs which is really annoying. My left is sitting high and full at the top, and the right already looks like it's sitting where it's going to be. I'd definitely prefer it if they were both the same. I don't think I had a great deal of asymmetry to begin with so not sure why they've ended up like this! Left side must have stronger muscles. To me it almost looks like the left has CC, but I know that's not the case as it's too early! It's just funny that that is how it looks. God I hope it doesn't Mum has suggested I name both boobs and start ordering them to behave and drop, haha! I'm hearing you on the boob greed girls! And @Yollie I feel your pain, I haven't said anything to my husband because I know he'll be disappointed and worried. I think it's hard when we go through such a painful intense process, we expect big noticeable changes, but then the reality is that the change isn't as significant as we were all expecting. Like, why go through with it for just a little change? I feel I look no different in clothes than I did before, I honestly don't think anyone would even realise I've had a BA. Yes, I could have gone bigger but then I remember my reasons for doing this in the first place. I wanted to look better naked and fill my empty breasts and restore the lost volume. I didn't want big breasts that walked into the room before I did, I wanted to stay active and not have them get in the way of exercising and sport. I always said a large C, small D. So if I think of all those things and reasons I realise that I've gotten exactly what I wanted. I see pics of girls with large beautiful breasts and great upper pole and beautiful cleavage and I feel a pang of jealousy but the things I would have to do to get those breasts counter-act the things I wanted. So I look back at my pre-op photos and say to myself, look what an improvement it is. I think this is a process we all go through. It's normal for our brains to think this way, we've gone through something fairly life altering in terms of time commitment, money and pain. We want the most from it as we can get and we feel disappointed if we think we have fallen short of those goals and hopes. Perspective is a funny thing. Everyone is different too in how they view things. And hey, look at it this way, it's not forever! We can always have revisions when the time is right if we want to! 3 weeks 2 days PO.
  2. I was only given enough for 4 days. I wouldn't have thought you would still need to be taking it at 3 weeks PO but I would double check with your surgeon or GP if you can Looking great too!
  3. In do! Feel free to add me I haven't updated them in a while, i've got to put more recent ones up to show my progress. They're looking less franken-boobish now! My left boob is sitting higher than the right so i'm patiently waiting for it to drop! It's still early days so that has to be taken into consideration when viewing my pics, still lots of changes to happen
  4. Hi girls, I had my surgery two weeks ago through Your Breast/MIPS and they have been awesome! The follow up care has been excellent, the nurses are lovely they really look after you. Happy with my results so far, it's still early days but so far so good Good luck for your consults and surgeries!
  5. So sorry to hear your so called "friend" has made you feel that way @Yollie That's so not cool! You don't need unsupportive people like that in your life. Surround yourself with people that are on your team and want the best for you, regardless of what you decide to do to your own body. Totally agree with the others, people who aren't happy with themselves are always quick to judge people who are trying to better themselves and actually have the guts to do something that makes them happy. They're just jealous at your strength and determination to go through with something like this. And obviously how hot you are going to look now! I've actually told quite a few people. My family, girlfriends, my workmates and boss (they've asked to cop a feel once i'm healed, we're a loose bunch, haha!), even a lady that I trained with at bootcamp for 3 weeks! She had a tummy tuck a year ago and was so supportive, even texted me to see how I was doing. Obviously I have been lucky in that everyone has been so supportive of my decision but i'm sure eventually I will come across people who might not be so supportive. And that is a great way of spotting the people that I don't need to waste my time on anymore
  6. Yup, i've got those shooting pains too, mostly in the left but had a few in the right which is a good sign as righty is till numb. It happened yesterday whilst I was skyping my Mum and she was like, "what's wrong, why are you pulling that awful face!?" Haha! At least it goes away quickly enough. So had some pretty good drop progress suddenly last night. My post op bra and compression tube thingy I have to wear were driving me nuts so I took them off for a couple of hours whilst I was watching TV and put on a wirefree molded soft cup and BOOM lefty dropped and looks less frankenboobish! Quite amazing. Maybe gravity just needs to be allowed to do it's thing a bit more?
  7. Looking good girls! @Soph132 Totally with you on that one. Mine are quite uneven right now, i'll post up some pics a bit later. Yours look great though, I love how round they are. Apparently I have to start massage next week. One is just being a constant ***** and aching and the other is just happily sitting there already in it's pocket just chilling going, hey lefty, wanna hurry up and get down here already! Hahaha! I can't wait till they are both sitting where they're supposed to be!
  8. @rachelcloud you poor thing! Hope you feel better soon! It must be tough, you are probably exhausted from traveling and being sick. Just take it easy and look after yourself OMG I just sneezed and ***** it hurt my left boob! I held on to them because I could feel it coming on, but boy oh boy that was not a fun experience. I'm so paranoid about pulling or damaging something. Because I was "oozy" during surgery i'm so nervous about getting a haematoma, even slight movements that feel odd and i'm like, "oh oh! That didn't feel good". I've got to chill the F out How's everyone's drop and fluff going? Was there a day that you early October girls noticed things were really starting to change?
  9. Haha yup, I can attest to that! I had two glasses of that pear juice and it was too effective! Kind of makes me wonder why anyone would drink it normally! Haha!
  10. I'm in the same boat as you @Soph132 my left is a lot higher than my right, and more swollen too. The nurses said that it's quite common for one to sit higher than the other, I think they will drop at a different rate as well. Just got to be patient hun, take it easy and let your body do what it has to do I finally get to shower today so will try take some pics if I don't look like a human water balloon! I'm definitely bloated and swollen right down my tummy even in my thighs! I think my body is retaining water like crazy to add to all the fun How long did you girls wear your compression socks for? I figured as I'm sitting around all day I should keep wearing them for a bit longer.
  11. Woohoo, all done! Happy healing to all the October girls! Can't wait for all the drop & fluff goodness to begin!
  12. Looking great @Kenzo! I had such an upset stomach yesterday, 1 day POConstipation hasn't been an issue at all so far! My stomach is unstoppable. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing! Haha! Girls, the pain hasn't been too bad so far, does it stay this way? I don't want to sit here thinking I've "got away with it" then all of a sudden out of nowhere BOOM!
  13. Feeling very swollen and quite tight! Had a few zingers in my lefty today, taking half an endone every 6-8 hours or so. The panadol just doesn't cut it. But definitely so far so good. Still very early days though! Also girls, if you are struggling with constipation try pear juice, just maybe wait to see if it works before taking laxitives as well, or you'll find out the hard way like I did, it works too well :/ Good luck tomorrow lucky last @Yollie! Can't believe it's the end of the month already and we are all almost done and dusted
  14. Wow @Milando looking good! Haha, I know what you mean @Nichola I did the same! Nandos at 10pm the night before, chocolate. Good idea to fuel your body for what lays ahead! So my left breast has declared itself as the pain in the ass! Couldn't feel the right one last night but the left, boy oh boy that was a different story.
  15. Ah awesome ladies, thanks so much! I just read a lot of people talk about it so thought it might help but definitely will avoid for now and double check tomorrow with the nurse tomorrow
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