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  1. oh so the cheap ones aren't reusable like the BNTs ones? Also - have any of u actually found good strapless bras *other than these stick ones* that actually fit properly? I have been to Myer, BnT and this other bra shop we have here and NONE of their strapless bras fit me. They feels so awkward and uncomfortable - they dont give me any support either and my nipples hang out hahaha.
  2. OMG! best cleavage ever!!!!!!! that's it! i am buying one right now haha! thank u xx
  3. haha yeah i had an old a cup one and i tried it on the other day it gave me the best cleavage ever haha!!! does the D cup cover ur nipples when u have it on properly?
  4. Does the D cup in these fit u? Im a 10DD/E and I can only seem to find cup sizes up to a D in these stick on bras.....???
  5. That's not a good thing! The post op meds made me really quezy and trust me throwing up isn't fun immediately post op haha! I hope you can find relief.... have you tried hot/cold packs (whichever u are meant to use at this stage)
  6. My PS didn't tell me anything about massaging the sternum I found myself automatically doing it to release the tension lol ... I hope you feel better soon xx
  7. Thanks for that Lokilady! I was just researching it - was it recalled? xx
  8. Hi ladies, Just wondering if anyone has had the Brazilian straightening treatment. I have such thick and curly hair, I really want it to be more manageable. Especially with the humidity up here it just goes so puffy and frizzy If you have had any Brazilian (non chemical) treatments, what brand was it and did your hair go dead straight or did you still have to straighten/style it? I would love to have mine done, but it is so expensive! Would love to hear your thoughts and comments on any products!! Thank you xxx
  9. I am still in search of a good sports bra too :'( I got a triaction http://au.triumph.com/triaction-competitive-crossover-sports-bra/w1/i1258366/ which I thought was fantastic - nothing moves on treadmill, cross trainer or weight training. But i did my first body attack class last night since my surgery, and OMG my boobs were bouncing around so much, it was so uncomfortable :'( Anyone with implants know a good body attack suitable sportsbra? p.s. sorry flowery for slightly hijacking your thread <3
  10. I had one of these too. It was a lot bigger and a lot darker than yours but... it just went away on its own after a few weeks. If it was still there at my 8 week checkup I was going to check with my PS. All the best
  11. I think I wouldve been very sad if they had of shrunk I am a 10DD at the moment, but I was measured about 4-5 weeks ago... cannot wait to go get fitted for underwires in a few weeks :-)
  12. Oh yeah, I will have to check out bras n things! Thanks for that JJMelb - OK well that's good to know that I must have the right bra then for what I need - support. I went on the treadmill just in a sports crop and oh my goodness! never again! :/ hurt so much after. maybe over time it will get better. And I think the thing about the cleavage is more just an overall satisfaction thing with my boobs. I don't want to be at the gym with my boobs out in everyone's face or anything, I just wanted to have a bit more of a boob look than when i used to wear padded bras under my sports crop that's all. i think it also just made me worry that when i do move into proper bras that i wont achieve the cleavage I want - but I think i just have to find the right bra - who knows. bra shopping is a whole new thing for me, so hopefully i can find a well informed sales assistant Thank you ladies for your help, I really appreciated it - and sorry for hijacking the thread :$
  13. Haha that's OK Jasmine77 - its not really a strange question. I was really swollen immediately after my surgery for a few weeks after. I was fitted into my post op bra the day after my surgery - so i needed the size 12 band to fit around all of the swelling on my ribs (around that area). I am usually a 10 in the band. After a few weeks when my swelling went down, the 12's weren't supporting me anymore, they kept riding up at the back even on the tightest fastening. My boobs have definitely not gotten smaller
  14. These bras are still available Please private message me if interested - happy to negotiate prices etc.
  15. And on this topic... what is the best sports bra you can get that holds them in nicely and is very supportive, but still gives you nice cleavage? I am finding all the sports bras i try on make mine look so flat and non existent :? who knows what i am doing wrong
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