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    Breast Augmentation - 200cc/225cc, rounds, under muscle, moderate-plus profile.
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    Aiming for natural looking B cups with better symmetry.
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    Mark Lee // 25.01.17
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  1. Yes, although my pectus excavatum is very mild. I didn't know I had it til my surgeon pointed it out. My breasts appear different sizes/asymmetric because one rib cage sits further behind than the other. Long story short, after surgery they aren't "perfect" but I definitely love them and don't regret the surgery. I'm much happy and more confident. Haven't updated pics in a long time but feel free to add me and ask questions. Had my surgery Jan 25th.
  2. Dr Mark Lee in Perth? I'm a patient of his. I haven't updated in a long time but feel free to add me and ask me questions.
  3. If it were me I would be getting a second opinion. Who was your consultation with if you don't mind me asking? I had a BA with Dr Mark Lee last month and can highly recommend him.
  4. NJoy


    Update: I've decided to go with the Mirena instead of the Implanon. After discussing my options with a GP I've decided it seems like the better option for me. While the Implanon is less invasion to insert, the Mirena seems to be more effective and have less chances of side effects such as acne and weight gain. My GP explained how the body has to "normalize" the Implanon. Since it's inserted into the arm the hormone goes through the blood stream and the organs etc, and has a larger dose as it has to travel down to get to the uterus, whereas the Mirena is inserted where it's needed and therefore less hormone is needed to be as effective. Plus it lasts an extra 2 years. I'm booked in for Monday morning! Fingers crossed it goes well and I don't experience any pain... I've heard much better things with Mirena than I have with Implanon, I hope to become a success story myself.
  5. NJoy

    Jan group

    That's good to hear @coconut87 ? I hear you about one boob being fuller than the other. My left is still larger and it's killing me! I feel like the difference is still just as bad and just as noticeable from the beginning. But at least this time I'm not flat chested and uneven... got to look at the positives I suppose! I've heard of some womens breast/s growing after a BA, so the results are always going to be unpredictable until everything settles over 6+ months. I can't see my larger one getting smaller, so I hope my smaller one with slightly larger implant catches up. I'm only 10 days PO, I shouldn't have such high expectations this early. I need to relax and let them do their thing. I've been clothes shopping twice, today and yesterday, and I've found that to be a great distraction ?
  6. NJoy

    Jan group

    Day 6 I stopped taking all painkillers cold turkey as I wasn't going to the toilet. A few days later and I'm now experiencing morning boob ? otherwise no other pains.
  7. Well your work colleague can certainly take a long walk off of a short plank. It’s one thing being a supportive partner to someone who wants cosmetic surgery, it’s completely different to suggest to your partner they should have something done. I’d like to think I would never date such a superficial jackarse, but if I ever found myself in that position I’d suggest they work on their character and morality before entering another relationship because that would be the end of it. To some that might sound extreme but I’ve sat here for the past ten minutes and there’s no circumstance where I can justify someone suggesting that to me and for it to be okay, and it would be crazy for anyone to try and justify such ugliness. As far as I’m concerned it’s controlling and manipulative and I don’t tolerate that behaviour from anyone. It doesn’t matter the length of the relationship, in fact the longer the relationship the worse the suggestion is, and it’s despicable from the very beginning. But could you imagine the second guessing some people might go through because of it? Something they once took no notice of is suddenly what they focus on every time they look in the mirror because someone suggested they “fix” it? A few years (even months!) of that could erode anyone’s self-esteem. No one should ever brush off someone doing that to them, hear the alarm bells and evaluate it. I don’t date people who make me self-conscious about how I look. I date people who build me up, who teach me new things and who help me free myself from any insecurities/roadblocks I come across, but certainly not someone who gives me more. Know your worth ladies! I love what you said @Maira, and what you said deeply resonates with me @BlingorBA. I couldn't wear simple tank tops without causing a gap when I slightly leaned forward which would expose my right breast since it was smaller and not filling out my bra like my left. It honestly filled me with utter humiliation and made me so self conscious, I was constantly adjusting myself so I didn't flash people, and all it achieved was drawing attention to my chest which was definitely not what I wanted. I was uncomfortable before having my BA about the possible attention it would bring. The thought of people having a sneak peek at my breasts/down my top drove a chill down my spine, and not in a good way. Just the thought of it feels so damn invasive. I will have to learn how to dress modestly for my new breasts as that sort of attention isn't what I want. I was talking with a friend about a guy, as girls do, and we got onto the subject of being intimate and my breasts came up in conversation. I declared I don't actually like my breasts/nipples being touched, I never have and I doubt a BA has changed that. Anyway, the friend jokingly said he feels sorry for the guy who doesn't get to play with 'my new girls' and that it's a waste, and I simply said, they're for me. It's that simple. It's for me. Always has been. No one else needed to be considered in the equation. Not my friends, my family, my co-workers, other women or potential partners. Me.
  8. NJoy

    Jan group

    Thank you @Rachybabe and @Maira ? I'm very happy with my results so far. I think I definitely made the right choice. My friend told me how swollen and severely bruised she was post rhino, she had two black eyes ? but she looks great now! Sounds like your results will turn out great too. It will get worse before it will get better, but it will get better! Hope everything is okay @Theloveofa be sure to keep us updated.
  9. NJoy

    Jan group

    Thank you @coconut87 I was unusually optimistic prior to surgery, I like to think that [along with my amazing surgeon, of course] has helped me through. I think I'm able to sleep on my side sooner because of the modest size I've gone, I don't have a whole lot of side boob preventing me from being comfortable. With much larger implants I imagine it would be pressing on the boob too much and quite possibly causing pain. Wow you're tiny! It will take you some time getting used to them for sure I've just had a sneak peek at your pics, you look great! You must be so happy with your results so far. It has really rounded them out and given them a nice, full shape, I can only imagine how great they'll look in a few months! I just can't wait for the shopping spree I'm going to have. All those clothes I avoided will be the first ones I try on. Overall I'm still quite numb. Still can't feel my nipples the sensation of being numb is so uncomfortable and makes me feel so queasy. I imagine there would still be some swelling going on, you're tiny and have some fairly big implants. Just getting them in there would have been a challenge! I'm surprised at how small my incisions are to be honest. Don't know how he managed that! Sounds like everything is going well so far. If we're feeling this good this soon imagine week six when the docs are telling us we should be feeling like ourselves again. Good times are ahead of us!
  10. NJoy

    Jan group

    I'm at day 6 post op, I really hope things start to return to normal quickly. Feels weird not having feeling in my boobs.. when the bra comes off they feel so heavy, but once it's off for a little while it feels fine. I had my follow up appointment today, had the honeycomb bandages taken off which feels so much better as I'm not as restricted anymore, now I just have the glue over the incisions which I get taken off next week. Surgeon is really happy with the results so far, as am I. The nurse was telling me how good the results are for 6 days as she explained most women are uneven this early. I also told her how I have no pain and I was sleeping on my side from day 2, she said I'm ahead of the game and doing very well. The incisions have dry blood in them at the moment but they'll be cleaned next week once the glue is removed. Don't worry ladies, you'll be fine. The implants are just doing their thing and stretching the skin to accommodate it. You'll drop and fluff when it's time ? just relax, take it easy and don't stress. It will happen!
  11. NJoy

    Jan group

    Has anyone started to get sensation back in their breasts? Mine are still so numb, I don't like it ?
  12. NJoy

    Jan group

    Aww, so glad to hear everything went well @Maira ? now for the recovery. I remember blinking back tears when I looked down and seen my cleavage. I was (still am) infatuated. It's just really difficult to comprehend. I think I'll struggle with the reality of it for a while. Just remember to take things slowly. Recovery can't be rushed. Don't be too harsh on yourself either. I had a friend who had a nose job a few months ago with fantastic results, but it was a big surgery. She was sore and swollen which was to be expected. Patience and optimism do you wonders ?
  13. NJoy

    Jan group

    @hannah88 hahaha ? Well that gives me more hope! I was pretty convinced my surgeon mixed up my implants as well. Just the size difference had my eyes bulging. Mum told me, "I'm pretty sure he knows the difference between his left and right." and she told me not to ask him because he'd call me silly ? I narrowed it down to the tight skin of my right breast preventing the implant from being as "full" and round as my left simply because there's just not as much room/breast tissue to begin with. My left is much rounder and boob-looking, whereas my right looks flat(ish) Definitely sounds like a crappy time to move house.. I'm trying to avoid it myself. My lease expires in March and I'm trying to find a housemate to move in so I don't have to leave. It's exhausting. Good luck!
  14. NJoy

    Jan group

    I imagined the larger they are the less obvious the difference in sizes would be. As I opted for small implants I needed the two different sizes to make up the asymmetry, but if they were larger it wouldn't be a concern as it would just be a "natural" breast size difference. Being smaller makes the difference more obvious, but generally it isn't so blatant with bigger busted women.
  15. I was eerily calm. Had the usual butterflies and was too excited to get much sleep the night before, but felt great all the way through check-in to when they wheeled me into theater. I think most of it came from the trust I had in my surgeon. That must have been what put me at ease. Odd considering I stress rather easily. Are you thinking about something in particular that's making you nervous? I didn't think about the surgery itself, I thought about recovery.
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