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  1. I really want my lips done - have always hated them and feel like I look like I am sucking on a lemon at all times other than when I smile (I love my smile). I am in Brissie, just had a BL/BA and feel like my lips are the last thing I need done! So please help me! Where is best? Which clinic? Any recommendations for injectors names? Cost? I am also PETRIFYED about the pain??? How do you minimize it? Any advice much appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone! I hope everyone is travelling well and loving their new girls! I am LOVING mine and my recovery after week 3 has been a dream! I can now sleep on my side and just love the look and feel of them especially since dropping and softening up! My scars are minimal and I remain in awe at how amazing they look in comparison to my before pictures!!!!! Here are some photos from today and the weekend x x x x x Just a reminder of what they looked like before! Oh and I WISH I could have gone BIGGER! X
  3. @2017 Goal thank you that is very kind! I had a BL and BA with Dr Phil Richardson (Brisbane). I LOVE my new boobies and after only 2.5 weeks my scars have healed amazingly well! He was a true genius! Friend me and you can see my before and after photos ??
  4. @Aleysha wowsers!!!!! Looking brilliant. Soo glad arms are also healing well. My itching is increasing and become very problematic !!!! @Aleysha wowsers!!!!! Looking brilliant. Soo glad arms are also healing well. My itching is increasing and become very problematic !!!!
  5. Dear Ladies- PLEASE help me! I am 2.5 Post op from a BL & BA and my skin is horrific - it has become insanely itchy (a weird persisting and often mildly painful itch) and then today broke out into a exma-like rash on both boobs and around the nipple. See below photo! I also have this weird sensation where I don't want ANYTHING touching them- like they are over sensitive again in a weird itch slightly painful way! The only relief is NO bra and NOTHInG touching them- in effect letting the air get to them! This is not possible at work and so I endure this weird horrible sensation all day until I get home and can take all my clothes off (much to my children's horror)! Is this normal? At 2.5 weeks? What can I do to relieve the itch and now skin irritation? Thank you everyone...... hoping this doesn't last long as I LOVE my new girls!!!!! A very itchy Mum24
  6. @Jessarnold44 will be thinking of you today and wishing you all the best for an amazing journey to a new life ???
  7. @Aleysha OMG I am in shock at how amazing your arms look!!!! And your boobs too! You must already feel like a new woman. Congratulations my friend! How is your pain? Are you sleeping okay? I do hope your feeling lots of positive endorphins for this amazing new version of yourself ? @donatella I watched Dr Dona's Snapchat of your operation and it was amazing! I did chuckle at your tan lines - as you had warned us! But your final look, profile and clevage is absolutely perfect! Huge but absolutely perfect! Cannot wait to see your progress! I am starting to feel huge pangs of jealousy at your new boobies ....... they are going to be a true work of art! Hope your feeling well. @Hoolahann- how quick and efficient was your surgery! And your outcome truly perfect! I love how perky they look- the size looks great and like the others hope your feeling well and recovering well!
  8. @donatella will be thinking of you all day today! I am truly soo happy your day has finally arrived! Bring on those big beautiful boobies!!!!!!
  9. Oh @Aleysha I am soo proud of you and sooo excited for your journey! You are inspiring. I have a feeling your BL and BA will be a walk in the park compared with your arm surgery! But make sure you keep up your pain meds! Good Luck Hun! Your new Boobies and Life Awaits ?
  10. Hi everyone, I had a BL and BA one week ago and they are as hard, high and swallen as day 1. I had 390cc XHP implants and while I LOVE the shape I feel like they are still sitting in my armpits and I want the to desperately drop and soften! I am still sleeping in a recliner as to lay flat is far far too painful! Please let me know how long it took until your implants D&F'ed?
  11. Welcome @chantelle.93! May I ask at 10dpo have your implants started to drop and fluff? I am only 1 week post op and mine are not moving and are still soo high (under arm pit almost) and hard! @Hoolahann- ??? soo funny! Jesus- Gordon Ramsay! That would be a nightmare! @Turbopeach- they look big and perky under all that bandage and strapping! Soo sorry you got sick afterwards that sounded horrible. I hope you are feeling much better today! I have to say the first three days were my toughest and then day 4 was brilliant and ever since also (accept at night with morning boob). Don't get too nervous if you don't or can't feel your nipple - apparently it can take up to 12 months! I can feel around the outside of my nipple but not in the middle which is somewhat scary but I read some medical journals last night and it is very normal! I a now officially 1 week post op and I feel great during the day! No pain meds for 4 days now accept to sleep at night. I tried sleeping in our bed last night but I was in soo much pain every time I had a tiny movement I put myself back in the recliner at 2:30am! They are still very high, hard and I think swallen. I really really just want them to drop out of my armpits ASAP! I have posted some more photos in my album...... Did anyone's Dr inform them when the "dropping and fluffing" occurs?
  12. @Hoolahann - I understand now. I wanted to go to TCI but they rejected me because I needed a lift soo badly! My cousin (who is a catalogue model and age 28 now) went there and had a Dr Lee and she cannot speak highly enough about him and hers look bloody amazing! Not sure who you are having but follow your gut and yes listen to those who have been there - they certainly know better than any arm chair critics!!!!
  13. @Turbopeach- goodluck Hun for tomorrow! I will be thinking of you! Sorry about your bf.... but I have taken all my own photos accept one or two - so sweetie take those selfies - as many as you can because afterwards it's amazing to see and feel the difference. I had a BL and BA and I did go home on the same day but it was a difficult day- until I sorted the drugs and had the pain under control. Saying that - but day 3 I was down to just panadol! So the pain whilst difficult doesn't last long! "Morning boob" is where after a nights sleep your boobs feel tighter, more swallen and in some cases VERY sore until you move around again and maybe use some ice. This morning boob apparently lasts a couple of weeks until the implants have really settled in. @splendid.leigh so happy to hear your morning boob was not as bad today! I bet your shower was amazing!!!!!! I had my first shower tonight after 5 days....... re:sleep I can't sleep laying down at all - it kind of pulls my boobs to my armpits and is slightly painful. So I am still in a recliner and sleeping well. The nurse today assured me it will be easier when they soften up!!!!! Why Hun are you fretting about the shape?
  14. @Hoolahann I feel your pain and anxiety but hunny you will be fine and I am glad your boyfriend pulled and supported you through it. I have had more surgeries than i care to recount and each time it's a little scary - it's soo normal! Not long now!!!!! ? @Kelburgess well today we did the big unveiling and I was over the moon with how they are recovering! I was relieved to hear the nurse reaffirm they won't stay this high and hard ........ I am a little concerned I have gone too big but will calm my nerves at least for another week or two. She also fitted me for my compression bra (ugliest thing I have ever seen ?) but said when home relaxing to have it off and allow gravity to do its thing. She did however say to wear it or my other post op soft bra to bed (I think to prevent them moving under my arm pits and also prevent morning boob). I mentioned to her I am finding it hard sleeping laying down (in fact I haven't since having the operation) and she said with time as they soften this will change! Can't imagine my husband will be happy with me sleeping in a recliner for the rest of our lives- esp. after spending all this money on boobies!!!! So time and patience for me now!!!!! Oh and HAPPY VALENTINES Day to one and all! I doubt it will be any fun for us this year but boy oh boy 2018 should be a sizzler ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  15. @Wandering Fairy I love the ice on as it soothes them and makes them feel softer! I have reduced the icing now to once every couple of hours though! I recalled the nurse saying the ice is for 2-3 days post op. But I can't imagine it would hurt to do it longer! How about sleeping upright? How long was everyone advised to sleep sitting? I am sleeping well sitting up but that's because I am taking all my drugs at bedtime!!!! @Kelburgess- they look like they have settled perfectly! And no more swelling or bruising! You lucky lady- can only imagine how happy you must be. Almost time to see your ? babies ? ! I am now 3 days post op and feeling much better! No pain meds today- not even panadol. Still feel tight, high and hard but no pain !!!!! Just feel impatient to get to the final look ? I think soo is my husband! Here are a couple of updated photos!
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