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  1. Yes that definitely makes sense. From other surgeries I've had I know exactly what you mean. PS congrats on feeding your babies for so long with the cc. That must have been a good challenge and with the numbness too. Shame you had to give up earlier than you wanted. Hopefully your new assets make up for it!!
  2. @Jessarnold44 youre on the other side - congrats!! Gosh I bet you can't wait to take a look. ☺️ @KatLonsdale yours are looking sooo good you must be so happy! And bloody hell @donatella ! You got some dangerous weapons there girlfriend! ?? My stitches came out yesterday. ? No itchiness for me though...I'm completely numb! From like 4o'clock to 8o'clock. No great loss I guess for great cleavage ?
  3. It's so exciting to see how we're all recovering! And another big week too!! I'm now 2 weeks post op and feeling a million times better. Getting off the codeine and other meds after the first week made all the difference where I felt like I could function again. Last week it was most painful down between my cleavage, just where it seems to be the most stretched, and the lower outer sides I'd still get those sharp pains. Now though I'm stoked to say I'm hardly experiencing any pain...well when taking it easy that is! I've been sleeping upright til last night. I also bought an awesome sports bra from bras and things. Just can't wait to get my stitches out next week now!! @donatella @Hoolahann @PHarrison &@Aleysha Hoping you most recent girls are doing alright and are being well looked after xx
  4. Good luck for today @Wandering Fairy & @splendid.leigh! @KatLonsdale so glad to hear you went well, especially as we went to the same place! I didn't have the compression strap, though mine were under the muscle so maybe that's why? @mum24 has the bleeding stopped? Your boobs look amazing! Just worried for you and hope you got it sorted. For me, I was silly and didn't take my anti-nausea meds so by the end of day 2 I suffered the consequences of that ? I'm on day 4 now. I finished my panadeine forte last night so this morning am just on paracetamol and that seems to be fine so far. ?
  5. Frozen peas are my friend right now ? Whoever suggested getting four bags and rotating them two at a time is a legend. ??
  6. Hey ladies! I'm on the other side!! I'm in a fair amount of pain but it's not unbearable. It hurts to sit up, like the elephant on the chest!! All looking good though. ??
  7. @Kelburgess do you have anyone over there with you or are you doing this on your own? I'm sorry you're in so much pain. ? Your transformation will definitely be worth it I'm sure so hang in there!! Oh wait I just saw your update! - they look amazing!!! Well worth it ☺️ @Leese sounds like your recovery is going well. What a relief! Keep us updated. I'm already taking arnica spray for bruising but will look into traumeel for swelling too. I'm on Tuesday...it's getting so freaking real now! I'm stressing mostly about the size being too big ? Plus worried how demanding my little ones are. Got to keep them from climbing all over me!! Last minute nerves...?
  8. Yes! Good luck @Tamara82 !! We're thinking of you. It's the first day of our month girls! Let's do this!!!
  9. It's so hard to decide on size isn't it?! I am 165cm and 50kg. My BA is in 10 days time ? Before kids I was a small D but now measure an A. I'm not sure of my bandwidth but I was told the smallest I could go to fill me out again was 400cc ?? so I've been a bit greedy and settled on 450cc smooth round High Profiles dual plane. I wish I'd taken a friend with me to my consults as having a female to give a second opinion would have been so helpful. I made up some rice sizers at home and made sure hubby (Mr conservative) was in agreement on size. ? Good luck!!
  10. Thanks @mum24! So glad your consult went well today! Dual plane is when the upper half of the implant is under the muscle. It's recommended to correct sagging I gather. Dr R sounds really good. So glad he was able to put your mind at rest ?
  11. Me too!! I've booked today with Dr Szalåy for Feb 7th. After stressing badly over the size, I've settled on 450cc hp smooth round implants with dual plane placement. After 3 kids and 5 years of nursing I've earned these bad girls!! ? Very excited and anxious too. So happy to find you girls here xx
  12. Thanks @MyTurnNow! Yes I've been thinking of going to Dr Szalay for a consult. His before and after photos look amazing and I've read a lot of good things about his work. I'm not expecting a miracle but anything would look better than what I've got right now!! Great to hear you are happy with your results ?
  13. Hi Ladies! I'm on the hunt for a surgeon in Brisbane or the Gold Coast who has good results with dual plane placement. After years of breastfeeding I have a mild degree of sagging. Luckily my nipple position is fairly good still so I gather it's referred to as glandular sagging or psuedoptosis. I'm confident I can get away without needing a lift...for now anyway! Can anyone reccommend a good surgeon who has had good results with this type of placement?
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