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    Dr Miroshnik - 1 December 2016
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  1. Agreed with all the girls above! Loved my neck pillow (still using it) and heat pack is a definite must back pain was probably the most annoying thing. I also did really love using my ice packs to lay across the top I think it helped heaps with the swelling. And palmers coco butter! To moisturise after a shower. Thanks @Haylo*** I'll give that a try might email Dr M's nurse and see what she recommends
  2. Thanks @Maddi101 will definitely give that a try I take my dressings off next week have been trying to look up what to use but not getting anything!
  3. Does anyone have any recommendations for scar creams?
  4. @Missy35 definitely not so sick, managed to ween myself off the endones now have just been taking panadol and pain has been good! Gets better and better everyday @Excited33 haven't started driving I feel like I could if I had to but it'd still be uncomfortable just going to wait until I go back to work @anna6 best things for me were my ice packs (2) a heat pack and hot water bottle for your back and a few good pillows and maybe a small packet of lozenges for after the first day as your throat is a little sore
  5. Hahaha Jesus @Missy35you have the goods ? Definitely the expert in pillows, very jealous it would make all the difference! Im the same feeling pretty good today backs a little stiff but that's all and I also managed to go to the bathroom lol, have been finding it so hard which has been making me feel a little sicker. Hahaha classic boys, shouldn't feel guilty after all mum's do in their life for a week or two it's a small thing, especially for such a confidence boost and all. You'll get there in the end for sure, thank god for your lovely hubby though!
  6. Completely agree!! I have like 4 pillows and still no good
  7. My back is awful! Can deal with the stiffness of my breasts but my actual back is such a nightmare
  8. Thanks @MillicentMight try every 6 hours and with food too every time @Excited33 Despite the nausea, loving them so much already!
  9. It was fine the first few days but been worse lately - although I must admit I hadn't eaten much today so might be why! Definitely won't make that mistake again @Millicent @Missy35 They gave me anti nausea meds but only 4? Which I thought was odd so I was trying to avoid using them all but might just have to! How often have you girls been taking your endones? @Geripix I haven't taken them together during the day was trying to use the valiums at night but may help with the stiffness!
  10. Anyone else having really bad nausea with the endone? I can't seem to keep anything down feeling really ill at the moment
  11. Thanks so much girls!! Absolutely adore them so far, Dr M was great I was first up at around quarter to 8 I was super happy about that, not feeling much pain in my actual breasts just the back pain mostly so I'm glad I got a heat pack it was been a life saver!! Been keeping my ice packs on which has been helping swelling I've been surprised so far with how good the pain has been going, touch wood. Have been walking around a bit and find it helps so much doing my stretches and keeping a little active makes it less tense, just taking it easy so far so good ? You girls will love yours best thing I've ever done! Can't wait for them to start dropping, hoping my sleep tonight won't be too bad have taken my antibiotic, half an endone and a Valium will let you know how I go in the morning. Good luck for tomorrow @Missy35 and @Excited33 it'll be fine and over before you know it! Xx
  12. Think I'm more so just extremely excited! Can't wait although not excited for the healing process but all worth it in the end!!
  13. Wow really!! That's a bit much, my surgeon said he was happy to take sizers in and see what looks best that would make it 10x harder im too indecisive for that
  14. Feeling good!! Quite confident and more excited, I feel like I think about the profile too much which is odd but I'm just trusting the surgeon!
  15. Might need to grab some! I was thinking about giving bio oil a go as well after the surgery can't be too safe, I'm pretty much flat so trying to avoid stretch marks at all costs hahaha
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