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  1. My daughter is currently 18mths old and is 13.2kgs I was going to get my BA done real soon, but hubby is now without a job due to the transport company he was the safety n compliance manager for shut theirs doors, so now it's been put on hold.. I'm lucky in the respect that my mum is happy to come up to our place (she lives in the neighbouring state) for 4wks once I have the BA done.. been told by my surgeon that 6wks is best but defiantly min of 4wks.. ill just set up for nappy changes on the floor n have to get her to climb up onto a mid height stool n tip her up n over into h
  2. My stats a bit diff but I'm 170cm n 82kgs ill be getting 430cc anitomical teardrop implants as my breasts r low on my chest..n I have a yay narrow long rib cage.. so getting the teardrops will make my breasts start higher up on my chest
  3. I passed all medicares new criteria list n they still rejected my claim even after I paid for my gastric sleeve surgery in 2013 myself (didn't get the gov to pay) n lost 1/2 my body weight n still they want to be fools and leave me with bits of skin as boobs n constantly depressed n refuse to let my hubby see them... so how does our gov help me other then seeing a gp.. I didn't even have my baby publicly ... Sorry was only told today so I've been balling my eyes out..
  4. Wowbcscott.. I just got rejected my Medicare.. july 2013 I had gastric sleeve surgery (I started at 162kgs due to massive weight gain because of pcos) n lost 1/2 my weight.. Had my daughter 16mths ago .. I get I didn't have big boobs to start with but only having bits of skin now for boobs n I'm constantly depressed about them n I refuse my hubby to see them I just wanted to feel human again... N I passed all the new Medicare criteria list n they still rejected my claim... (Just found out today so my head is going to explode as I've been balling my eyes out)
  5. It so depends on what breast tissue each lady starts with.. I'm a deflated a to b but I havnt such small amount of tissue and in late June I'm getting 430cc tear drop anitomical implants under muscule as I asked for a full d cup.(I have a pretty boney narrow n long chest n my breast are lower in my chest so getting the tear drop anitomical implants will make my breasts start alil higher up in my chest where they should be)..... If I end up being bigger then a d cup that's cool... But it varies sooo much on breat tissue amount, breast width... Etc.. im 170cm 81kg 11.5-12cm bwm good l
  6. Having my surgery in June/July with dr Gerard bayley... Ive heard dr Richardson is great but u have to be ready to ask questions as he isn't overly chatting.. Etc
  7. I'm 34yrs old, I'm 170cm 81kgs (heavier then most ladies in here, but I also use to be double my body weight... Gastric sleeve surgery July 2013) having my surgery in June... 11.5cm bwd getting 430cc teardrop anitomical implants under muscle.. if people only saw from my chest up you wouldn't pick I'm 81kgs, skin n body up top with excess skin.. Etc from under my chest n down (n hold fluid in my calves so i have Kankles heheheh) have 1 lil one she's almost 15mths old... No more for us (took hubby n I 6yrs to have our lil girl)
  8. Sort of having a freak out, as my daughter is currently 12.5kgs n it's another 4mths till I go in n get mine done and my mum is only here for 2wks to help n hubby works full time... my daughter moves that much in her cot there's no way I can change it into a toddler bed she'd land on her head on the floor during the night..
  9. Yeah I was going to get a lift but after getting the pic of my chest in general with my surgeon but also to send off to Medicare.. N looking at me himself he said if I need one it will only need to be tiny one as filling them up with implants will fill them up n pretty much not leave a sag as I have nearly nothing atm lmao.. I don't have much lower pole
  10. That's true as I only have 11.5cm bwd so the implants my surgeon chose was the teardrop anitomical 430cc under as I have such narrow n long chest (rib cage) n my breasts sit yay low on my chest.... mt hose implants will make my boobs abit higher on my chest n he'll do nipple relocation
  11. I've got a near new playboy bra what I bought a cpl of yrs bk (was yay much room in the cup) but will defiantly fit after I have mine done.. Sad to think I have to wait.. Dam Medicare board. So hoping June will be a goer n it will be nice n cool to heal.. n I own alot of crop tops due to massive weight loss n hate my bits of skin (boobs) so I cover up every chance I can..
  12. Hi ladies.. In 2-3yrs time I'm going to get a lower body lift.. A TT isn't enough for me as I have so much excess skin after massive weight loss.. My daughter is currently nearly 15mths old so would prefer her to be approx 3yrs old to get it done as I won't be able to do cr@p for like 6wks.. that ive read it's the whole way around version of a TT.. My question is .. TT is removal of excess skin n fat plus repair of the stomach muscles? thanks
  13. Thanks for that info "thefox" I'm getting teardrop anitomical implants as I have a boney chest n only measuring 11.5cm n my breasts r currently yay low on my chest(no previous impants) .. Surgeon says I have a bit of a narrow but long chest so that implant will give me some "padding alil more higher then I do now" n will slightly relocate my nipples.. into proportion .... n being a veryy deflated a-b cup with hardly any breast tissue being this surgery on..
  14. I'm getting 430cc teardrop anatomical under muscle I believe it's happening in June.. i have hardly any breast tissue (massive weight loss) n only 11.5cm surgeon reckons they r a veryy deflated a/b, I'm in a "a" bra.. the biggest they ever were a "c" so to have anything more then that I'm going to be soo excited n them in 2-3yrs times I'm going to get a total body lift done... good bye to the excess skin.. Thank god .. n excited to think of what size id be in pants after that as I'm a size 14 pants n size 8 top now.... aaahhh im like a dam kid in a candy store w
  15. Good to know..thanks .. as I have a very chunky 14mthnold right now but she'll be like 17-18mths old when I go for mine.. Though I believe my mum will be here for 2wks
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