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  1. I have had tingles like little electric feelings, but they are much less now and Dr Sharp told me to expect them as the nerves grow back. A few times I got twinges of pain when moving around to start with, I was terrified of pulling the scars apart!
  2. Those pics looks fantastic. The feeling in my nipples has slowly returned but it has taken a while and not fully as yet. They get stiff in air-conditioning for sure!!
  3. Hey Flipflop yes mine looked strange for the first 6 weeks or so, but I was so relieved by the lack of back and neck pain I didn't really pay too much notice to start with! My surgeon had told me to expect they might look a bit strange to start with and said I'd need to be patient and wait at least 12 weeks, which was so true. By the time I got to my 3 month checkup appointment and they took photos I couldn't believe how good the shape looked, especially when I saw the photos next to my befores, even my scars weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. A size C/D is a great size for finding nice bras and getting clothes to fit, I hope you're happy with your results when you have the surgery.
  4. Hi kyliec have you had the surgery yet? If not, I've had mine with Dr David Sharp at Greenslopes Private Hospital. I also had my tummy tuck with him. I was a G/H too and had insurance so my hospital was covered for both as I'd lost 32kg since my gastric sleeve (and 5kg since my op as I've been able to exercise again). The breast reduction cost me about $5,500 including my insurance excess and the cost of my research/second (and third) opinion consults with two other surgeons before I decided. Even though it costs, I'm glad I saw a couple of them so I could compare how I felt with them, it was too important to decide from one appointment. Dr Sharp was really easy to talk to and I clicked with him. I had two appointments before my op and he also showed me before and after photos of women who were even bigger than me, which was hard to believe it was possible. I've had so much surgery and pain to get to this point but its the best thing I have done, the relief from my back/neck was instant, and I didn't do it mainly for cosmetic reasons but I think my body looks like it did before I had kids (at least to me!!). Hope this is of some help if you haven't already had it. Good luck.
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