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  1. I don't know if this is the best way to do it but.... Go to the top right of the page and click on create then gallery image. Then in the screen that pops up choose community member albums and then create your album make sure you change your privacy settings for the album on that page too. Then just follow the prompts xx
  2. @Stacey Lee Congrats! How weird are drains! When the nurse was taking mine out I cried haha.
  3. Hi @Bonny6! could it be that he meant 345/385 high profile or 445 XHP? I have 385 HP rounds, feel free to FR me to see my gallery xx
  4. @QueenA2017 Good on you for going back to work! I felt uncomfortable the first day too initially and ended up taking 2 panadeine forte, but it ended up being a turning point and haven't needed pain relief since. Yes I had subfascial placement, they're getting quite squishy and nice at this point but still some swelling over my sternum. I went and bought a new sports bra today at lululemon, its called the enlite bra-- and its amazing!!! crazy comfy and supportive i'm wearing it as my post-op now, as the post op i was fitted in has a massive band (size 12, my band is a true 6 but obviously can usually only find an 8 or 10). Definitely not the sexiest thing but recommend for support!
  5. Congrats everyone!!! Glad to hear people are loving their results @QueenA2017 I went back to work yesterday (6 days after) in retail, and I actually think in my case it really helped my recovery to be out of the house and doing things! Last night was the first time I felt like my boobs were mine, and felt comfortable with them
  6. Thanks @MrsGreatfull00!! I've gotten a couple of looks at them but finding it hard to tell what they actually look like from looking down at them... only thing is that look enourmous haha! But I'm very swollen everywhere right now so they may go down in size. Dont know how you ladies managed at home the first night! Don't know if I'm being a sook but I've needed the nurse to help me do everything! EDIT: since I've been home I've had more of a look and I LOVE them! They look almost exactly like the Dr Tav wish pic I posted, except needing to drop a bit! I'll put a pic in my gallery soon if anyone is interested.
  7. Good luck @MAY.BA for tomorrow!! How is everyone on the other side already doing? Are you encountering any issues or seeing progress/change? ?
  8. @Lavinia13 @Jessicar Thanks so much for your advice its super helpful I have pretty short hair that cant be tied up so i might buy a soft headband or something. And good idea with the freezer meals/smoothies! Weirdly I don't own any trackies or hoodies haha so i'll have to pick up some comfy stuff beforehand. Did you take opioid pain meds? like Endone or similar? I'm really scared of nausea so I'm not sure if i should try and stick to nurofen and panadol..
  9. @Lavinia13 @MrsGreatfull00 @Jessicar Is there anything you have used in post recovery that has made things easier for you?? Or any tips on how to stay comfortable? I bought a little chair/backrest pillow for my bed but apart from that i'm a bit at a loss. Also, any book/movie/TV recommendations for recovery? And what did you wear to your surgery? Sorry for all the questions when I get nervous I tend to start planning things to within an inch of their life haha xx
  10. @MrsGreatfull00 Congrats!! Can't wait until I'm in your position haha Do you know what your BWD was?
  11. Oh that sucks! How long do you have to be nicotine free before your surgeon will do surgery?
  12. Dates for May Surgeries so far: May 2 @MrsGreatfull00 Dr Miroshnik May 10 @Jessicar Dr Cunneen May 10 @Lavinia13 May 12 @SouthCoastSun Dr Norris May 17 @Kismet Dr Rahdon May 18 @MAY.BA Dr Rahdon May 20 @maddyadelaide Dr Kollias May 25 @RockyRogers Mr Greensmith May 25 @QueenA2017 Mr Greensmith May 26 @Hollywood05 Dr Miroshnik May 31 @Stacey Lee Dr Greensmith June 2 @Deflated Mum Dr Miroshnik
  13. @MrsGreatfull00 He did give me a moderate profile sizer to try and it didn't look very good on my body so I think I'm just going to have to trade off losing weight for getting good boobs I'll try and make one!
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