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  1. Thank you so much I needed that. I never know when to be concerned I guess I'm not use to big boobs and those who have natural big boobs probably get sore boobs as well
  2. Hi, it's been five months with my BA and I still occasionally get a dull ache in my breast. It's not sore but more uncomfortable usually moreso in the morning...I'm guessing from sleeping in them. For those more experienced patients...is this normal? Xx
  3. MJess


    Yeah I was just as worried my surgeon said the risk of breast cancer in women in general is actually higher and that worst ...WORST case scenario its one of the easier to get rid of just keep an eye out for lumps and you will be fine. Which is what we should always do. I. More of a worry wart about silicon poisoning lol I read about hair loss and freaked out.
  4. Sorry been mia for a while that's horrible you poor thing I hope you have better days ahead now
  5. Sorry I must of missed thus it was just over 10k
  6. this is what i though also.. that your body can change so much in a year and that they are maybe looking for an answer.. @vlinder 74 you are awesome !! how are your boobies holding up? did you only do them once?
  7. yeah the bra sux i asked if i could take mine off soon and the response i got was 'you can, but if you want them to heal and drop nicely... leave it on' i could be wrong but i think you have it on inside out though.. mine and most i have seen have the hooks on the outside?? is this the issue perhaps ?
  8. It's not brown for me it's white but it's just the very small strip under the boob
  9. Hi gals how you all doing? Im one month in now and wondering when it's safe to take of the small stitching bandages...do you guys still gave them on?
  10. Hi I am a few weeks post BA and still healing. My question is to those who are a few months in.. when do they get jiggles ...I know they will always be unnatural but when will I be able to grab both and push them together? At the moment I can't
  11. @BlingorBA I was really sick with meds too but I have to say the Celebrex was good I just took one at night to help swelling while I slept and when I went back to work just had one in morning to get me through with solid food.
  12. @Mummy_of_3 thanks :-) i ended up getting textured tear drop memory mentor 440cc moderate profile I was about an A before so not sure what I am now. @Archie29 when I looked at my picture I noticed one side was slightly bigger but I think it has to do with how we are holding the camera too. In the mirror they fine. But in saying that some days my right looks bigger apparently doc said it's because I'm using the right more which makes it swell a bit by the end if the day. I think one side will drop more quicker then other because of this.
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