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  1. Kismet

    Smokin and surgery

    I had to quit 6 weeks minimum with a lift
  2. Kismet

    Negativity around BA?

    She should just have them removed then annoys me when they go on about regretting it publicly Just go take them out
  3. Buggered if i could get back to normal daily activities the next day i couldnt even plug phone charge into the wall
  4. Kismet

    Booked in!!!

    @Melbmummy what size are you getting
  5. Kismet

    Clothes Post Surgery

    I had button up shirts/pjs and a big fluffy cardigan and baggy track pants also had stretchy singlet type tops that i pulled up and put arms in as i couldnt lift arms for ages
  6. I had a lift and implants and my only regret was not going bigger What os your concern with a lift is it the scars? Im not fussed about mine im not flashing my boobs at people so they cant see plus im old so was just happy to not have saggy boobs. Are you sure you need a lift have you seen a few surgeons
  7. Kismet

    Lets talk...

    Im with JD maybe theres a bit of jealousy?? Id just do what you want after all its your body,
  8. Kismet

    Want to go bigger...

    I love coming out of anaesthetic:-) I think if its what you want to do then do it..why does your friend think you will regret it? If i had the $$$ i would go bigger as i feel mine look tiny
  9. Kismet

    Melbourne Breast Aug Surgeon Recommendations?

    Your breast in Malvern are meant to be fantastic
  10. Kismet

    From 560 cc to 800 cc

    They look fantastic
  11. @MummaK definately ask about the gra I was fitted but mine was too tight not only only the boobs but like you it was painful on my ribs i was having to rotate leaving it partway open
  12. I cant help with the dr advice but interested to know were they even after the surgery
  13. Kismet

    Areola reduction with lift

    I had a lift and implants and was never shown a visual id just ask him if he intends to make them look look in proportion with your boobs considering he is cutting away skin id presume he would neaten it all up anyway but best to ask
  14. Kismet

    I feel like I've been butchered!

    I didnt have a revision but i did get implants and lift.. Yeah pretty ugly for a while thats for sure i also had some lumps ( was told that was stitching and scarring inside) and had a few holes here and there but thats all come pretty good now ( im a year post op)
  15. Kismet

    Revision done!

    Awww they look full on natural you must be stoked